Friday, July 30, 2010

FlipoGraphs Are An Interesting Marketing Tool of 2D Graphics

I was at my eBike shop earlier this week and Len Rogers at the Electric Bike Outlet told me about his associate at Karla Jacobs who started a 2D hologram graphics company at  I checked it out mostly because I wanted to see if I could make the 2D material myself.  Turns out not because Fliopgraph owns proprietary software.

What Fliopograph does is display two high definition photographs on a plastic card that change based on which angle it's viewed from.  It seems almost like the cards are a mini computer screen since it refracts light.  This means you can essentially have your marketing message and then perhaps have a large URL address on the 2nd view.

On another note, the 3D  trend sure does seem to be taking off.  I recently saw a commercial for 3D toothpaste and realized they've taken it too far. Imagine that, toothpaste in 3D, i.e., real life toothpaste because you can see it from all sides.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nighty Night, Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite! If They Do. . . .

I just learned bed bugs are back in the United States with a vengeance from way back in the 1950's when they were pretty much eradicated.  Back in the 1950's they had a cute little saying my mother said good night with:
"Nighty night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! If they do, hit em on the coo coo!"
According to the latest slew of articles, bed bugs are an epidemic in the United States and other parts of the world.  The new generation of bed bugs that survived decades since the infestation have also developed an immunity to the chemicals formerly used to kill them off.  So, what are we going to do?

These blood sucking little vipers recently caused the shut down a Victoria's Secret store in New York and an Abercrombie and Fitch. see Victoria's Secret Closes for Bed Bugs, Infestations on the Rise.  They spread by hitching a ride in air traveler's luggage and clothing.

Bed bugs are a lot like bankers.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Congressman Charles Rangel's American Slavery Bill H.R. 5741 Enters Fray

Imagine a government that conducts fraudulent wars with a hidden agenda under a facade of fighting terrorism?  A government that lies to its people, such that the real reason its in Afghanistan is for its large lithium and opium resources and Iraq for its oil and military strategic geographic location? see NY Times: Afghan Opium Kingpin on CIA Payroll.  That the U.S. government even goes so far as admitting it is harvesting opium and distributing around the world, otherwise the terrorist groups would profit from it.

Imagine a government that continually lies to the people and does whatever it wants, such as decides to allow the banking community to rob tax payers of trillions of dollars in a "bail out" to allegedly rescue the poor bankers.  These poor bankers then shower themselves with profits and bonuses instead of redistributing the wealth as they said they would.  see Bank Bonuses Were Unmerited.

Finally, imagine a government that enacts legislation to demand national service to the country form its citizenry. In other words, a government that demands free labor, otherwise known as "slavery".  Rep. Charles Rangel, an African American, should he ashamed of his latest bill H.R. 5741 which proposes to allow the President the authority:
To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes.” - Link to Article

Charles Rangel has some nerve introducing the slavery bill since he is currently facing a public trial before the Ethics Committee. You see, these people high up in government are largely a band of crooks and criminals wanting to enslave Americans in one way or another.

African Americans of all people should be well aware of the issues of slavery.  Forcing people to serve outside of an emergency war in order to protect their country is nothing less than slavery.  Is this really about revenge of African Americans, a black President and his brothers in politics?  I question it, I really do. Because of all people, black people should know how wrong it is to demand, under penalty of criminal incarceration, all people work on behalf of the government.  

Once a criminal government gets its foot in the door demanding slavery from Americans, they will want more of their lives.  Nothing is ever enough for these greedy criminal con artist politicians.

Will Americans ever wake up in time?  I remember 8 years ago I was working the nightshift at a law firm and was often exhausted forcing day naps. One day after having a snack using my toaster oven, I began to take a nap on the couch.  Something brought to my attention prior to dozing off, there were one foot flames shooting out from the oven. Had I fallen asleep the place probably would have caught completely on fire and my life would have never been the same.

This is fascism and tyranny rearing its ugly head incrementally.  Will they assign certain citizens to overseeing the prisoners at FEMA concentration camps one day just like in Nazi Germany?   People really need to tell this government to take their mandatory slavery bill and shove it you know where!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Strong Evidence Cyber Stalker #1 a Satanist

This list of AOL ID's provided to me by subpoena for Cyber #1 show two in particular of interest.  Enuma and Annunaki.

