Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thirty One Year Miss from 1978 - King Tut Returns

Back in 1978 I missed the King Tut tour when it came to Los Angeles. Another scaled back tour has come back to the U.S., this time in San Francisco. I may have missed it again except someone offered to go with me and pay for my ticket.

This missive is similar to how I missed seeing Steely Dan in concert in 1978 that recently performed blocks away from where I live at the Masonic Auditorium. In 2009 they want $150 for a ticket, a real crime. Is seeing Steely Dan perform more important then King Tut to warrant such a price? Hell no!

When I was walking past the auditorium the night they performed, one of their promoters was standing outside. I wanted to laugh in his face. Who do these guys think they are? Musicians aren't that important to warrant such money in pre-Depression collapse of America times. Their music used to be good, but not that good. Talk about delusional!

Listening to Steely Dan's music today it sounds outdated and kind of weird to me now. The music was ahead of its time in 1978 but it doesn't stand the test of time as enduring good music. I'd rate it a B as far as pop bands go. Former Fan
Anyway back to King Tut. Two years ago I saw the Queen Hatshepsut exhibit that was great! I studied about this female Pharaoh a while back when I designed a web site. I also purchased the domain but since let go of it. I had planned on doing a nice little educational site but never got around to it back in 2000.

Building a web site's a lot of work. People have no idea. Especially if you have to generate all the graphics yourself.