Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ID Tokens Proposed by U.S. Government to Access Internet

The U.S. government is in the process of passing new laws while preparing to implement a new system for identifying Internet users.  In essence what this means is, under the appearance of cybersecurity, the government wants a reborn Internet with new infrastructure favoring a more centralized, regulated world wide web. 

Senator Joe Lieberman's proposed new legislation is modeled after China's but is considered by many to be even more stringent in its methods of regulating Internet access. 
"The true nature of the cybersecurity agenda was revealed when Lieberman told CNN’s Candy Crowley that his 197-page Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PDF) legislation was part of an effort to mimic China’s control of the Internet.
'Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too,' said Lieberman." - Cybersecurity Measures Will Mandate Government ID Tokens to Use the Internet - InfoWars.com
Many are predicting a temporary shut down of the Internet in the future based on a false flag cyber security threat.  Essentially, this would mean the government would manufacture a cyber security threat in order to implement its new infrastructure.

Additionally, FCC has rolled a censorship plan into its Net Neutrality scheme in a stealth attempt to impose Internet regulation.
Under the FCC’s regulatory control consumers would be forced to buy an Internet/TV/Phone connectivity box that the government approves. “Everyone will pay rates for service that the government sets. And everything passing through your Internet, TV, or phone would become subject to the FCC’s consistent regulatory whim,” writes Americans for Tax Reform’s Kelly William Cobb. -Article
Those who own web sites would be required to sign up with the government to be allowed one.  I guess my question is where is the ACLU in all this?  The ACLU was at the San Francisco gay parade last weekend, but thus far is unable to defend Americans freedoms in this most dire situation.   

My prediction is, after these new regulations are imposed, there will be an uprising of angry people.  This regulation of the Internet is going to severely affect the flow of money and ideas.  I predict it will cripple the U.S. economy even more.

No one's going to have free access to the Internet anymore because of these old Senators who have no real future in America, seeking to impose their laws on the nation's future to make their mark.  In one respect, there will no longer be evil cyberstalkers but the cost of getting rid of vermin is far too high.  

My main question is will this drastic attack on the Internet and freedom by the U.S. Government itself, and that is exactly what it is in my opinion, cause the people to rise to make changes?  Only time will tell. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jackson's Masterful Transition Into Eternity

It's hard to believe, but an entire year has passed since Michael Jackson left our world.  Since that time, his name has been been reported to have generated $1,000,000,000!  That's right ONE BILLION DOLLARS!
Hollywood trade paper Billboard estimated Jackson's earnings in the past year have hit $1 billion, including album sales generating about $383 million and revenue from the film "This Is It" hitting nearly $400 million.
"The Official Charts Company, which compiles record sales in Britain, said Jackson sold more records than any other artist in the last 12 months.
His sales of 2.77 million albums outstripped Michael Buble's 2.0 million. Including singles, Jackson's sales in Britain reached 4.31 million for the year since his death. "Man in the Mirror" topped singles sales, followed by "Billie Jean." - Michael Jackson Fans Pay Tribute to One Billion Dollar Man - ABC News
I think Michael Jackson left our world as masterfully as anyone ever has in entertainment's history.  His planned "This is It" concert and timing of coming back and rebounding so strongly in his career and all the attention it generated was masterful in its timing prior to Jackson's passing.  He had garnered much attention with his pending concert series, and left behind a wealth of rehearsal footage that became the movie.

The last time we've all witnessed such worldwide mourning over someone was Princess Di's funeral.  I personally think Jackson generated even more attention but I could be wrong.  Prior to his passing, I was unaware of how huge Michael Jackson was worldwide because the media was always downplaying his popularity as if everyone viewed him as a guilty pedophile.  The media made me think Michael Jackson was so despised he was driven out of the United States.

This video shows an upcoming superstar true talent performing on the Sonny & Cher show in the 70's.

Perhaps there were many people who hated Michael Jackson.  When you're so well known, I tend to think this is common.  People look for scapegoats for their own personal inadequacies and become jealous of all the attention and love heaped on one person, especially among women fans.

