Friday, June 4, 2010

Those Who Love the Ocean and Sea Life Are Heartbroken Over BP Oil Spill Tragedy

I think the only thing the dark side of mankind couldn't really conquer until now was our oceans and its thousands of unknown mysterious life forms.  All that's about to change because what the media's been covering up is the oil gushing from the bottom of the ocean can't be stopped except by maybe a nuclear device.  A nuclear device could even make matters far worse.

The notion of the ultimate death of the sea in the Gulf of Mexico is horrifying as it is heartbreaking.  It renders many like myself stunned and speechless.  The wonders of the sea are both inspirational as they are magnificent such as the ocean artist Wyland has been painting about the past 30 years.  Wyland obviously is on the light side of mankind who conquered the sea his own special way internalizing its images and sharing its magnificence through his brilliant interpretations.  Here's a little hint that Wyland's original artworks are going to quadruple in value when our seas begin to truly fade from this disaster.

Meanwhile, back to dealing with the dark side of humanity, that of politics and corrupt oil corporations.  Damn these reckless idiots!  Obama's carefully scripted soulless response to the oil disaster is being observed by many as that of a typical politician, not that of a real leader.  The Daily Show put it nicely:

This is a superb artistic video that best communicates heartbreak and sadness:

It's interesting to note the responses from BPand Obama all have a similar scripted tone none of which people who are experiencing the disaster first hand can really identify with.  That's how we can know our enemy based on their reaction. These politicians are cold, detached, emotionless and seriously out of touch with humanity as a whole.  The problem with today's politicians is they are a group of narcissist liars, criminals, mass murdering sociopaths, psychopaths, lazy thieves, calculating, deceptive, cunning and evil.  Politicians often twist facts and reality because they think they're gods.  I'm not saying yesterday's politicians were any better but those today in particular are the worst U.S. history has ever seen. They perfect their lies, scripts and are solely out of touch with reality.

On another note, it has come to light in an article from the Washington Post that several environmental groups are entwined with BP's financial support including The Nature Conservancy as its partner.  The Nature Conservancy accepted a mere $10 million from BP over the years.  Maybe that's why, as one videographer put it, we haven't been hearing much from PETA, Green Peace and the Sierra Club just to name a few.

A knowledgeable Danish cabinet maker and videograher has come to the conclusion along with many others that the oil cannot be stopped:

Those of us who have loved the ocean throughout our lives naturally feel a loss of its beauty and of the magnificent sea creatures suffering from the disaster.  The catastrophe will ultimately cause great human suffering and lead to these criminal politicians to take drastic measures to make matters even worse.  The earth's blood pouring into the ocean was also described in Biblical Prophecy I believe is metaphoric towards future human events.  As I've repeatedly stated in several blog articles, BP's intent isn't stopping the oil flow, but increasing it in order to capture it:
BPChief Operating Officer Doug Suttles told NBC'sTODAY that oil has started flowing up the pipe from the cap. But Suttles said it will belater in the day before they know how much is being capturedfrom the nation's worst oil spill."There is flow coming up the pipe," he said. "Just now, I don't know the exact rate."
Finally, it's just a coincidence Goldman Sachs dumped 44%  of BP stock two days prior to the disaster.  I didn't know the Queen of England and Queen of the Netherlands are joint owners of British Petroleum.  That's right, two women own the oil company along with its stock holders.