Monday, November 2, 2009

Paranoid Monster Refuses to Open Door for Tinkerbell Halloween Night

Tinkerbell had some special magic dust for a couple monsters hiding in their cave on Halloween. They were so paranoid it was a process server with part 2 of their lawsuit, they closed the door prior to Tinker's arrival at their door.

Tinker was in tears and felt so rejected but the kids came back with her and tried again. Unlike other
more kindly neighbors, (you know, normal folks) the monster of the house hid inside all night ignoring their knocks.

Prior to Tinker & Co.'s arrival at their cave, t
he monster scoped out the neighborhood from his balcony for possible process servers staking out his neighborhood.

Tinkerbell ended up affixing a GPS tracking system underneath their car and now we track the monsters everywhere they go from satellite.
Tinker thought the monster was a bit paranoid not to open his door and to turn his back and walk away from children and their trick or treats. Who runs away from children asking for candy? A cowardly paranoid monster, that's who!