Wikipedia has listed the following information under author David Icke's bio in his description of these Babylonian entities:

In The Biggest Secret (1999), Icke introduced the idea of the "Reptoid Hypothesis." He identifies the Brotherhood as originating from reptilians from the constellation Draco, who walk on two legs and appear human, and who live in tunnels and caverns inside the earth. They are the same race of gods known as the Anunnaki in the Babylonian creation myth, Enûma Eliš.
The Anunnaki have crossbred with human beings, the breeding lines carefully chosen for political reasons. . . . .It is the half-bloods of the third breeding program who today control the world, more Anunnaki than human. They have an extremely powerful, hypnotic stare, the origin of the phrase to "give someone the evil eye," and their hybrid DNA allows them to shapeshift when they consume human blood.[46] 
In Children of the Matrix, Ickie expanded his description of those in charge, adding:
"The Anunnaki also bred with another extraterrestrial race called the "Nordics," on account of their blond hair and blue eyes, to produce a race of human slave masters, the Aryans. The Aryans retain many reptilian traits, including cold-blooded attitudes, a desire for top-down control, and an obsession with ritual, lending them a tendency toward fascistic militarism, rationalism, and racism." - Wikipedia - David Icke
It's clear to me based on a long pattern of behavior from Cyber #1, having duly noted his outright deception to authorities, that he believes he is some kind of entity beyond human hiding behind his earth name.  Cyber #1 thinks himself on the level of an all powerful god and that nothing can have any power or authority over him because he believes he has special powers to overcome earthly obstacles. 

So, as I've known for a while, I'm dealing with a despicable Satanist who refuses to leave me alone who thinks he can get away with his unlawful activities. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cyber Stalker #1 Served Once Again With Restraining Order Papers

Here we go again, three time's a charm so I've heard.  My fantastic process server in San Diego served Cyber Stalker #1 again Friday night.  This time the clerk had the judge take a look at the RO case first before granting it.  I have new evidence thanks to the advancement of IP recording widgets you can now place on your blog.  The widgets are located in the menu bar of this blog.  

Within 30 minutes of being served, I got this anonymous email from the guilty party:

 The email continued to quote things I wrote 3 years ago when the dispute began.

It's true I've tried twice to obtain an RO, once in San Diego and once in San Francisco, against Cyber #1.  One more time should finish it up.

It's so sad the court system was duped by this hideous person.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Secret's of Oz Not Recommended for ADD Sufferers

I've been trying to watch a documentary about the alleged intent of the author, L. Frank Baum of The Wonderful Land of Oz having conveyed a series of metaphors about the future demise of America to forewarn future generations.  The presentation in the new dvd The Secret of OZ by former Money Master's documentary author, Bill Still, suggests a connection between the story relating to the 1913 private bankers' take over of the U.S. Treasury by the  Federal Reserve and removal of the gold/silver backing of money.

I'd really like to explore the topic more, but find the award winning DVD extremely laborious in its presentation to the extent of hating the sight of Bill Still and his monotonous 1950's style presentation of the material.  I don't understand why this man thinks he should be presenting this material instead of just writing it.  He is not only boring and dry to listen to, but he is displeasing to the eye like a stick figure with a bitter old man's head on it.  I really don't think I can develop the discipline to watch this long laborious piece of work to get to the meat of what the hell he's trying to say.

I'll keep updated on if I ever develop the patience to watch Bill Still's laborious, boring, difficult, mechanical presentation of historical facts.   I'd rather read a book about it at this point.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Do People Color Their Dogs?

I guess I should be happy a few Chinese people living in China prefer to color, rather than eat, their dogs but this is ridiculous!  Perhaps it's a sign of our indulgent cultures, or people who don't accept their pets unconditionally?  All I know is I would never color my dog and that I associate the practice with a form of mild abuse. Especially these poor pink dogs. This poor, poor dog!  Too bad it can't file a restraining order against its owner.

I feel equally bad for a few of these other unfortunate pooches.  Whenever they go for a walk they most likely get laughed at.   Think of how a normal dog would view its unfortunate colleague?  At first glimpse the dog would do a second take and possibly freak out.  I wonder if the dog wouldn't even run away in horror with "What have they done to my species?" 

I miss my puli dog so much.  Every now and then I see a puli in my neighborhood and every single time the puli sees me from afar and starts struggling with it's leash to get at me to smooch. I couldn't imagine what kind of person you'd have to be to so disrespect a pet to turn it into a freak show like these dogs are.   Poor poor things!

From my perspective perhaps people should accept their pets unconditionally and not try to change them into what they want them to be rather than how they really are.  This includes not turning them into dinner such as they do in Korea and China.  Poor things!

Here's a few more examples:

Maybe I could tolerate color highlights on dogs like this one but anything more is where I just have to say it's all to strange.