When I was a kid, I took Michael Jackson for granted because in the Motown era there were many talented singers and performers.  In fact, I practically took it for granted the day the Jackson 5 walked passed me singing ABC at my local grocery store in Baldwin Hills California in 1971.  I was too young to think it was a rare opportunity since I lived near Hollywood where celebrities were plentiful.

Over the years I came to understand the depth of Jackson's talents far exceeded them all, even Diana Ross who was at one time a huge star.  It really was the creative dancing that took Michael Jackson to new plateaus few reach.  Jackson's signature moon walk dance during his infamous Billie Jean performance at the Motown Anniversary Special in the 1980's was a huge launching pad enabling him to reach new heights.

Many of us remember Michael Jackson in our childhoods and in the early 80's for his moonwalk and Thriller album and nothing more.  If that's so, there's nothing wrong with that at all.  Those times were when his talents shined most because the music was greatly produced, the musicians top notch.  After the early 80's many of us felt the music industry began to falter and hasn't recovered since.  In a recent post, I disclosed the music industry is on the verge of collapse because most agree the quality of talent and music just isn't there anymore.  Maybe the talent is there, but it's not being captured in an appealing way to most.  It's now all corporate garbage music on a large scale.

There will never be another like Michael Jackson ever again.  Anyone who tries to reach such a high plateau as a performer, will never make it to that level ever again.  I guarantee it!  Any attempt to do so will be contrived and only perhaps a television sensation unworthy of such notoriety.   One of the reasons for this, is our culture is rapidly changing and there is no real money to promote and springboard such a superstar as was before.  Our entire world economic system is on the verge of collapse.  In the early 1980s Jackson had the support of the entire music industry machine.  In other words, Jackson was considered to be "the one" like in the Matrix movie. Jackson worked hard and was well lodged in music history prior to the second stage of his young adult career.

It's too bad and tragic Jackson had to suffer through such a horrific times when the public as focused on him for something other than his being one of the greatest entertainers ever.  Regardless, it's clear he overcame it all quite masterfully.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Corrupt San Diego Superior Court Awarded Edmond Wollmann Legal Fees At Secret Hearing

**UPDATE** See Exposing the Illuminati in Hollywood Films - My Letter To Entertainment Attorney Joseph F. Hart Detailing Rick Lazzarini's Using My Life For His Horror Movie Project - August 10, 2012

In my opinion, there's something seriously wrong with the San Diego Superior Court system.  My experience was they are highly political, sexist and don't necessarily follow statutory law or procedures.  I'm referring particularly to Judge Robert C. Longstreth, who looks as gay as any gay man in San Francisco I've ever worked with.  Notice the rather inhuman glazed look in this Judge's eyes (the photo was since taken down on the site I linked to and is unavailable)?  These are the eyes that aided and abetted Edmond Wollmann while seeking to severely punish me for filing a lawsuit in pro per.  I had plenty of corroborating evidence to back up my claims.  Judge Longstreth was appointed to the bench by Terminator actor, Governor Arnold Schwarznegger in 2008.

Like the Terminator, this judge was predatory of my future in his statements at a hearing and was brutal and sadistic in his intent to punish me for filing my lawsuit he asked me to withdraw on record.  He stated he believed I had the "wrong man".   Yet this judge wasn't even overseeing the lawsuit though he seemed desperate to have it moved to his jurisdiction in the East County court.  This judge's hearing was for another case Mr. Wollmann filed in another county of San Diego.  It was filed in pro per by Mr. Wollmann due to my contacting the La Mesa Police over a gun related death threat. The judge issued statements "on record" for the Central court to follow in my case.  Prior to my contacting the police, I also contacted the SFPD and the San Diego District Attorney's office. I was working through the system and not harassing Mr. Wollmann of my own accord whatsoever.

This Judge Longstreth is a total bully who acted as if he was Mr. Wollmann's attorney at a hearing, arguing over petty issues of a few miles of driving to the Central Court rather then the East Court.  This judge disregarded all of my response motions and didn't appear to read or acknowledge any of them in my defense of fraudulent claims I had harassed Edmond Wollmann.  Judge Longstreth is typical of judges these days who abuse their discretion and overlook statutes due to overt sexism and gender bias against women falsely accused by their predators.   

