Friday, February 26, 2010

Indie Artist Aisha Chips Away at Madonna's Facade

I'm one of those people who thinks the music industry took a severe wrong turn in allowing white trash Madonna to rise to such insane heights. I once got in trouble back in 1991 for sending a criticism of Ms. Madness at Xerox in El Segundo California on an electronic forum. The response I got was my very first flaming on a forum, and a subsequent complaint to my boss. I got called into a meeting and was told not to post again about Madonna. So, here I go again.

This photo of Madonna shows she may be planning on donating her body for one of those human anatomy museums one day.
Seriously, it's obvious Madonna is suffering from too many extreme workouts. I see someone in the gym every day who has the same problem, but far worse.

I've always hated Madonna. She's scum, filth, the worst humanity has to offer in my book. I hated her in the 80's and I hate her today. She makes me want to vomit. I don't care how hard she worked in her life, she's trash. Utter, stinking trash.
I have the same amount of respect for Madonna I have for a cockroach.

The world of music would have been a far different industry had this witch whore Madonna never been able to get so much power. I just don't understand what happened to America to allow Madonna to remain so long. She should have faded out quickly after her first hit. Greed ruled the 80's so it's logical Madonna was allowed to so flourish.

According to, Madonna's had the most copyright lawsuits filed against her of any artist in history. It's clear Madonna steals people's intellectual property in the droves. If there were any real intellectual property rights in this country, Madonna should have been bankrupted by now. It just goes to show you how corporations like Warner work to preempt copyright laws.

1. Aisha v. Madonna (civil rights and copyright infringement)
2. Sorrentino v. Madonna (assault and battery on a 10-year-old child)
3. Myers v. Madonna (civil rights violations)
4. Ronald J Myers v. Madonna (civil rights violations)
5. Barrier v. Madonna (civil rights violations)
6. Bourdin v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
7. Easy Street Records v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
8. Acquaviva v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
9. D’Onofrio v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
10. Iving L Williams v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
11. Eon Net LP v. Madonna (copyright /patent/trademark infringement)
12. Rich Kidd Music Publishing, Inc. v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
13. Winterland v. Madonna (copyright infringement)
14. Hobe Cie. LTD v. Madonna (trademark infringement)
15. Coppola v. Madonna (personal injury)
16. Rice v. Madonna (breach of contract)
17. Mclay v. Madonna (breach of contract)

18. Nike, Inc. v. Madonna (breach of contract)
19. Millennium Films v. Madonna (breach of contract)
20. Done and Dusted v. Madonna (breach of contract)
21. DeCastro v. Madonna (invasion of privacy and commissioned stalking and harassm
ent of a Miami family)

Madonna's a huge parasite who feeds off other artist's work. Madonna needs to be removed from the host called America's music industry ASAP and/or a stake put through her vicious vampire heart. Michael Jackson thought this woman was evil too! Any sane human being would be turned off by creepy Madonna. This is the person who deserves restraining orders for her mafia like activities against other artists.

I don't really know much about Aisha but she's an interesting woman for sure. Even if she may be in the realm of dreams and hope of a better world of music, a "could of and should have been allowed to happen", at least she represents something of a higher realm such evil Madonna certainly wishes to oppress and destroy. Fight on Aisha. Fight on!

WE need a line of Madonna toilet seats to remember her by in America. Madonna = Mafia