Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lawrence Lauser's Frivolous Federal Lawsuit Against City College of San Francisco

As the old saying goes, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

Attorney Pamela Lauser threw many such stones at me from her glass house in Small Claims Court in Concord, California on my 50th Birthday I posted about earlier this week. I had simply requested a part
ial refund of the $2,500 I paid for her non-representation services. So here goes. . .

Back in November, 2009 Lawrence Lauser, an architect consultant and husband of Martinez, California attorney Pamela Lauser, suffered a crushing blow when his attorney Frank Sarro was sanctioned. Shortly thereafter Lauser's attorney lost his sanction appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit Court. The Federal law
suit was Lawrence C. Lauser v. City College of San Francisco, et al.

Excerpt from the Opinion:

"Plaintiffs filed a complaint in district court arguing that the College and Unions violated the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”) and Labor Management Relations Act (“LMRA”). Plaintiffs alleged that the College wrongfully terminated Lauser and the Unions violated a collective bargaining agreement by failing to represent him in an action against the College. Opposing counsel informed plaintiffs that the claims were unwarranted by existing law, provided specific legal authority, and requested that they withdraw the complaint or be subject to a Rule 11 motion for sanctions. Plaintiffs continued to pursue the suit. The College and Unions moved for dismissal of the complaint and sanctions under Rule 11. The district court dismissed the complaint and imposed sanctions in the amount of $14,774.39 against Sarro. We review for an abuse of discretion, Holgate v. Baldwin, 425 F.3d 671, 675 (9th Cir. 2005), and we affirm.

In this case, the district court properly imposed Rule 11 sanctions on Sarr
o because he submitted a complaint that was not warranted by existing law and failed to conduct a reasonable inquiry after he was informed by opposing counsel that the complaint was baseless. Fed. R. Civ. P. 11."

So let me get this straight. Ms. Lauser's husband lost his job, filed a frivolous lawsuit using the Federal Court system in which his attorney Frank Sarro was sanctioned, then having lost his appeal. This means the attorney who viciously lied and attacked me on my birthday, did so while living in a glass house!

As an attorney, when one's husband is unemployed filing a frivolous lawsuit abusing the Federal court system, I think it should be brought to the public's attention. I paid $2,500 for one hearing and I did all the paperwork. I got nothing but a body in court who charged me 7 hours @$300/hr for non-representation resulting from a bait and switch. I was viciously attacked when I asked for a partial refund.

Cheryl Meril's Masquerade? Cyber Stalker Needs to Get a Life

I recently learned I've been accused by a particular psychopathic cyber stalker of masquerading as myself. Imagine that! That's an interesting concept, how does one do such a thing? The cyber seems to be confused about one's self identity and how it is ultimately determined in identifying one's self. The reason the cyber's confused is he obviously doesn't know who he is. He's confused with his own identity so he's accusing people he doesn't know of being part of a masquerade.

I can say whole heatedly, a man posing anonymously posting misinformation about me is the cowardly person who is masquerading himself. It is clear who I am, and I have made this known many times by my fruits of singing, compositions and recent education and certifications. The cyber can't handle the truth. It's very simple.

I was a singer who gave up singing last year due to online cyber harassment. I then got an education in law to wrap things up. My voice is as plain as day who I am. A person's voice says a lot about them. A few people from my past summed me up and believed they could take advantage of me. They became shocked when I stood up for myself ultimately leading to their trying to cover-up for themselves. Sometimes I've stood up for myself in ways that made me vulnerable to a backlash. This is what any conflicts I had over a decade or more long ago amount to.

I just thought I'd clarify the cyber stalker who continues to write misinformation about me is a coward and his fruits are obvious to any reasonable person. When one stands up to psychopaths who have no conscience or sound reasoning facility, it usually causes them to backlash because they're control freaks.

This guy cyber stalking and posting misinformation about me is a pompous ass who has no comprehension of what a fool he's making of himself. He's a complete stranger who is proving his motivation is due to lawsuits I've filed last year. He's the one playing a masquerade.