A Little Background on How It All Started

I sent two cease and desist letters to Mr. Wollmann prior to filing my lawsuit that went unanswered.  I had good reason to believe he was involved in sending me obscene messages and posting defamation on a blog, including having me in handcuffs and behind bars accusing me of a multitude of crimes.  The judge didn't care what evidence I had.  He issued a statement at the hearing that was forwarded by Mr. Wollmann to the Central court judge.  The Central court judge Charles R. Hayes then became very hard on me and my case.

I ultimately dismissed the case but they called a secret hearing to issue Mr. Wollmann his legal fees for the case.  The secret meeting wasn't on calendar because the case was dismissed.  Yet the judge made sure to use the opportunity to benefit Mr. Wollmann at what is called the discovery hearing a few days prior to trial.  There was no trial scheduled, so there should not have been such a hearing.  They created the hearing from thin air to accommodate Mr. Wollmann's request for legal fees.

Cyber Stalkers' Activities Have Drained My Savings Account & Affected My Income Considerably

Unfortunately, due to the cyber stalker's activities, my finances have dwindled considerably and there is not any money I can provide to Mr. Wollmann.  He will not be successful in obtaining money from me because I have limited income thanks to he and his sidekick's phantom's on-line activities.  I have little assets as well.  There is really nothing Mr. Wollmann can do to successfully collect on his judgment, as there is nothing I can do to collect $25,000 I was awarded for another cyber stalker's activities.  They're broke and so am I.  When people have no money, there's nothing you can do to collect it.  Most lawsuit judgments go uncollected simply for the fact people have no money.

Cruel Judges in San Diego Sought to Punish Me For My Valid Lawsuit! Ordered Me To Pay!

I spoke with an attorney familiar with my case, a Cathy Kazemi in San Diego who said the sanctions issued against me for my discovery of "Ewollmann@aol.com" was highly abnormal.  Not only were they abnormal, the judge violated the Discovery Act.  I did not abuse the discovery process to obtain the identity of a man through AOL who clearly harassed me with emails and posted defamation on the Internet.  Attorney Kazemi told me she had never heard of a judge ever sanctioning a pro per over a discovery request before. This clearly happened due to the politics involved between two judges.  Judge Longstreth was making some serious statements against me in the court room that indicated to me he fully believed a public nuisance, trespass convicted individual who admitted at a court hearing he spent all of his time on the Internet.  He believed Mr. Wollmann and disregarded me all together indicating prejudice and bias.

When a court is overtly political and doesn't consider two sides of an issue, it is clear it is corrupt.  The Court of Judge Longstreth, who was since transferred to the Family Court in San Diego, should be highly scrutinized by the public and those who appear before him for any overtly sexist political decisions that are extreme.  Apparently Judge Longstreth has had issues with women in his personal life that he's looking to dump on them whenever he is able.  From my and other female experiences, gay men especially seem to have much underlying hostility and anger towards the opposite sex for obvious reasons.  It's not like it is on Will & Grace, a highly fictional sitcom.

Judge Charles R. Hayes who took over where Judge Longstreth left off with his statement, carried out his intent and issued harsh penalties against me, though I withdrew my lawsuit.  Judge Hayes had supported Judge Longstreths campaign and is listed as an endorser.  I maintain Edmond Wollmann's on-line reputation, admissions of frivolous complaints to the FBI over Google rankings, admission to being on the Internet all the time, and criminal convictions, all supported good reason for my lawsuit, not to mention his ignoring my cease and desist letters and even evading my process server.

California's Imminent Bankruptcy & Collapse

When the State of California collapses, not to mention America, the good part of it will be it won't be able to afford these corrupt judge's salaries and bloated pensions. These male judges a oppressive to women particularly.  All I wanted to do originally was be a singer on  a cruise ship.  It all started when a cyber stalker wanted to mock me for my video singing with my back to a camera in my studio converted from a walk-in closet.  It was all so ridiculous how these closet gay men made an issue of my singing video.  A previous cyber stalker's work (I was awarded a judgment for) provided impetus for momentum of a gay men's gang up mentality on a woman. They should go watch Boy George and George Michael's videos and leave me the hell alone!

