Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Ever Happaned to . . . .

I've been researching on what some of my former Palos Verdes High School alumni from 1978 are up to 31 years after graduating. As I looked around a bit, I wanted to present a few results. But first, I happened to catch someone on one of the forums as recently as 4/2009 asking what ever happened to me along with a few others from an orchestra class and it gave me the shivers.

In the the interim, Perry La Marca, the PVHS infamous pianist who we all thought was destined for greatness one day has done quite well and still is seasoning himself as a film composer. He's following in the footsteps of composer John Williams a former teacher and mentor. One of his latest films is THE MORGUE now out on DVD. I'll have to catch that one for sure.

Perry and I worked on a couple music projects after high school but he was far above me in musical development and left me in the dust so to speak. Looking back, I should have never gone the path of music and could have saved myself a lot of time and heartache. I should have been a nurse in my opinion. Back then it wasn't cool to be a nurse though. Okay, next up. I'll save that for another post.