Thursday, November 12, 2009

MagicJack Beamed Up My Landline For Good

I've been cruising a while on an AT&T plan that included three services for under $100. The past two months however my bill doubled and boy was was pissed! This is the worse time to be throwing away one's money. Yesterday I spent the entire day figuring out ways of ridding myself of my land line for good. I had cords and phone lines strewn about everywhere trying to figure out the best communications system for my place.

The reason my bill skyrocketed was apparently I gradually forgot my long distance plan was the bare minimum. So whenever I called long distance call, if even it was only to the next city, it was .33 a minute. With that in mind I decided enough was enough of the landline.

The only thing keeping me on land was the false belief I had to have a land line to have DSL. Not anymore! Over a year ago it became possible to have a DSL internet account with AT&T without a land line.
So I managed to talk AT&T down to $25/mo for Internet so now all I'm paying for is both cell phone and Internet. For my personal phone and fax needs, I have MagicJack.

You simply plug MagicJack into your USB port and plug your phone line into it and you can use your phone like usual. You will have voicemail, caller ID and conference calling for $19.99 a year! Not only that but if you buy a 5 year package, you can have unlimited phone call usage for $59.95.
I tried the MagicJack system and really liked it.

I can use MagicJack on an PC system, including a portable. I can hook up either my phone or a headset, and it also takes faxes into the printer.
You can get a MagicJack at Radio Shack for $35, including 1 year service, or through

Get this, it sends you an email with a .wav file of your voice mail when you get a message. You can forward your calls to your cell phone too at any time. Land lines will be history in no time.