After seeing a photograph of Judge Longstreth, and experiencing his overt sexism, I honestly question his sexuality.  Is he one of those guys in the closet who uses women?  He sided with Mr. Wollmann and entirely disregarded my motions and statement of facts, because he most likely favors men.  Of course, that's just my opinion.  I certainly wouldn't want to be accused of defaming Judge Longstreth, whose a public figure. 


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Charlie Chaplin's Famous Speech From The Great Dictator - Good Try Dude!

A famous scene from the 1940's classic The Great Dictator -
Charlie Chaplin's answer to Hitler's rise to power.

I recently came across an incredible classic video of Charlie Chaplin I'd never seen before.  Unfortunately, no one apparently had ever conveyed to Mr. Chaplin humanity didn't survive on idealism alone. The ultimate truth is this world is brutal by nature and always has been. Whatever pockets of peace and harmony human cultures have found are only temporary. It's just the nature of cyclical patterns of life and death.

All hominids throughout the earth's history have become extinct. There is evidence certain species even caused the other's extinction such as Cro Magnons vs. Neanderthals. If there's any further evidence one needs to confirm humanity doesn't thrive on peace and harmony, one need only look so far as how Columbus discovered America while senselessly torturing and slaughtering gentle Indian tribes that were not prepared for such a betrayal of their trust.

Regardless, this little Chaplin movie speech in the film The Great Dictator is a brilliant attempt to counter Hilter's presence back then. I've come to the conclusion this idealism isn't meant for our world, but another. There is another world beyond this one. Great artists like Chaplin have merely channeled that world into this one and nothing more.  This world we all live in is destined for destruction and upheaval. In fact, there's currently an emerging new industry at work trying to predict the ways humanity will end.

For instance, check out this ridiculous video  on a television program called Mega Disasters about methane gas and our oceans and what the scientist says
"This methane eruption in the oceans has happened repeatedly over the past half BILLION years without fail and there's no question in my mind it will happen again."  
Lots of laughs!! 

If wild animals could talk and rise above their own limited condition as humans strive to, this is an example of how ridiculous Charlie Chaplin's speech is in reality of the nature of world we live in:
An elderly lion that hasn't eaten in days is closing in on a fawn for its meal. The lion doesn't have much time left, but the fawn has an entire lifetime of grazing and enjoyment ahead of it. The lion is tired, old and miserable. As the lion approaches its meal, a particular species that is free from being hunted by predators, being always at peace in the wild without any fear, climbs up a high tree above the chaos below to proclaim:

"Let us not live in misery and kill one another, let us live in peace and harmony in this animal kingdom of ours. We are here to help, not destroy, one another."
Do you think the lion will lay down its life and starve rather than enjoy a good meal? The lion can't overcome its nature and instincts as many evil human beings can't.  Sociopaths are just one example, many of whom rise to high places in governments.  Their thirst for blood and evil knows no bounds.

Sorry Mr. Chaplin, though a wonderful idealism you had and strong conviction of what the world could be, it's not anywhere near the nature of the world we live in.  Your idealism exists in the world of dreams and imagination.  It all comes down to the human brain.  The brain is flawed because it sits on the reptilian brain stem as its foundation.  Our brain was formed from reptilian brains in evolution time.  

I love Charlie Chaplin's fruits for sure, but any enemy would die of laughter over his attempt in The Great Dictator to address the dark realities of the world we live in.  It's the human brain that's the problem, not the solution.  Dictators brainwash like the Borg in Star Trek took over Captain Pickard.  The human brain is the problem.

I spent decades trying to overcome the reality and nature of the world we live in.  Somewhere down the line I was forced to face reality. Reality is whatever the evil dark people who have full power and control in this world decide it is because it's really their world. I'm only passing through as a tourist time traveler and nothing more.  In fact, I don't give much credence to this world at all. I think this world's overblown in its importance and destined to all be destroyed in one form or another. I love nature and the sea, but they will ultimately be destroyed in one way or another over geological time.  It's all so  brutal.

