Friday, October 16, 2009

What Happens When Someone Commits Perjury Against Me?

The penalty under perjury clause which allegedly causes people to tell the truth has proven to be a farce time and time again in our court system. Most people know by now, unless it's a high profile important case, a lower court won't bother to question perjury testimony. This means it's up to the accused (and their attorney if they have one) to eventually bring the truth out. It may be too late at one point of a particular battle, but the fact there was damaging deception and a series of lies can ultimately be brought out by other means.

I'm quite relieved that I now have the legal tools and skills available to me to rat out those who commit egregious perjury against me. I have the legal skills of filing lawsuits, conducting depositions and using subpoenas, even those records I seek from out of state! For instance, I was able to get AT&T's records of their customer's Internet account that also proved they were dishonest during a deposition. I gave AT&T the time and IP address and voila! They faxed over their customer's name and address within 30 days of my subpoena request.

I don't need an attorney to make things happen. The average person on the other end as a defendant will have to invest thousands of dollars in an attorney. So you want to quash that subpoena because you're a little embarrassed of your on-line behavior? You'll have to pay an attorney to try to negotiate who may ultimately have to file a motion to quash the subpoena. It will cost you $2,000 to quash a subpoena at the very least.

Anyone who thinks they can walk into a court room and fool the judge with perjury against me will be sorry because I won't hesitate to drag them through muddy legal waters. I will subpoena records, I will conduct depositions of themselves and non-party witnesses, I will do whatever I need to do to rat out the liars and bring them to justice.

So I guess the moral of the story is, if you really want to accelerate the problems in your life, go into court and lie about me. If you want to pay out $15,000 in attorney's fees in a matter of a few months, just keep up the perjury and lies because I can make it happen for you. Imagine the wonderful cruise you could have taken for $15 K the attorney will take on your behalf!