Sunday, November 29, 2009

Laser Pointers Have Certainly Evolved

Along with my colloidal silver generator I received my very first laser pen. I was testing the laser pen to see how far I could cast the dot outside my window to realize how truly powerful, and even dangerous, these things really are. When I realized I could see a dot on a very far away building I absolutely freaked. I could virtually land the dot on anything I pointed to, near and far. And this was even through a window where part of the light was refracted!

I realized there MUST BE LAWS to deal with the potential dangers and violations of others with these laser pens so I looked it up on the Internet. Low and behold, there were serious sentences for people who have done such dumb things as attempt to disable an airline pilot's sight by flashing one into the sky.

I read up more on these pens to learn some of the more powerful ones can point out objects with their beams into the universe. I really don't understand why we don't hear about people being rescued from boats based on flashing their lasers into the night sky. If they could figure out a way for SOS to be conveyed, I think these laser pens or laser flashlights could be used for rescuing people lost at sea or the wilderness.

Green lasers are the most powerful of all beams I understand. The top beam travel is 100 miles.