Perhaps improving upon the dog's natural appearance is the way to go.
This is cute but the poor thing still looks bewildered over it all. It has a
"What are you going to do to me next?" kind of look

Most all of us love color in everything, but this is just ridiculous.  Dogs are work of art by nature already. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cyber Bully Nuisance and Mentally Ill Man EHW

As stated in my last article, a cyber bully visits this blog every day and his IP is recorded under  Santee, CA, El Cajon and sometimes San Diego (see sidebar for IP widgets)  He has achieved having the most single visits other than myself and he is described on this blog as being "EHW" or Cyber Stalker #1.  He has sent me distressing, obscene and perverted emails since I requested the dismissal of my lawsuit a couple of months ago.

I have confirmed the emails are from EHW as well as his former email contacts, based on his contact shortly after reading a blog article only 4 others had read one morning.  Only he could have sent the email. I then linked his email address to previous emails he sent to show a pattern of harassment.

EHW is the only person who visits this blog each day.  Whomever has a blog up about me and writes about me on it frequently regarding this blog contents therefore is a confirmation it can only be the work of EHW.

EHW lied to three judges thus far in San Diego Superior Court East and Central Counties.  The Court believed him and one judge, Judge Robert Longstreth,  really bent over backwards to aid and abet his activities.  Someone wrote me this judge's seat is being challenged due to complaints and he is back on the campaign trail.  The San Diego Superior Court aided this ill man's criminal activities against me and my business as if I "deserved it" somehow.

The previous Cyber Stalker #2 I won a lawsuit against in May, 2010, hasn't been harassing me. He has a restraining order and has only been recorded a small number of visits the past few months. That particular man is scared of being arrested so he has ceased his activities. His girlfriend is also most likely making sure he doesn't abuse her AT&T DSL account since she was sued as well. Two witnesses testified in a court of law against him. The cat's out of the bag.

I had to give up my dream of being a singer because mentally ill cyber stalkers made a mockery of me on the Internet on a continual basis.  I began feeling so self-conscious I just couldn't be a singer anymore.

The reason I came to the attention of these men was when I began posting my music videos on the Internet. One of them was my singing in my studio with my back to the camera they mocked and began replacing the sound to Nancy Wilson's song "The Nearness of You" with cookoo sounds.

For anyone who cares, EHW continues to sabotage my name on the Internet as if he can get away with it.  He is a very ill man in need of medication and psychiatric help.  The person writing about me continually on the Internet is EWH and I just wanted to confirm it as such here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mel Gibson the Narcissist Reminds Me of a Certain Cyberstalker

It's starting to catch on that the rants and ravings of Mel Gibson have made it crystal clear to those educated in psychology that he's a raving maniac narcissist.  Mel uses his religious beliefs and fan support base to promote the evil tempting Eve stereotype. As can be observed in the pattern of comments to various forums, many are brainwashed to see Mel as Godly and the lady as a tempting Eve no matter what the facts are.   

Here's a quote from New York Times Oped columnist David Brooks The Gospel of Mel Gibson

The narcissistic person is marked by a grandiose self-image, a constant need for admiration, and a general lack of empathy for others. He is the keeper of a sacred flame, which is the flame he holds to celebrate himself.
His self-love is his most precious possession. It is the holy center of all that is sacred and right. He is hypersensitive about anybody who might splatter or disregard his greatness. If someone treats him slightingly, he perceives that as a deliberate and heinous attack. If someone threatens his reputation, he regards this as an act of blasphemy. He feels justified in punishing the attacker for this moral outrage. 
The story line seems to be pretty simple. Gibson was the great Hollywood celebrity who left his wife to link with the beautiful young acolyte. Her beauty would not only reflect well on his virility, but he would also work to mold her, Pygmalion-like, into a pop star.
After a time, she apparently grew tired of being a supporting actor in the drama of his self-magnification and tried to go her own way. This act of separation was perceived as an assault on his status and thus a venal betrayal of the true faith.
And because he plays by different rules, and because so much is at stake, he can be uninhibited in response. Everyone gets angry when they feel their self-worth is threatened, but for the narcissist, revenge is a holy cause and a moral obligation, demanding overwhelming force. 
It is striking how morally righteous he is, without ever bothering to explain what exactly she has done wrong. It is striking how quickly he reverts to the vocabulary of purity and disgust. It is striking how much he believes he deserves. It is striking how much he seems to derive satisfaction from his own righteous indignation." NY Times Article
It's clear the cyber stalker stranger whose been continually writing me fits the exact same behavior of Mel Gibson.  Then at court hearings he emphasises he's a "published author" when in reality he's self published and a former high school drop out with a criminal record of public nuisance and trespassing.

