Friday, March 26, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Inspires Sanctions Against San Francisco

I think I understand now why Dems and liberals have taken so much heat from conservatives. I used to be a liberal and Democrat. Not anymore. I've been listening to radio commentator and documentary film maker Alex Jones at and have since changed my views. Not that I've been brainwashed in any way, I've just seen the light. I also read the national bestseller Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg that helped change my views.

People across the country are very upset with the health care reform bill. One blogger is organizing a sanction of Pelosi and the city of San Francisco that gave rise to her. Here's a peek:
"By way of threats, bribery and lies she and her henchmen have coordinated the most serious breech of Constitutional law in nearly 100 years; and she has done it all without exhibiting the slightest bit of remorse.

It is for this reason that I propose strong and crippling sanctions against the City of San Francisco. They must be made to hear the hue and cry of a nation that demands Nancy Pelosi be removed from office. Until they meet with our demands, we will cease to support their economy with our consumer dollars.

Tourism is the backbone of San Francisco’s economy. Any and all travel into or through San Francisco should cease. All conventions and seminars should be canceled. If any business trips are planned, accommodations should be arranged outside the city limits. Hotels and restaurants should be notified that they should no longer expect our patronage as long as Nancy Pelosi holds office.

A BOYCOTT of companies headquartered in San Francisco should begin immediately. Some of those companies include The Gap, Levis-Strauss, Gymboree, McKesson Pharmacies, Sega of America, Lucasfilm, Wells Fargo Bank, Ghiradelli, Del Monte Foods, Hills Brothers Coffee and Anchor Brewing Company among others. I suggest a comprehensive list of companies be compiled and posted on an independent website with a view counter to reflect how many have consulted the list. The Pelosi Sanction

This sentiment towards San Francisco is quite different from the days when the world contributed to its reconstruction and recovery after the 1906 earthquake. What this means is that bad politics can be potentially worse then a bad earthquake. Will Nancy Pelosi's rise in politics eventually cause San Francisco to suffer? Only time will tell.