Thursday, January 14, 2010

California's in Dire Straits

Yes, it's sad but true. Along with California recently having fallen to #49 in the nation in its public education rating, the state's fiscal condition is dire being on the verge of bankruptcy.

Imagine a court system that had to trim a day a month off its calendar due to the pending budget crisis, and you have California! Or imagine an incompetent,
unqualified Governor who violated the law to furlough state worker's pay to deal with the crisis? That's California. The state is in dire straights.

Living in a deteriorating state such as California, one begins noticing cracks in hull of the ship, like how judges are beginning to show signs of disregarding the U.S. Constitution while overstepping their boundaries. Consider how a judge, having been appointed by what many believe to be an incompetent Governor Schwarzenegger, used California tax payer's money yesterday to act on behalf of Edmond Wollmann as his personal defense attorney and mouthpiece. I'll have a transcript shortly of the hearing and will quote verbatim what the Judge said.

First let me say from a legal perspective what happened at yesterday's hearing was in my favor but that was only due to my proper procedural motions. Mr. Wollmann has failed since October 15, 2009 to obtain a permanent restraining order hearing against me because he filed it in what I'm contesting is the wrong court. Instead, Mr. Wollmann was denied a hearing for the umpteenth time. What this means is that my Petition for Injunction; Order to Show Cause; Restraining Order will be heard instead in the Central division of the San Diego Superior Court. I'm therefore assured of having a restraining order against Edmond Wollmann on March 12, 2010. As for Mr. Wollmann's restraining order application, it's in limbo awaiting my transfer motion on March 12, 2010 on where the case should be heard.

Aside from this successful outcome at the hearing yesterday, there was a rather unfortunate dark side. There's always a dark side when dealing with a practitioner of the black arts! The dark side was the mind contortions the judge took part in
on behalf of Mr. Wollmann in attempt to torment me over my case. It was as if the judge felt bad he had to do his job to grant another continuance in my favor, that he had to make up for it somehow by dissing my entire case he had no authority or jurisdiction over.
"First you summon me to your court 500 miles away inappropriately and without cause over my First Amendment Rights to post blog articles in my defense, while ignoring forum non-convienes I raised? Then you overstep your boundaries as a judge in defense of and on behalf of someone in pro per who has the audacity under such circumstances to complain he has to drive 16 miles to get to court where the lawsuit was filed he initially evaded?"
Okay, let's figure it out by doing the math. The defendant takes the freeway from La Mesa, CA to downtown San Diego court. It's about 16 miles. The vehicle travels 55-60 mph on the freeway. How many minutes is this drive in typical traffic? So, in reality he's really complaining about having to drive 20 minutes to get to court? A reasonable judge wouldn't even address the petty issue. If I were a judge I'd be telling him "So, hey you filed something against this person who is being summoned 500 miles away, and you have a problem having to drive 20 minutes to get to court?" Get over it! It's laughable. It's pathetic. California taxpayers' money at work.

Imagine when a state begins to go bankrupt, what happens in the minds of judges? Do they go through an identity crisis that their state is becoming insolvent
and their court potentially irrelevant? When black art occultists begin manipulating the subconscious minds and, perhaps even identities, of judges and they give in easily to such manipulation, could this not be just another sign of a court system on the verge of collapse? Where's the line drawn? Where are the boundaries? What's happening to "forum non-conveniens" the courts are beginning to overlook? What about First Amendment Rights issues, and why isn't sound evidence required anymore when someone walks in ex parte to a judge to make false accusations of another 500 miles away? How about REAL police reports being required instead of petty police incident tickets anyone can walk into a police department to write up themselves without any evidence?

Those are just my thoughts about yesterday's hearing. After a continuance was appropriately granted in my favor, the court hearing should have been adjourned. Instead of dismissing me, the court lingered on to address the psychological needs of a man who continues to remain in denial, who insists on playing the role of an innocent victim, who is in such a power struggle that he has a problem driving a few miles away from his home to the central court in San Diego, so he must continually use the court as his mouthpiece to complain of the inconvenience. This, while I've been summoned to appear 500 miles away from my home inappropriately and unjustifiably.

The nerve!