Here are a few of this insane narcissist's latest emails.  Remember, this guy is a total stranger who visits this blog every day as recorded by widget records in the menu sidebar. 

The childish mentality of a narcissist is revealed in these revenge emails.  The last email was confirmed to be from cyberstalker #1 based on the timing of when he was recorded to visit this blog to read and send an email about the article.  I then linked his earlier emails based on that email address to confirm indeed Cyber #1 has been sending me obscene disturbing emails among other things since 2007 . 

My video explaining the outcome of my lawsuit against Cyber #1 and what I went through.

He visits this blog daily under Santee, CA, San Diego and El Cajon IP address
 Knowing he is unwelcome!  He's sent me many obscene, ugly childish harassing emails even after the case ended months ago!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Best Mel Gibson Rant Videos!

The lady at the left who Mel's been ranting about is Oksana Grigorievais, an accomplished classical pianist as listed on Wikipedia. I spent some time last night viewing Mel Gibson videos for the best.  Here they are, the best of the best Mel Rant Videos!

My analysis is Mel Gibson is going through a mid-life crisis. The young 30's woman doesn't really want him anymore and he's abusing her for it. Mel admits he has no friends and longs for the spiritual path with his former wife.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obsessed Visitor Cyberstalker Edmond Wollmann

Cyberstalker Edmond Wollmann visits this blog each and every day under "Santee, CA" IP  (see sidebar).  Wollmann's been visiting this blog obsessively every day from El Cajon and San Diego IP's since its inception as an unwelcome visitor who is trespassing on my intellectual property.  Even when it's denoted he visits this blog as an unwelcome visitor such as my post a few days ago, he continues to visit.

Wollmann got some special help from a corrupt San Diego Superior Court system a few months ago that blocked my protecting myself from this hovering piece of shit individual.  Some closet homosexual corrupt judge took pity on this beast's act of innocence who has since been turned over to the judicial commission.  

Stop visiting this blog you obsessed parasite!  You have no business here whatsoever.  I'm going to continue to point out you visit this blog as an unwanted trespasser.  Your visits are being recorded each and every day.
"Oh hideous bastard and foul stench, you're an unwanted visitor.  Your daily visits are duly noted Satan."  
Get a life and stop visiting my blog!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Night's Dream of War

I think last night's dream of war is worthy to note because premonitions of the future have often come to fruition through my dreams.  I often have really nice dreams but once in a while come across a nightmare such as last night's.  Okay, here's the simple symbolic dream.
"I was in a building on around the 5th floor somewhere overlooking an area at a distance of 300 yards away.  I observed a large metal object hit the ground and there was a rather small explosion.  A small ball came up out of the object as it hit the ground, and went far up into the sky.  I observed the ball rise into the air and was trying to determine where it would land.  The ball landed not too far from the previous area and another yet larger explosion occurred. The pattern repeated twice with the balls getting smaller each time until a very large explosion with huge masses of black smoke going up into the air had occurred.

The dream ended with an even smaller ball going up again into the air headed towards me only 10 yards away.  That's when I woke up not feeling too well."

Interpretation of Dream

This was an interesting dream that the size of the balls shooting up in the air shrank while the explosions got larger and more destructive.  To me it symbolizes a nuclear war up ahead since smaller represents atomic bomb.  In truth my dream is probably nothing more than the outcome of listening to Alex Jones radio each day.  Jones, Celente and others are continually claiming WWIII and a nuclear confrontation with Iran is being prepared.   Then again, I don't usually have dreams like this.  It's quite unusual and certainly not induced.  I prefer not to have dreams that leave off with atomic devices landing near me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why Are Cyberstalkers Still Writing Me?

Today I was watching a few interesting videos on MSNBC about ridiculous outsource dating of people's relationships. This got me thinking about my current problem with being contacted by strange men who have an obsession with me on the Internet, who have been conducting themselves like junior high school boys with their various mischief.

This pathetic outsource dating video shows the arrogance of men of this day and age.  Few women would go for a method like this because it's too detached and non-emotional and contrived for one's own benefit.  No one's going to want to take anyone seriously who outsources finding them for a date. 

I've come to the conclusion my personal profile fits the reason why I'm in this predicament, and yes these guys continue to visit my blog under "Santee and El Cajon, CA" and "Los Angeles - AOL/Netscape browser" IP addresses. Occasionally even cyber #2 visits from Walnut Creek even after a RO was issued to him last year.  These men are visiting this blog as unwelcome visitors who are therefore considered as trespassers.