I don't need some stranger and psychopath trying to tell me things about myself in trying to convince me he has a relationship with me. This is generally what this man's activities have amounted to. There is no relationship! Does a parasite have a relationship to a host where it doesn't belong? No! It needs to be removed.

Cyber nut contacted be my email in 2007, I rejected his initial con and exposed him, and he has refused to end harassing and cyber stalking me ever since.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

California Dreamin Tsunami Advisory 4 U.S. West Coast

Oh my God! Yet another large earthquake has rocked the world as the largest ever recorded in history in Chile! The last largest earthquake on record was in Chile in 1960 as well. One huge quake just hit Japan two days ago and now this? A tsunami is expected to hit Hawaii's islands around 11:00 a.m. and there's an advisory for the entire West Coast of the United States!

I can't say I never dreamed that a tsunami would come to the West Coast. Back in 1999 a lucid dream placed me as a witness of huge wall of water headed for an area I lived near the beach in San Francisco, known as the Outer Sunset. I considered the dream a forewarning of something to come because it was one of the most seemingly real dreams I've ever had. Needless to say, I moved out of that area as fast as I could.

They don't expect anything other than large swells on the West Coast. Let's hope Hawaii isn't going to be too damaged. I just watched Rachel Ray at Hawaii last night when I was on a treadmill at the gym. It looked so peaceful and serene!

Latest results of updates as they appear on Twitter, through Google's search engine are listed here.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Indie Artist Aisha Chips Away at Madonna's Facade

I'm one of those people who thinks the music industry took a severe wrong turn in allowing white trash Madonna to rise to such insane heights. I once got in trouble back in 1991 for sending a criticism of Ms. Madness at Xerox in El Segundo California on an electronic forum. The response I got was my very first flaming on a forum, and a subsequent complaint to my boss. I got called into a meeting and was told not to post again about Madonna. So, here I go again.

This photo of Madonna shows she may be planning on donating her body for one of those human anatomy museums one day.
Seriously, it's obvious Madonna is suffering from too many extreme workouts. I see someone in the gym every day who has the same problem, but far worse.

I've always hated Madonna. She's scum, filth, the worst humanity has to offer in my book. I hated her in the 80's and I hate her today. She makes me want to vomit. I don't care how hard she worked in her life, she's trash. Utter, stinking trash.
I have the same amount of respect for Madonna I have for a cockroach.

The world of music would have been a far different industry had this witch whore Madonna never been able to get so much power. I just don't understand what happened to America to allow Madonna to remain so long. She should have faded out quickly after her first hit. Greed ruled the 80's so it's logical Madonna was allowed to so flourish.

According to, Madonna's had the most copyright lawsuits filed against her of any artist in history. It's clear Madonna steals people's intellectual property in the droves. If there were any real intellectual property rights in this country, Madonna should have been bankrupted by now. It just goes to show you how corporations like Warner work to preempt copyright laws.

1. Aisha v. Madonna (civil rights and copyright infringement)
2. Sorrentino v. Madonna (assault and battery on a 10-year-old child)
3. Myers v. Madonna (civil rights violations)
4. Ronald J Myers v. Madonna (civil rights violations)
5. Barrier v. Madonna (civil rights violations)
6. Bourdin v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
7. Easy Street Records v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
8. Acquaviva v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
9. D’Onofrio v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
10. Iving L Williams v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
11. Eon Net LP v. Madonna (copyright /patent/trademark infringement)
12. Rich Kidd Music Publishing, Inc. v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
13. Winterland v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
14. Hobe Cie. LTD v. Madonna (trademark infringement)
15. Coppola v. Madonna (personal injury)
16. Rice v. Madonna (breach of contract)
17. Mclay v. Madonna (breach of contract)

18. Nike, Inc. v. Madonna (breach of contract)
19. Millennium Films v. Madonna (breach of contract)
20. Done and Dusted v. Madonna (breach of contract)
21. DeCastro v. Madonna (invasion of privacy and commissioned stalking and harassm
ent of a Miami family)

Madonna's a huge parasite who feeds off other artist's work. Madonna needs to be removed from the host called America's music industry ASAP and/or a stake put through her vicious vampire heart. Michael Jackson thought this woman was evil too! Any sane human being would be turned off by creepy Madonna. This is the person who deserves restraining orders for her mafia like activities against other artists.

