Friday, November 27, 2009

Traitor Al Gore Transported by Holograph to Speak in Tokyo

I saw this happening many years ago and finally its come true. I saw a time when people would be transported by holograph technology to speak by telephone conference and specifically for famous people to present themselves to crowds of people. I saw a time when boring wax museums would turn into holographic imaging of people after they die to speak with the living. This is much like Star Trek's holodeck technology idea. I saw a time when famous musicians would record themselves for future generations in holographic form. Even holographic ightclubs would feature these famous musicians!

In this video, Al Gore is presented in holographic form in Tokyo. Check it out. I've had many conversations about this technology and even presented my idea to an Intel chip designer back in 2000. Obviously they made it come true and it will most likely be the wave of the future.

Al Gore sounds so canned and fake. He's a traitor to America.