In other words, if this blog were my home, they are continually invading my property in spite of a trespass sign. They are looking through my windows at my personal thoughts and making phone calls to me (i.e., their emails) over things they observe inside.  The sidebar menu shows recorders that show Santee (EHW) visits this site each day as the primary visitor, sometimes twice, and the other guy visits a couple times a week. 

So the question remains why are these guys still monitoring and visiting my site?

Profile of a cyberstalker victim:

I haven't dated a man since 1986 and I haven't really done the long term dating game thing ever in my life. Men who thought they might have been dating me 30 years ago were mistaken.  I stumbled into my first and last long term relationship in 1982 that lasted one year. I can't stand being with men on a long term day to day basis unless it means I'm making good money working for them.
Whenever I spend any time with a man lately it ends up with his puckering up at the end of the night kissing the air.  I was so shocked that these guys were so out of touch with reality to think I'd want to kiss them.  My former sound engineer, who was far shorter then me who wore a raccoon tail hat like Davy Crockett, stood there one night with his eyes closed puckered up waiting for a kiss after I had him over for dinner and a movie.  Another guy did the exact same thing a year later and I could hardly believe it.  
So my last memories of guys who thought they were on a date with me was their standing two feet away with their lips puckered up waiting for me to kiss them.  When nothing happened, they opened their eyes and I was looking at them shocked saying "what are you doing?" because I thought they understood how could I possibly want them that way? I thought it was clear I just wanted to be friends having them over to see a movie. We watched the Twilight Zone DVD series, Misery and some Alex Jones documentaries.  We had a good time, but the end of the the night ruined it all. 
I distract from this horrific situation by being a workaholic while disciplining myself on a continual basis. Men and their whores disturb me.  My emotional fulfillment has been through singing as well as contacts with cats and dogs.

Please Go Away - Move Onto Other Things

The fact is I really don't want any attention from these guys of their daily or weekly visits and unwanted emails over my stories.  In their minds, they may think I do want their attention, but I honestly have done everything I possibly can, short of closing this blog, to get rid of them. I've filed lawsuits while I've repeatedly told their attorneys all I want is for them to stop this.  I've insulted their attorneys numerous times and put up stories about them. 

I've since come to the conclusion my main weakness in life has been allowing myself in this kind of predicament.  There are good reasons why I'm in this predicament. It's not for lack of intelligence, it's just that I've been continually and strategically blocked by control freaks or the "relationship gods" so to speak who seek to control the social game giving men far too much power.  They're such spoiled arrogant cowards, they have businesses enterprises to outsource dumping their girlfriends too:

Most women wouldn't use this Dump4U service knowing how men have so much power, they're lives would be threatened using such a humiliating method to get rid of their boyfriend.

Men have too much power in my opinion and women have been way too permissive and tolerant of their behaviors. Why? Because men use fear and intimidation tactics to keep women in line. There are certain consequences men can wield on today's woman such as blocking a pay raise, bonus or future promotion for not playing by men's rules. 

Why would Mel Gibson's beautiful lady still want to live in his house after this tirade that he has the nerve to tell her "you can stay in the house, but you can't have it". Why do women put up with this?  These kind of women want to use their beauty to get into men's weatlh and riches and most of the time not really him.  They don't want to work for a living so they put up with this crap.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alex Jones Latest Message Goes Viral

This video was put up July 8th and two days later it has 218,000 views!  It's going to be one of Alex Jones' big classics one day.  Particularly, this video covers many topics from LeBron James worship to what television has done to American's that's personally relevant for me. I've wasted much of my early life in front of the tube being brainwashed wasting away my potential and mind.

Listening to Alex Jones and watching many of his superb documentaries like End Game, Obama Deception and 9/11 Truth Rising has helped me convert over from being an ignorant liberal into a free thinking American.  I stopped watching television in 2007 and have saved $80/month on Comcast fees.  I now invest that fee into a local gym for $68/mo.  This doesn't mean I worship Alex Jones or have any crush on him however.  It's not about the man, it's about the message.

I have a real core to myself I never had prior that no one can take away from me. Because inherent rights granted to the individual by the U.S. Constitution are adverse to today's government goals, I know when judges are out-of-whack violating people's Constitutional rights.  I know when law enforcement is out-of-line.  I have a growing sense of myself, spirit and individuality.  When you know people are trying to take your God given rights from you and they're in the wrong, it empowers you tremendously.  I am also no longer an atheist, but an agnostic.

