Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Predatory Cyber Stalkers Have Evil Plans for Their Victims

I strongly suspect there's been a duo team of cyber stalkers working to cover for one another's activities in my case since 2007. The first guy lured me into their scheme using the other's name in an email. Then such person would taunt me to file a lawsuit for their defamation and harassment activities. Yes, I do have evidence that I was being immediately taunted in 2007 to file a lawsuit. "Where's the lawsuit c**t?" He'd write.

I think their little scheme was to lure someone into a trap to make it look like the other was being falsely accused, then to get money out of it with a cross complaint. They had an attorney all ready to go and this was obviously planned out from the very start. The reason I know this is because of the intensity and ongoing posting that never let up for three years.

These guys who will not leave me alone are professional cyber stalkers as well as closet homosexuals. They spend all of their time on-line trying to set-up people on the Internet to try and get money out of them in some way. They're bullies who intensely taunt, humiliate and then say "come and get me, see what happens!" Attorneys come to these guys' rescue because birds of a feather flock together. As always this is not about justice, it's about money.

What kind of a person would fork out thousands of dollars to an attorney to quash a subpoena over an email address? The answer is, someone who had a plan from the start. It also doesn't help that courts are NOT helpful dealing with these kind of defamation cases. I'm more convinced then ever the lower court system's rigged against people without attorneys for these kinds of cases. I'm also more convinced then ever gender politics are especially involved if the plaintiff's a woman and the defendant a man.

These cyber stalkers are nothing more than bullies who urge people to file lawsuits against them with their activities in hopes they can turn it around into cash. People who don't want lawsuits filed against them don't behave like these guys do on-line or through their attorneys. They're nothing but bullies.