I don't really know much about Aisha but she's an interesting woman for sure. Even if she may be in the realm of dreams and hope of a better world of music, a "could of and should have been allowed to happen", at least she represents something of a higher realm such evil Madonna certainly wishes to oppress and destroy. Fight on Aisha. Fight on!

WE need a line of Madonna toilet seats to remember her by in America. Madonna = Mafia

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Cosmic Yoko Ono Sighting in San Francisco

It was really kind of twilight zonish coincidental as I was fishing around for blog article material yesterday, I came across a photo of Yoko Ono with the late John Lennon. The site was where I was reading about all the nasty copyright infringement lawsuits filed against Madonna.

21. Madonna Stole "In Bed With Madonna"

She was also accused of ripping off John Lennon and Yoko Ono's work for use years later in one of her own rubbish projects, "In Bed With Madonna" - "Shortly after their marriage, John Lennon and Yoko Ono gave interviews from their bedroom in an attempt to promote world peace. Madonna ripped off the idea for a movie…"

What made the incident highly improbable bumping it up to the level of cosmic is that yesterday I took a look at the photo and began thinking of Yoko Ono for the first time in many years. Within two hours of seeing that photo as I walked to the San Francisco financial district, I swore I saw Yoko Ono walking in the center of a group of people on Powell and California Streets around 3:00 p.m. towards the Stanford Hotel. The first thing that came to mind is, it couldn't be her and I was obviously affected by the photo.

This evening I got around to checking on Google if Yoko Ono was listed in San Francisco for some reason. Lo and behold, she was performing in Oakland across the bay at the Noise Pop Festival! What are the odds? You decide.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Attorney Pamela Lauser Threatens Lawsuit Against Divorcee Mother With Two Young Children

As described in a previous post, I went to court on my 50th birthday in Concord Small Claims Court before one of the best judges I've ever witnessed, the Honorable Judge Ronald Creighton. Judge Creighton ruled fairly over my restraining order case against Cyber #2 last year so I was already familiar.

Whatever Judge Creighton rules in my Small Claims Court case I will accept as valid even if I don't recover any of my money back. We go before
judges for a reason, because they know the law and procedure. They have the ability to see two sides of the same coin. I've also witnessed incompetent judges who clearly play the political card for whatever reason. I'll write another story about that some other time.

What I witnessed in court made my stomach turn much like Alex Jones nearly threw up upon hearing of Texas Gubernatorial
Debra Medina's unspeakable comments recently. Pamela Lauser, an attorney in Martinez, CA, in the County of Contra Costa, really showed her true colors as a vicious political animal, (herein referred to as "Vicious Animal"). Here's the bottom line of what the Vicious Animal did in a court of law, she lied through her teeth as a form of psychological warfare. "I don't have a LinkedIn Account" is just one small insignificant example.

Basically, what many attorneys of this day and age believe is that because they have the power over the average American, they can say whatever they want and get away with it. They believe judges will side with them such as involving Small Claims Court cases because they're players in court's game. That may be so in some instances, but when they take the lying and over dramatization thing too far it becomes glaringly obvious it's all nothing but a game to them; a game to win at all costs because they are really whores. In fact, the term "whore" is too good for them. Many whores often have more integrity then attorneys who stoop low in their game plan to win at all costs.

Vicious Animal Sank Teeth Into Vulnerable Divorcee Client's Finances And Wants Even More!

After my earlier story about the Vicious Animal, I got a phone call from
one of her abused clients (herein referred to as "Abused Client") who shared her story of trauma and abuse, not of her husband as one might imagine, but by the Vicious Animal. Basically the Abused Client paid the Vicious Animal $8,000 and basically got nothing of any value in return except being lied to, conned and tormented. The attorney wants $12,000!