I think Charlie Chaplin would be horrified at what is facing humanity right now.  If he lived today he certainly wouldn't be writing a song called "Smile".  In the 1970's at the age of 85, the Queen of England knighted Chaplin.  The fact is, Chaplin reached the end of his life apparently naive to the fact he was knighted by one of the most hideously evil royal families of all time.  The English royals are among the darkest, most hideously corrupt souls on the planet that is currently plotting mass murder and population reduction.  For instance, the Queen of England is joint owner of BP.

The Queen wanted a piece of Chaplin near the end of his life for sure.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Proposed Biggest Demolition in San Francisco History In My Neighborhood

San Francisco appears to be moving forward with a plan to demolish a large tower built in 1961 as part of the Fairmont Hotel.  The Fairmont's a historic monument in many respects especially since it survived the 1906 earthquake, though barely.  In fact, the Fairmont's construction had just been completed shortly before the earthquake hit.  One would think they would have learned a lesson from back then to wait for another large earthquake prior to building a major structure of that magnitude.

They say the project would be the largest demolition of any building in San Francisco's entire history.  Since I live within two blocks it will undoubtedly cause a tremendous amount of upheaval, noise and construction activity for up to four years.  It will also block transportation and cause significant inconvenience. 

This demolition should be the least of my concerns however since there's a growing industry of fear mongering letting everyone know of the impending dangers up ahead.  Earlier this month scientists warned the sun is currently awakening from a deep slumber of no sunspot activity that could trigger electrically based damages on earth.  That scary story in itself wasn't enough for the Huffington Post however, that thought it was important to go further in exploring the consequences of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bombs. Here's a blurb from the article which quotes National Geographic.

An EMP bomb, National Geographic explains is, 
"a bomb that's designed to go above the atmosphere and release huge amounts of energy," some of which in the form of gamma rays. Such a weapon would cripple electronics, but not kill people. 
In less than a billionth of a second, the electrical intensity on Earth's surface would become so hot that microchips would fry, power lines would overload and the electric grid would collapse," says National Geographic, describing . "Everything with microelectronics in it would stop: your car, your computer, the subway. There would be no electricity."
I imagine those who would survive the horrifying mass death would ultimately harness electricity from the sun through solar panels. Regardless, we are way behind with any solar based electrical infrastructure to support our electric based culture.  The world would be like the dark ages for probably hundreds of years. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Evidence of Ghostly Apparition at Habitat for Humanity Triggers Burglar Alarm!

This is a fairly convincing video of a ghost who is theorized to be attached to his or her belongings donated to the Habitat for Humanity.  It actually triggered a burglar alarm!  A paranormal specialist was called in who said it was some of the best footage he's ever seen. I don't normally go for these kind of stories but this one is very intriguing.

I guess my main question is how can this be possible?  How can there be a world in between ours and another?  Why would any alleged ghost want to hang around in a world where they can't experience anything?  This is so bizarre.  

Apparitional Experience - Wikipedia

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Point Lobos Monterey Hiking Videos. Sea Life! Snake Traps!

I finally discovered the technique in Final Cut Pro film editing software to create higher quality videos for YouTube. It took a lot of experimentation. I have a HD camera so there's no excuse for poor quality videos.  

Here's my videos from a spectacular Point Lobos State Park hike last Sunday including a whaling museum, otters, seals and a rare snake.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Want a Great Hike? Try Point Lobos State Park in Monterey California

Point Lobos Hike - 6/13/10
These are just few of my best shots (last I checked the photo album didn't play after the video, but maybe it's just a server issue) from the Point Lobos State Park hike. The couple on the distant rocks wasn't a planned shot. I don't know who they are. I have a great video of otters too.

One of the most breathtaking beach hikes in the United States is within 2.5 hours of where I live so I just had to go to Point Lobos State Park to check it out.  The weather was beautiful, if not perfect, and I caught a ride from someone with a convertible VW.  It was a total blast.  Next time I go I want to bring some wine and hang out a while.