I'm grateful for Alex Jones' talents and hard work.  He always makes me feel I need to be doing more to spread the word of what's happening.  I copied his classic End Game DVD a while back and distributed them around my local community.  I was really getting into promoting his message until he tore into a dead Michael Jackson before his burial.  I don't care who it is, if you're going to say something bad about someone other than a real criminal, you don't go about ripping apart a man whose body isn't even cold yet.  That goes for Senator Byrd's passing too.  Alex knew what he did was wrong. Sometimes he can't control himself and he admits it to his listening audience that he's not perfect and has problems like the rest of us.

Yesterday I was amazed when I listened to Ted Nugent's interview on the Alex Jones radio program. I had no idea how smart this former 70's rocker is and that he's still around today. I didn't like his music or act way back when, but he's a pretty interesting person to listen to.
The Fourth of July turned out to be an explosive weekend all around for entertainer Ted Nugent. Released Friday, July 2, his Happy Defiance Day Everyday song bundle went to #1 on Amazon’s MP3 store on Saturday, July 3, and has remained there ever since. Due to the buzz on Yahoo! as a #1 trending topic on Friday, this was released two days earlier than its intended July 4 release date.
This 30-track collection is available for 76 cents, in honor of 1776. Nugent’s dynamic version of the "Star Spangled Banner" also topped downloads over the holiday.
Rocking his fellow Americans, Ted spent the holiday weekend on his live Trample The Weak Hurdle The Deadtour, as it continues to roll across the USA. "This is, without question, the best tour of my 60-plus years on the planet!" enthused the irrepressible guitarist just before taking the stage in San Antonio on Sunday, July 4. "Remember the Alamo!"

I guess what all this means is I'm no longer a liberal or democrat. In fact, I'm with Jesse Ventura being against political parties of any kind.  This doesn't mean I'm against gay rights by the way, I just think it's a little out of hand in San Francisco.

Okay, so  that's enough about Alex Jones for now.  I listen to his radio program every day. Sometimes he's brilliant and has great people to interview. I love most all of Jones' guests with a few exceptions.   Sometimes Jones is horrendous to listen to.  Like all of us he has his good and bad days.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Woman Fired For Being Too Hot Sues Citibank

When I saw this story, I literally died of laughter.  There are so many lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits, it's a business for them.  Attorneys sucker their clients into paying them to file lawsuits  and the courts could care less.  As for pro pers (i.e., self represented), well that's a different story.  Certain judges despise dealing with pro pers.  If you're a pro per filing a lawsuit, you need to make sure the judge doesn't have a reputation for being adverse to pro pers. You will lose no matter what case you file. Believe it or not, judges play politics.
"In blatantly discriminatory fashion, plaintiff (Debrahlee Lorenzana) was advised that as a result of the shape of her figure, such clothes were purportedly 'too distracting' for her male colleagues and supervisors to bear."
The sexy single mom pointed out to her bosses "that other female colleagues wore similar professional attire," and that some dressed far more provocatively, the filing says.
 But this is the hilarious part:
But her supervisors shot back that those women didn't have to worry about turning them on "as their general unattractiveness rendered moot their sartorial choices, unlike plaintiff," the papers say.
Read more: -NY Post Article

It sounds to me like lawyers are merely using their case for entertainment value of the public. This lady has no case because it doesn't fall into the civil rights areas of employment law.  They can fire anyone at any time for any reason. This isn't sexual harassment but the opposite.  The supervisors were just being honest and professional with her.  The lawyers who filed this case and those who responded are trying to entertain the public and get in the media.  Judges know these are deliberately frivolous and rarely punish lawyers. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Ocean Metaphor

I love to use metaphors because they're powerful tools of communication reaching into the depths of people's psyches into another dimension.  I've recently learned you've got to be careful when you use metaphors though because Judges and other similar mindsets tend to take words literally.   Those who think one dimensionally can't handle metaphors much. 
A metaphor is an analogy between two objects or ideas; the analogy is conveyed by the use of a metaphorical word in place of some other word.
Examples: "Her eyes were glistening jewels" or "In Los Angeles traffic, the highways are a prison" - Wikipedia

The fact is, metaphors can take on a life of their own and are quite magical to discover and unlock the power of.  One might possibly find peace in a metaphor of the ocean being much like the human subconscious mind for what's happening now.  For anyone aware of the power of their subconscious mind lingering below the day-to-day mechanical working on the surface, they might find peace knowing nothing mankind could ever do will destroy life's creation.  It would be similar to little men on earth trying to destroy the universe!

As evil greedy people find ways to try and destroy the ocean, here we have a new discovery of life in the Atlantic Ocean of incredible mystery and beauty.   These life forms took millions of years to evolve on our planet and a few low life forms called greedy men want to destroy it all in a matter of a few years.  Shallow, greedy men and their Queens who own oil companies like BP, will never know true wealth of their spirits or ever dive deep into their subconscious minds for secret treasure discoveries.  They'll remain on the surface of life void of any depth of understanding the true meaning we were placed on earth.