"I'll fight for you," proclaimed the Vicious Ani
mal in the initial salesmanship part of getting the retainer. For attorneys, once the retainer's signed, it's in the bag. Much like a student fresh out of high school gets their first credit card in college, divorce attorneys so view their Retainer Agreements. Their Retainer Agreement's the big clincher and some attorneys will say anything to the client to get it signed. In this case, befriending a vulnerable woman in the middle of her divorce was part of the Vicious Animal's con game.

The Abused Client, a professional with two small children, had made the mistake as many do of having gone to the Vicious Animal for her non-complex divorce. Many greedy attorneys such as the Vicious Animal often deliberately make a divorce more difficult in order to profit from. What the Abused Client told me about the Vicious Animal is how she got back stabbed, tormented and taken advantage of only to be threatened with a lawsuit for not paying even more money. According to the Abused Client, the divorce legal process should have been over but the Vicious Animal deliberately prolonged it including several unnecessary case management conferences to the point the judge had to ask, "what is this case still doing here?"

Attorney Brad Sherman and author of "
How to Do Your Own Divorce in California" says the Vicious Animal's practice of deliberately driving up a divorcee's costs isn't all that uncommon. Sherman advises people with non-complex divorces, in which both sides have already come to an agreement, to seek alternative services including mediation, court facilitators, legal document assistants, and divorce helplines:
"It's okay to use an attorney, but most people should not retain one in their divorce unless there is a clear reason for doing so."

"Never forget that when you retain an attorney, the more trouble you have, the more money the attorney makes. That's hardly an incentive to keep things simple."
Where it all stands for the Abused Client is the divorce is over, however she lives under the threat of a lawsuit being filed against her by the Vicious Animal who wasn't satisfied with $8,000 for her rather lame psychopathic services. The Abused Client was going to go to arbitration over the dispute, but has since decided to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A rather tragic financial outcome.

The Abused Client took her case for the Vicious Animal's questionable billing practices to another attorney to review. The attorney told her the Vicious Animal's billing was highly suspicious and recommend
ed she take it to the California State Bar Association.

The Abused Client has expressed wanting to contribute her own blog article here about her experiences with the Vicious Animal in order to help others to avoid being ripped off by this particular foul species of attorney. Legal service providers such as myself would like to help make these kind of ravenous greedy abusive attorneys extinct with alternative methods.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does This Mean Gladys Knight Likes My Singing?

I haven't been singing at all since I sold my recording equipment last year. I couldn't help but laugh upon reading Gladys Knight's evaluation of today's singers as "Ya'll Singers Are Nasty" from a recent article. I'm glad she wasn't referring to me since I'm no longer a singer. Besides, Gladys is one of my favorite singers from the 70's. I loved Gladys Knight and the Pips. Back then, who didn't? It was great music. Gladys looks youthful in this recent photo.
It’s been bad, in my opinion, as far as the quality of the music and the stories that they tell. It’s one thing to be raw about your history, but they took it to another level and it became vulgar. It definitely has not elevated us as African-Americans, because we show disrespect for our partners, men and women. I believe we have lowered our self-esteem with these performances and presentations.
I recently learned Gladys Knight is really the one who discovered the Jackson 5 after all. Gladys saw the J5 perform at the Apollo theater and said wow, those kids are talented! I had no idea she was so close to Michael Jackson until hearing she sung at his private funeral ceremony at Forest Lawn.

What the music industry is suffering from is a lack of music training early in grade school many of today's schools don't have. Studies show music helps better develop the brain to use far more of its circuitry. In an article "Singing Rewires Damaged Brain", a neuroscientist even recommends children have some form of music programs early in their lives. I agree of course, but with that said, it should be balanced and not too extreme.

In an ideal society, it would be great to place all the talented musicians and singers in a special school that concentrates on those areas more strongly to help them develop better. I'm convinced had I been allowed to attend music camp all year for four years, I would have no doubt become a professional violist. The influence of far better musicians, along with a disciplined music regimen schedule under the guidance of music teachers would have made a huge difference.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Patty Hearst Documentary Creates "Volcanic" Interest in Google Search Engine

There's a few new tools which have been recently implemented in the Google results search pages. One of them is a neat little Google Trends feature. When you search on a keyword, Google will tell you if others are also in large numbers. I was recently on an exercise bike at the gym watching a documentary on Patty Hearst the daughter of the Hearst family who was abducted by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) in 1974. Patty Hearst was abducted when she was just 19.