I found it very difficult to get back in the work mode after this one day excursion to paradise to say the least.  I'll have video soon of the trip after I figure out how to get better quality.  I have an HD camera so there's no excuse for my videos not to be crystal clear quality.  If I only knew how.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Charity Lawyers Aggressively Demand Deceased Donor Funds

Am I ever grateful a customer shared his experiences today as a will and trust attorney.  What he shared really shocked me. Here's the scoop, are you ready? Some charities hire attorneys to demand their money when the donor's body is still warm!  Of course, this is a figure of speech but it's highly accurate in many cases.  Charities begin their collection process by having high powered lawyers look over the donor's trust who name them among many beneficiaries.  He mentioned the ACLU and environmental groups as examples.

Over My Dead Body Greedy Pigs!

What the attorney told me influenced my decision to never place any charity as a beneficiary in my will.  When I had far more money in my retirement account prior to the stock market decline of 2008, I've had such beneficiaries as The Humane Society, ACLU and ASPCA over the years.  Not anymore, and especially the ACLU I'm no longer a member of for their inadequate aid to political prisoner former attorney Richard Fine who I blogged about earlier. (The poor fellow is still locked away in solitary confinement not being charged with any crime!)

According to the trust attorney, the way to prevent charities from this activity is the language placed in the trust or will.  It must be clear all primary beneficiaries and/or debts get paid off prior to the residuals (i.e., left overs) being distributed.  Apparently the charities feel a trust or person's will is like a Thanksgiving dinner where everyone gets a cut of the bird leaving them with the crumbs.  That's why they're becoming bullies using attorneys to get at the money ASAP by exploiting loopholes in people's trusts.

The nerve of these strangers who think they have a right to a dead person's money shortly after they die that they hire lawyers to bully people to get to their money!  These charities often spend most of their funds on administrative costs and are wasteful.  The only charity I'd ever trust is the ASPCA at this point.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thanks to New Leads Stacy Peterson's Body May Be Found Today in Peoria Illionois

A couple days ago I was thinking about what ever happened to the Drew Peterson case? I meant to do a search for information but was so busy I forgot to. Then today I happened upon the news police have a new lead of where Stacy Peterson's body may be buried. It seems so certain they intend on finding Stacy's body that they've even set up a media podium at the site.  Did someone rat on Drew Peterson?
Illinois State Police confirmed Saturday that they are currently following a lead in rural central Illinois regarding Peterson’s disappearance and have set up a media staging at a location near Peoria, according to an ISP release. Chicago Sun-Times
Another TMZ.com article reported the lead was from Drew's prisonmate who claimed he received a confession of the murder and whereabouts of the burial place.
Our sources say Peterson told the inmate he had an accomplice help him dispose of the body. The inmate then told authorities about his discussion with Peterson, which led them to the alleged accomplice. We're told the accomplice informed Will County Sheriff's officials and prosecutors that the body was buried just outside Peoria, Illinois.  Will County Sheriff's deputies and prosecutors took the alleged accomplice to Peoria Friday, and the accomplice led them to private hunting grounds. The owner allowed authorities to enter his property and the accomplice then led them to the site where Stacy's body was allegedly buried. The accomplice told authorities the body was stuffed in a metal drum that had been buried underground. TMZ.com
Regardless, according to a recent article by the Sun Times, TMZ's article has been largely criticized by Sheriff's spokesmen and others as being partly inaccurate in spite of the search taking place today.  It's amazing how rumors fly and how desperate news outlets are for a big story that the truth gets lost in the details.  Some sites have actually had the headline denoting the body's already been found.

It's such a shame so many sociopath criminals, such as the guy who randomly mowed down four bicyclists in San Francisco a few days ago, make up stories and lie in the face of the obvious.
The man, who is in his 40s, was arrested at about 1 p.m. after he went to the Albany Police Department and fabricated a story about his car being carjacked in San Francisco, police said. Police said Friday that after the driver - who, it turns out, owned the Rogue - crashed his car, he left behind his wallet, keys and a cell phone. Investigators went to the Berkeley address, "but he had moved and we could not contact him," said Sgt. Jon Kasper. - SFGate.com
Let's hope they finally find Stacy Peterson so Drew Peterson can't kill anymore of his future wives. It always amazes me how easy women fall for these idiots.  The man's pure evil masked in his jokes and comedy.  In fact, Drew Peterson's approach to covering up his evil reminds me of George W. Bush's attitude towards his baseless war joking about the weapons of mass destruction being unfound perhaps under dining tables.  Meanwhile, Bush's decision caused a million people and thousands of troops to die.  It was all a mere joke to him, typical of a sociopath's mentality.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Those Who Love the Ocean and Sea Life Are Heartbroken Over BP Oil Spill Tragedy