One forum's comment responding to some one's preference for nuking ocean:
Well, maybe the physicists don’t have a problem with it but many of the oil geologists do. Virtually all the experts on the geology of oil and deep sea drilling say that an explosion in the gulf is very very risky because of the unique composition of the seabed there. There is a good chance bombing or nuking the spill would not close the well, but would create thousands of unstable fissures in the seafloor spewing even more oil– such a scenario would make Armageddon look tame.
Beware of anyone who says they think the ocean should be nuked!  Such a foolish statement is a good way of judging that person's mindset.  Anyone who thinks they know whether the ocean should be nuked is a fool. So when ex President Clinton suggests nuking the ocean, you know he's got the mind of a sociopath.  He knows how risky such a feat would be, that could be far worse.  Anyone willing to take that risk of nuking the ocean to stop several leaks on the bottom of the ocean has got to be insane in one form or another.  The people who allowed the drilling under the risks they took are equally insane in my opinion.

To put it simply, men with large egos and those thirsty for power in ruling the world are slowly going into a deep insanity and desperation for control. Einstein will be turning in his grave should they use a nuke on the ocean or even on Iran.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scary U.S. Economy Video Commentator

This guy Howard Davidowitz scares me! He's really intense and I had no idea what I was getting into when I started watching it but couldn't stop.  I haven't been watching television at all and it's really shocking to hear these guys go off the deep end with such a sense of panic.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Was the 1938 Radio Broadcast of War of the Worlds a Social Experiment?

The infamous 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast was meant to be entertainment but many back then took the news bulletin style presentation to mean Martians were invading the United States.  Others with perhaps harder hearing believed they heard Germans were invading.

The program was adapted from H.G. Wells novel War of the Worlds. This, coupled with the talents of Orson Wells, made the broadcast seem all too real to some, especially who thought it meant the Germans were invading.

Here are some examples of the effects of the radio broadcast:

Seattle CBS affiliate stations KIRO and KVI broadcast Orson Welles' radio drama. While this broadcast was heard around the country, it made a deep impact in Concrete, Washington. At the point where the Martian invaders were invading towns and the countryside with flashes of light and poison gases and the lights were going down, there was a loud explosion and a power failure plunged almost the entire town of 1,000 into darkness.
Some listeners fainted while others grabbed their families to head into the mountains. Others headed for the hills to guard their moonshine stills. One was said to have jumped up out of his chair and, in bare feet, run two miles to the center of town. Some men grabbed their guns, and one Catholic businessman got his wife into the car, drove to the nearest service station and demanded gasoline. Without paying the attendant, he rushed to Bellingham, Washington (50 miles away) to see his priest for a last-minute absolution of sins. He reportedly told the gas-station attendant that paying for the gas "[wouldn't] make any difference, everyone is going to die!"

I don't think they intentionally meant to deceive people with this broadcast, but there's good reason to believe it all turned out to be a helpful study for social scientists of the future in the mass population's response.

Today many people are still naive and will believe anything the media and government presents to them.  So, if the government wants to push through an inoculation program, they plant an overblown story to get the population scared to approve of their plans.  If they want a war on Iran, they claim they've got nukes, etc.   Another example is the global warming scare, stirring up fear based on falsified scientific data in order to get a carbon tax on the entire world population.

I believe this War of the World's radio broadcast has been studied by social scientists who have aided in bringing the government's plans to fruition with methods of fear and panic.  The only question now is when and where will the next manufactured staged false flag event come from?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What Causes Men to Dominate Women? Their Egos!

Last year around this time I took one of my few vacations in recent years to Las Vegas because it was inexpensive and I hadn't been there in a decade. I really wanted to see the Venetian Hotel and other architectural wonders I had never visited before.  I would be gone for a total of three nights.  Unfortunately one of the cyber stalkers I've referred to on this blog as cyber #2, made sure my trip would be rudely interrupted.

The cyber had walked into his local Walnut Creek court and lied to a judge claiming I had stalked his girlfriend and sent him a threatening letter.  None of this was true, and there was no evidence I sent him anything since the letter was postmarked from Vancouver Washington!  The cyber was simply afraid I had obtained enough evidence against him to file my own restraining order so he wanted the upper hand.  On the second day of my trip, I was called by a process server who did not believe my claim I wasn't home.  When I arrived back from the trip, a restraining order was left hanging on my door.  The server claimed I had lied that I wasn't home and wouldn't open my door. 

