Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Look Back at 2009 - Highlights on My Fav Products

By far the greatest value I found in a product this year is Five Star Soaps by Cal Ben Soaps. Cal Ben soap is pure and they've been in business since 1947. Early this year I purchased their $150 bulk soap (pictured) package that included enough soap products to last me several years.

Their laundry detergent is highly concentrated and does a great job. Their hand soaps are high lather, with a mild almond oil scent I just love. Their shampoos are wonderful and high lather as well.
These are chemical free, pure soaps at 85% off vs. the store bought soap products. They provide a load of dish liquids as well. If you went out today and tried to purchase all these products at the store, it would cost hundreds of dollars easy!

Purchasing the Five Star Soaps' $150 bulk soap package is the best value you will ever find. Their dishwasher soap isn't as cheap as the rest, but still is a great value. Cal Ben also sends out a very inexpensive sampler to sample their products - for just $20 that includes:
One month supply tote pkg. Only $20.00
Four Samples includes the following
4-Bars Complexion Beauty "Pure Soap"
16 oz. "Five Star" Shampoo
16 oz. Dish Glow
18 oz. "Seafoam" Laundry Powder

This Cal Ben Super Star '1200' Soap Collection will last several years. I'm convinced their laundry detergent will last me at least the next 5 years because it just takes a small scoop to clean a load of wash.

This is really a great value every family should consider buying direct from Cal Ben.