Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catholic Pervert Priests and Pope Benedict XVI's Former Cover Up

They say all false religion began in ancient Babylon. The Whore of Babylon certainly is alive and well as the Catholic Church and its Anti-Christ ugly creepy little Pope is being exposed more than ever around the world for being nothing more than a criminal ring of pedophiles. When they've got the future Pope in 1985 covering up for obvious child molesting priests, they know they've got a problem!

Just think of the reality of what the Catholic Church really is! They promote child abuse and molestation by covering up for their pervert priests' conduct rather than dealing with it. They preach morality to the populace, continuing with their pagan brainwashing tactics while covering up an evil they permit to go on and on.
The Whore of Babylon or "Babylon the great" is a Christian allegorical figure of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

Historicist interpreters commonly used the phrase "Whore of Babylon" to refer to the Roman Catholic Church. Most Reformation writers and all Reformers themselves, from Martin Luther (who wrote On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church), John Calvin, and John Knox accepted this association. The "drunkenness with the blood of saints and martyrs," by this interpretation, refers to the inquisition and the veneration of saints and relics and the Sunday sacredness, were viewed by Reformers as idolatry and apostasy. This interpretation continues to be taught in churches arising from the Adventist movement and it is kept alive by contemporary figures such as Ian Paisley and Jack Chick.- Wikipedia Whore of Babylon

I remember reading a book back in the 1980's showing how the Catholic religion is really a pagan religion rooted in the ancient symbology and rituals of ancient Babylon. Catholic rituals are very similar to Babylonian rituals. The Roman Catholic rituals are also subliminally implemented in the U.S. Court system including their fatherly black cloaks. Note the female Supreme Court Judges at right wear scarves so as not to portray their counterpart's fatherly white priestly collars! The male judges in the lower courts believe that their words, much like Catholic priests, should go unquestioned as if it is God's mandate and order from above. Female judges in lower courts are often only conduits also controlled by men in certain politically sensitive cases.

The Roman Catholic Church is deeply rooted in the occult that relies on rituals and illusions to keep itself alive to brainwash the populace. I remember going into the confessional booth when I was a little girl. Looking back, I see how evil this Church is to summon little girls into a dark scary room to face a glowing red screen and stranger behind it posing as God's representative. That dirty old man behind the screen. . . .well who knows what he could have been thinking over my confession ? How unnatural to let some complete stranger sit there in a little room listening to a little girl's confessions! He was probably jerking himself off that pervert bastard priest!

With these latest growing revelations of Catholic Church approved pedophilia people should revolt worldwide against these Catholic frauds once and for all! This is a clarion call to abandon any Catholic friends immediately who refuse to leave this criminal pedophile organization! I even suggest people pose as Catholics, walk into mass, accept the wafer and then spit it out at their feet yelling perverts! Frauds! Lying bastards! You go into the confessional you greedy lying pigs! We don't buy this sack of Babylonian crap you dish out anymore!

This description of hypocrites, perverts and sadists also goes for many of those black robbed judges in lower U.S. court's mimicking Catholic priests who issue their orders based on politics rather than the law. Frauds! Many know all about Child Protective Services (CPS) stealing children from their parents without due process because it's profitable for them. They actually place bounties on certain desirable children's heads all over America to steal children from their parents based on fraudulent petty reasons. CPS is full of pedophiles just as the Catholic Church is!