I was too young to be caught up in the Patty Hearst story in 1974 so I was unaware of what ever happened to her. I came home and did a Google search to discover I wasn't the only one searching the Internet for info on Patty Hearst. Google Trends rates the interest "volcanic".

Turns out Patty Hearst got a 31 year prison sentence but got out after 22 months and was then pardoned by President Clinton in 2001. I had no idea what happened to Patty Hearst prior to today. A few blocks away from me in San Francisco is where her parents used to live on the corner of Mason and California Street.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zapp at Law or Crap at Law? Unauthorized Practice of Law on the Rise

According to many reliable sources, including a notable trends forecaster Gerald Celente, we're living on the brink of a complete and total annihilation of our economy as we knew it. This truth, coupled with the power of the Internet, makes Craigslist attractive to wanna be attorneys who respond to ads for attorney assistance on the cheap.

As an example, let's take a fellow reported to this blogger who refers to himself as Zapp at Law, aka, Alan Brown. Zapp's a former prison convict who operates in the California State Capital of Sacramento. He once filed a Federal case in
pro per decades ago he boasts to his clients of winning.

There is no web site for Zapp at Law, he seems to rely heavily on a free service, Craigslist and another free email site at for his marketing activities. Here's part of a recent ad:

Why choose Zap At Law at Office (916) 226-7606 or "":

a) I have over 28 years in this field of criminal law. [CM: Because Zapp went to prison and had a lot of time on his hands to file a Federal case in pro per.]

b) I have a very high successful percentage rate for expungement motions having been granted in the Bay Area and San Francisco County. [Zapp isn't supposed to doing this kind of work without a business license or being under the supervision of an authorized licensed attorney]

c) I have the lowest price, please check either online or call others, you will come back to Zapp at Law! [The lowest price because his activities are unlawful.]

d) Fastest possible results. [Because thus far the District Attorney hasn't been notified of this former convict's unlawful legal practice.]

e) I will begin working on your case within 24 hours***[Note the asterisks here]

f) I can serve ALL of California! [Not for long after the District Attorney's office gets a whiff of Zapp crap's little UPL operation]

g) I am online 24/7, and answering the phone seven (7) days a week, until 9:30 p.m.! [Zapp is not online 24/7, the man has to eat and sleep, he's only human]

h) Payment can be through PayPal, or other easy payment plans. Sorry though, I do not take checks! [The DA may be interested in the PayPal records]

i) One call starts the expungement process. Please call me at ; Office (916) 226-7606, or ""

In addition to creating a false impression he runs a viable business licensed enterprise for expungements he advertises on Craigslist, Zapp at Law also responds to people's Craigslist ads for attorney assistance, claiming he's a paralegal under the supervision of attorneys.

Even if what Zapp claimed was true, that he is a paralegal under the supervision of an attorney, he isn't supposed to be advertising or operating this way, it's unlawful. For those paralegals who want to be independent and have their own business, we become Legal Document Assistants and register with our county. We're required to have criminal background checks. It's the law!

don't give legal advice, we merely direct self represented people to sources where they can obtain general law so we can prepare their legal forms. We then type their legal forms and file them with the court. In other words, LDA's are not supposed to apply the facts of one's case to the law or visa versa. This would be called the "Unauthorized Practice of Law".

This is an excerpt of a lawyer's class on what defines the practice of law:
Its also the practice of law to provide legal advice and counsel and prepare legal instruments and contracts by which legal rights are secured. Legal advice is basically telling somebody what their rights are and trying to apply the law to someone’s particular set of facts. It usually involves the making of a judgment and requires one to make a recommendation as to take a particular course of action as to what somebody should do or not do based on a particular set of facts.