I think the only thing the dark side of mankind couldn't really conquer until now was our oceans and its thousands of unknown mysterious life forms.  All that's about to change because what the media's been covering up is the oil gushing from the bottom of the ocean can't be stopped except by maybe a nuclear device.  A nuclear device could even make matters far worse.

The notion of the ultimate death of the sea in the Gulf of Mexico is horrifying as it is heartbreaking.  It renders many like myself stunned and speechless.  The wonders of the sea are both inspirational as they are magnificent such as the ocean artist Wyland has been painting about the past 30 years.  Wyland obviously is on the light side of mankind who conquered the sea his own special way internalizing its images and sharing its magnificence through his brilliant interpretations.  Here's a little hint that Wyland's original artworks are going to quadruple in value when our seas begin to truly fade from this disaster.

Meanwhile, back to dealing with the dark side of humanity, that of politics and corrupt oil corporations.  Damn these reckless idiots!  Obama's carefully scripted soulless response to the oil disaster is being observed by many as that of a typical politician, not that of a real leader.  The Daily Show put it nicely:

This is a superb artistic video that best communicates heartbreak and sadness:

It's interesting to note the responses from BPand Obama all have a similar scripted tone none of which people who are experiencing the disaster first hand can really identify with.  That's how we can know our enemy based on their reaction. These politicians are cold, detached, emotionless and seriously out of touch with humanity as a whole.  The problem with today's politicians is they are a group of narcissist liars, criminals, mass murdering sociopaths, psychopaths, lazy thieves, calculating, deceptive, cunning and evil.  Politicians often twist facts and reality because they think they're gods.  I'm not saying yesterday's politicians were any better but those today in particular are the worst U.S. history has ever seen. They perfect their lies, scripts and are solely out of touch with reality.

On another note, it has come to light in an article from the Washington Post that several environmental groups are entwined with BP's financial support including The Nature Conservancy as its partner.  The Nature Conservancy accepted a mere $10 million from BP over the years.  Maybe that's why, as one videographer put it, we haven't been hearing much from PETA, Green Peace and the Sierra Club just to name a few.

A knowledgeable Danish cabinet maker and videograher has come to the conclusion along with many others that the oil cannot be stopped:

Those of us who have loved the ocean throughout our lives naturally feel a loss of its beauty and of the magnificent sea creatures suffering from the disaster.  The catastrophe will ultimately cause great human suffering and lead to these criminal politicians to take drastic measures to make matters even worse.  The earth's blood pouring into the ocean was also described in Biblical Prophecy I believe is metaphoric towards future human events.  As I've repeatedly stated in several blog articles, BP's intent isn't stopping the oil flow, but increasing it in order to capture it:
BPChief Operating Officer Doug Suttles told NBC'sTODAY that oil has started flowing up the pipe from the cap. But Suttles said it will belater in the day before they know how much is being capturedfrom the nation's worst oil spill."There is flow coming up the pipe," he said. "Just now, I don't know the exact rate." MSNBC.com
Finally, it's just a coincidence Goldman Sachs dumped 44%  of BP stock two days prior to the disaster.  I didn't know the Queen of England and Queen of the Netherlands are joint owners of British Petroleum.  That's right, two women own the oil company along with its stock holders.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

BP Snubs a Horrified Titanic Director James Cameron's Offer of Help

One of the greatest directors in American history, James Cameron, director of "Avatar", "Titanic" and "The Abyss" recently referred to BP as "those morons."   The avid deep-sea explorer Cameron said on Wednesday that BP had turned down his offer to help combat the massive spill.  As I've repeatedly stated throughout my blog warnings, BP doesn't want anyone's help because it has no real intention of stopping the oil from flowing.

