Monday, June 7, 2010

Charity Lawyers Aggressively Demand Deceased Donor Funds

Am I ever grateful a customer shared his experiences today as a will and trust attorney.  What he shared really shocked me. Here's the scoop, are you ready? Some charities hire attorneys to demand their money when the donor's body is still warm!  Of course, this is a figure of speech but it's highly accurate in many cases.  Charities begin their collection process by having high powered lawyers look over the donor's trust who name them among many beneficiaries.  He mentioned the ACLU and environmental groups as examples.

Over My Dead Body Greedy Pigs!

What the attorney told me influenced my decision to never place any charity as a beneficiary in my will.  When I had far more money in my retirement account prior to the stock market decline of 2008, I've had such beneficiaries as The Humane Society, ACLU and ASPCA over the years.  Not anymore, and especially the ACLU I'm no longer a member of for their inadequate aid to political prisoner former attorney Richard Fine who I blogged about earlier. (The poor fellow is still locked away in solitary confinement not being charged with any crime!)

According to the trust attorney, the way to prevent charities from this activity is the language placed in the trust or will.  It must be clear all primary beneficiaries and/or debts get paid off prior to the residuals (i.e., left overs) being distributed.  Apparently the charities feel a trust or person's will is like a Thanksgiving dinner where everyone gets a cut of the bird leaving them with the crumbs.  That's why they're becoming bullies using attorneys to get at the money ASAP by exploiting loopholes in people's trusts.

The nerve of these strangers who think they have a right to a dead person's money shortly after they die that they hire lawyers to bully people to get to their money!  These charities often spend most of their funds on administrative costs and are wasteful.  The only charity I'd ever trust is the ASPCA at this point.