The preparation of legal instruments and contracts is also the practice of law because it’s the prep of a document which affects someone’s legal rights. You can affect someone’s legal rights without doing anything in a court of law which impacts those rights.
Zapp offers his legal services dirt cheap to compete with attorneys, some of who offer their assistance to pro pers on a consultant basis for $100/hour. He offers no information on the attorneys who allegedly supervise and review his work prior to delivering it to a client.

Zapp is headed for trouble because his business operation is about to come to the attention of the Sacramento District Attorney's Office and the California State Bar. His ads on Craigslist are also being monitored and reported. It's been reported to this blogger Zapp at Law, threatens customers who complain about the poor quality of his work in refusing partial refunds, claiming they 1) suddenly owe him even more money since he's underpaid compared to attorneys and 2) are a hostage to various methods he can use to cause them problems.

Performing the services of an attorney without an attorney license is a serious criminal matter. Such a person risks the future of a client in many ways. First, there is no client confidentiality and no protections a person would be otherwise provided in utilizing an attorney. This exposes the client to potential blackmail. People who go around threatening their customers claiming they've been underpaid need to be reeled in for the criminals they are.

Anyone who is contacted by Zapp at Law in response to their Craigslist ad, you can send a complaint letter with the ad to the Sacramento District Attorney's office or call for more information below

906 G Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-1812
Phone 916-874-5278

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Judge Throws Out Ed Magedson's Defamation Suit Against Attorney Sarah Bird

A Federal Judge in Arizona has dismissed Ed Magedson's RipOff Report's defamation lawsuit over an alleged defamatory article by attorney Sarah Bird. Sarah Bird's article "The Anatomy of a RipOff Report Lawsuit," posted on stated Ripoff Report "has widely and universally accused of promulgating defamatory content and then extorting money from the victims of the very libel it publishes," the lawsuit states. Magedson is the owner of Xcentric Venture which operates

Many, including myself, hope RipOff Report gets taken down under the Federal racketeering law since it clearly profits from extorting money from people. It would be one thing if Magedson didn't charge thousands of dollars to make his personal correction comments to various reports. The fact is Magedson participates in extortion using his website to do so as such. In her article Bird proposes RipOff Report's alleged violations include:

• Defamation
• The Communications Decency Act (42 USC Section 230)
• The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization’s Act (“RICO Act”)
• Extortion

Other extortion businesses also branch off from the ROR monster, such as which is currently listed on the first page of a ROR Google search. Reputation Armor is a service fraudulently claiming to be able to remove RipOffReports.

I'd like to see more lawyers such as Bird hand RipOff Report a sound defeat and expose its operation for what it is.

Rachel Maddow to Glenn Beck, "Back Off"

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Rachal Maddow's a lot like me at least in being unwilling to put up with any crap from any of these lying, snickering narcissistic guys, such as Glenn Beck (above). Beck accused Maddow of "lying" about him.

Then there's this video showing Glenn Beck's really a 9/11 truther he had so hypocritically set-up Texas Governor candidate Debra Medina as on his program a few days ago. "I also had questions about 9/11." "You have a responsibility to question your government" Glenn Beck proclaimed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Strange Coincidence Between Michael Jackson & King Tut

I couldn't overlook another strange coincidence between Michael Jackson and King Tut again. Last year I posted about the strange resemblance of Michael Jackson and King Tut in an ancient Egyptian depiction shown in a MSNBC video last year. I also noted the strange coincidence of the King Tut exhibit coming to San Francisco in June, 2009 just 31 years after I missed the last one in 1978. I noted the Tut exhibit had opened just a couple days after Michael Jackson died.

In my article I noted I once admired the King Tut tomb coffin replica in the Luxor gift shop in Las Vegas back in 2001 Michael Jackson was purported to have purchased years later. Now there's yet another coincidence I cannot possibly overlook. This is astounding! Both King Tut's and Michael Jackson's autopsies (i.e, cause of death) are officially released to the public within just a few days of each other! The difference is one was purportedly murdered, the other turned out to have died a natural death as a surprise to many.