BP's only interest right now is a masquerade of theatrics on the world stage while deliberately speeding up the oil's flow for the purpose of capturing it.  BP recently announced the flow would be allowed to increase by 20% and isn't anticipated to stop until August, 2010.  The question begs if BP can't stop it now, what makes it think it can stop it in August?  My guess is BP is stalling for time to attempt to get to the oil, not stop it because it's an evil and corrupt oil company. 
Cameron said he had offered to help the government and BP. He said he was 'graciously' turned away by the British energy giant but has not spoken to the White House about his offer. . . Over the last few weeks I've watched, as we all have, with growing horror and heartache, watching what's happening in the Gulf and thinking those morons don't know what they're doing," Cameron said at the All Things Digital technology conference. MSNBC.com
In the article, Cameron suggested the U.S. government should take a more active role in monitoring the undersea gusher, which has become the worst oil spill in U.S. history:
"I know really, really, really smart people that work typically at depths much greater than what that well is at," Cameron said.
While acknowledging that his contacts in the deep-sea industry do not drill for oil, Cameron said that they are accustomed to operating various underwater vehicles and electronic optical fiber systems.
"Most importantly," he added, "they know the engineering that it requires to get something done at that depth." 
BP really doesn't want anyone's help since it deliberately drilled into a volcano full of oil 5,000 feet at the bottom of the sea.  BP knew the risks involved, and that it had few resources for a disaster scenario.  BP's is currently masking its only interest is that of recovering whatever oil it possibly can.  British Petroleum is obviously a foreign company and the U.S. government gets part BP's oil drilling profits so there's obviously a conflict of interest on behalf of the American public and U.S. coastlines.

To reiterate, BP has no intention of stopping the leak whatsoever and could care less about the health of America's coastlines and the world's seas considering it unnecessarily dumped tons of toxic chemicals which are far worse then the oil itself!  In an earlier post, I denoted a Russian scientific study which claimed toxic rains from those chemicals could potentially destroy the Eastern hemisphere of North America.  People need to wake up! 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There's Free Rent for Mortgagers Across Country

This year the rent increase was the lowest in all San Francisco history, of .01!  This raised my rent a mere $1.09.  Usually the rent goes up $20 or so.  For three years my rent wasn't raised at all due to the rental market, but then retroactively jumped up all at once the fourth rental year.  I had saved probably over a thousand dollars for their not raising the rent.  So when I learned of this year's meager increase, I first thought the landlord gave me a break for starting my own businesses.  I later learned it wasn't them being nice to me this time, it was the local economy.

An interesting thing happened when I paid rent a few months ago. I accidentally wrote my rent against my business account that caused the check to bounce.  Fearing eviction, since the lease makes it plain anyone late whatsoever can be legally evicted, I panicked and ran down to my bank to get a money order.  When I contacted the landlord, she said as far as they were concerned the rent was paid because the check hadn't come back.  I was asked to hold the money order.  About a week later the landlord called to thank me that if it hadn't been for my contacting them, they would have never caught the bank error. A check was returned along with another item and it didn't register clearly as a bounced check to their accounting system. In other words, I would have received free rent had I not brought it to their attention.  My landlord and the building owners are great.  They had no intention of evicting me for the error.  I'm going on my eighth rental year now.

There seems to be a growing chorus of those in states where foreclosures take place through the judicial system (not California!) claiming great benefits from no longer making their mortgage payments.  In other words, if the value of their home is significantly less than their mortgage many people are opting out on payments while continuing to live in their homes.  Many state judicial systems are so backlogged with foreclosures, it now takes 438 days prior to an eviction.

Regardless of the free rent for mortgagees, it's really sad how bad things have gotten from the days of making tons of money for  home buyers whose properties doubled or tripled value in a few years.  If you really think about it, it's tragic homeowners are now feeling grateful to live with free rent a year or two prior to losing their homes and ruining their credit.

I would have loved to have had my own home with a yard and little doggie.  That's why I entered in the Dream Home Contest a few months ago.  It's a raffle to benefit Yerba Buena Arts to win a nice home in San Francisco and there are other drawings.  If I were to win the home, I'd take the payment instead because property taxes would be due and you need a lot of money to own a home anyway.