What are the odds? I'm speechless. It only took 3,000 years for the results of King Tut's reasons for death.
I mean, what are the odds, that within a week of Michael Jackson's autopsy report being released to the media around February 10th, scientists released DNA evidence that disclosed after years of tests, how Kint Tut died! I just glanced over the news last week over what caused Michael Jacksons' death and a week later here is King Tut 's autopsy report from his DNA?

This is all too much to comprehend. What are the odds of Jackson's autopsy report and KingTut's being released within a week of each other? Considering King Tut's DNA results is a miracle in itself having taken thousands of years to produce, this is just too strange a coincidence to overlook. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone has overlooked it.

I'm convinced Michael Jackson tuned into King Tut's vibe as an artist. Only a musician, singer or actor/actress or singer can truly understand what this means.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Glenn Beck Faces Wrath of Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters Over Fabrications

This is a good example of how a certain men take the liberties to fabricate and lie about women they feel intimidated by. Check out this great video of how Glenn Beck has to face the wrath of Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters for his deliberate fabrications about a non-incident on an Amtrak train. This is the kind of thing lawyers do on behalf of their clients, is make up stories and false characterizations of women in legal briefs for entertainment value. They think it's cute and funny and they get away with it because they're lawyers.

Friday, February 12, 2010

John Edwards Admits He's a Narcissist

This serious looking fellow isn't just any guy, he's former Democratic nominee John Edwards. This is a guy people worked hard towards making him the next President. Imagine that, John Edwards, President of the United States?

So what's all the fuss about you might ask? Well, it seems Mr. Edwards got himself in a little trouble with his wife Elizabeth. I was pretty much ignoring this story until I learned Ms. Edwards, whose cancer-stricken, was apparently slapped around a bit by the former presidential nominee. It seems Mr. Edwards has a sex tape with his mistress floating around out there the court is demanding to obtain to place under lock and key. The judge apparently can't wait to see it. The mistress also had Mr. Edward's child.

So what is one to think about all this? The first thing that struck me is John Edwards must be a narcissist to be such a cold hearted bastard to slap his cancer stricken wife around after he cheated on her in such a demonstrative way. Turns out, it seems I'm right. John admits being a narcissist himself:

Here's John Edwards' official statement about his affair. What a revealing document this is, especially this bit:

In the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic. If you want to beat me up - feel free. You cannot beat me up more than I have already beaten up myself. I have been stripped bare and will now work with everything I have to help my family and others who need my help.
A blogger responded to the statement in his article "Edwards: Narcissistic Twerp to the End":
Oh, vomit. What an unmanly, self-degrading statement. If you want to beat me up -- feel free. Me, me, me. I hate this therapeutic culture. Take it to Dr. Phil, you vain, narcissistic, faithless half-a-man.
The bottom line is, there are about 5% of politicians who are genuinely good. Take for instance men like Ron Paul and . . . I'm drawing a blank. The rest are criminals and con artists. Keep that in mind the next time you go to the voting booth and think you're voting for an all American good guy. The same applies for female politicians. I used to think Pelosi was a good woman too. I was wrong, so terribly wrong.

John Edwards, former Democratic Presidential nominee, clearly needs a restraining order.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cyber Stalkers Should Be Scared Now

There's a lot of talk lately about how the government's considering dealing with criminal abuse of the Internet. The problem is being addressed. Unfortunately, as is always the case with most anything, the people who have abused the Internet have ruined it for the rest of us.

The government always addresses others' extreme abuses with having to place restrictions and regulations on all of us. They're talking about requiring everyone to have an Internet Driver's License now. It's not that I don't want these anonymous criminals under control, but I can see the potential of how the government can really step in and use laws to oppress freedom of speech and become unduly oppressive. People have confused defamation with freedom of speech

Time Magazine has an article entitled "Craig Mundie wants Driver Licenses on the Internet" as an example. Here's a quote:
What Mundie is proposing is to impose authentication. He draws an analogy to automobile use. If you want to drive a car, you have to have a license (not to mention an inspection, insurance, etc). If you do something bad with that car, like break a law, there is the chance that you will lose your license and be prevented from driving in the future. In other words, there is a legal and social process for imposing discipline. Mundie imagines three tiers of Internet ID: one for people, one for machines and one for programs (which often act as proxies for the other two).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Edmond Wollmann's AOL Sock Puppet Identities

In his deposition last year, Edmond Wollmann claimed he never posted anything except under his real name and that he didn't really know what sock puppets were.

Here's an example of screen names Edmond Wollmann has used. One, two, three identifiers weren't enough. He filled up his entire AOL sub accounts slots available with various odd identities.
Here's a few informative pieces of information contradicting Edmond Wollmann's claims he doesn't know what sock puppets are and doesn't use them:
"You guyus [sic] are still spinning this sock puppet
crap believing I posted under other names to
support myself-what sort of idiots are you?" Link
I believe the "EWollmann" AOL account was purchased by someone on behalf of Wollmann who had lost the account in the 90's. I believe Wollmann still
wanted the email address after he lost it due to violating AOLs terms and conditions. He mistakenly used it in writing me in 2007 which is why he sent me a lawsuit threat. Imposters don't generally do such a thing as threaten lawsuits.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cyber Stalkers Are Masters At Hiding Their True Identities

I believe in order to maintain their warped lifestyles, cyber stalkers are required to make sure their identities are protected at all costs. This means no one should be surprised they have mastered hiding their identity behind various means and tricks. The various levels one must go through to get to the bottom of true identities is mind boggling.

It boggles the mind the time and energy these cybers put into their craft. I was talking with someone last night and we both agreed they find their craft entertaining. One of their objectives with me was clearly to drive me insane and enjoy such a process of torment.

Stay tuned. . . a few key events are coming up ahead for this case. I'll be posting the info this week. I'm intensely busy.

Monday, February 1, 2010

An Innocent Cyber Stalker? Humpf!

If one were to believe Cyber #1, someone wrote me with the email "" in May, 2007, that was once his AOL account long ago. That is, someone took such an account to impersonate him in order to cause havoc in his life.

After this person sent me a lawsuit threat message in ALL CAPS "take my email off of your blog OR I WILL SUE YOU!", they went on a rampage with my name all over the USENET astrology forum with dozens of egregious postings designed to show up in the Google search engine. That was just the beginning of a 2 1/2 year on-line rampage of me by a complete stranger.

This alleged impostor of Cyber #1 brilliantly mirrors his victim's psychological profile by writing with his well documented style and behavioral patterns. Yet, when push comes to shove and Cyber #1 has the authority and power to subpoena his impostor for his identity what does he do? He actually works with the impostor's attorney to hide his identity! Revealingly, the cyber also writes AOL explaining to them his predicament and that he has no desire to know who his alleged impostor is!

Cyber #1 has convinced himself he's covered since AOL confirmed in writing he does not own "" (in reality, no one does nor has since June of 2007) and that he "has not owned such an account for the past two years". Cyber #1 then begins presenting this as "evidence" he is innocent. The only problem is, the last two years of the AOL letter doesn't cover May, 2007, only October 2007 as the cut off time.

I don't know about anyone else, but if someone caused a lawsuit to be filed against me acting as my impostor, I would subpoena that person's identity immediately to prove it wasn't me. I wouldn't work with that person's attorney to cover up who that person is so approvingly. Had Cyber #1 submitted a subpoena for AOL to reveal the identity of the "Ewollmann" account holder, he could have theoretically vindicated himself. Yet, he has expressed in writing to AOL he has no interest in knowing who that alleged impostor is!

If I wanted to file a lawsuit against an innocent man for the purpose of harassment and torment, which is Cyber #1's allegation, I wouldn't choose such an impoverished pathetic individual with a mobile home in Los Lunas, New Mexico who has virtually no assets. One generally doesn't choose impoverished people to file lawsuits against for money these days.

The bottom line is, the level of insanity of these individuals really reveals itself in the degree they go to cover-up their true identities.

The alleged impostor's attorney has filed a Motion to Quash my subpoena.