In spite of the fact I had never contacted this stranger cyber #2 in any form and an affidavit and ultimate court testimony that another from Vancouver Washington sent the letter, Judge Joel Golub overruled my contesting lack of jurisdiction and any evidence against me of ever contacting cyber #2.  Instead, the judge had ruled based on one of my blog articles I had expressed intent to get gun training at Front Site in Las Vegas for my protection.  I had only considered gun training due to an Alex Jones site advertisement.  Due to this article, the judge issued a restraining order against me, violating my First and Second Amendment Rights.  Judge Joel H. Golub violated the statute which governs restraining orders and non conviens jurisdiction, allowing someone who called himself George Orwell in his email identities, to carry out a Big Brother kind of operation.

Essentially, a middle aged white guy of 55, who had been cyber stalking and writing serious defamation about me and others on blogs and various sites, viewed himself as a government big brother operative. He walked into the local court to lie about me and the judge later overruled valid objections of lack of jurisdiction and evidence.  This self proclaimed government spy and wanna be James Bond turned in my blog article and claimed I posted stuff about him, much of which was posted by another party he had a conflict with long ago.

Cyber #1 - Self Appointed FBI Informant Who Continually Files Complaints

In another example case, cyber #1 walked into his local court in the East County of San Diego after I complained to his attorney Randall Dierlam that he had been recently sending me harassing obscene emails about the recent deposition and lawsuit I filed against him. I also received a veiled gun violence related death threat from him which he forwarded to me from the USENET forum.  I had reported cyber #1's contacts to the La Mesa Police who visited his home to question him. Lo and behold, cyber #1 went to complain to his local Judge Longstreth about my lawful activities and requested a restraining order.

Judge Longstreth did not apparently consider my strong response.  The judge obliged to grant a TRO  based on whatever perjury and illusions cyber #1 had created over the dispute.  For instance, blog articles written six months prior about the grim reaper and the death of Internet 2.0 were submitted to give enough of an appearance for any reason to issue a restraining order. I was also accused of filling out a form on a website to the cyber though there was no IP address associated with that message.  I did not ever contact this cyber #1 other than for cease and desist letters and through the legal processes.

I began filing motions to delay the issuing of a restraining order against me, because it was clear to me Judge Robert C. Longstreth was looking forward to ruling against me.  He should have never issued any TRO and it was clear he was abusing his discretion, something many judges do when the rules are broad.  I wanted the case moved to the jurisdiction of the lawsuit and also filed a prejudicial declaration in requesting a new judge.  Judge Longstreth was so pissed off I had delayed the case, he made some statement on record in order to damage my lawsuit, claiming I "had the wrong man" in my lawsuit.  Such was not true, there was just an additional man in Los Angeles who was involved. These guys were both guilty of cyber stalking and terrorizing me since 2007.

Judge Longstreth's on the campaign trail again for his judge position since his Governor appointed seat is being contested with several complaints.  People are upset by this judge, who has a large gay and lesbian following by the way.  He's been reported to have conducted his initial campaign unethically threatening local attorneys in San Diego for not supporting him that he would rule against their cases.  Here's a clip from one of his adversaries who sent me an email:

"Judge Longstreth has some fair political practices complaints for donation shakedowns of attorneys demanding that they donate to his campaign. There will be a CJP complaint filed based on his commenting on his cases during his election campaign and violating judicial cannon 5.

I believe he has had several complaints to CJP in the short time he has been judge (14 months) and he has created so much hate and discontent.  This organizations are slow but it is something the Elkins Task Force is addressing when Pro Per are frustrated by judges like this, we need to complain and make sure we are heard." 

The Bottom Line - Men Work Together to Dominate Single Women Whenever They're Able

I've noted many times throughout my life now how men work together to lie and create illusions in order to dominate me as single women who stands up to their dominating oppressive activities.  I've been a former secretary to men and enslaved to them for many years. I so much as deviate in any way from being their servant and they go into a tizzy!  Restraining orders are among several vehicles egoistic men use to fabricate, lie and humiliate with.  Typically, they will often use women as a front to carry out their plans whom they also dominate.  Thus, restraining orders have been falsely issued to me by these judges who could care less they violated my 1) First Amendment Rights 2) Second Amendment Rights (right to bear arms).  When you stand up to some harassing man in the workplace, they'll make sure you suffer for it as well any way they're able.

We Can Harass You All We Want - When You File a Lawsuit to Complain, We'll Make You Pay Lawyer's Fees!

Think of a money making machine men have in place in which they deliberately provacateur women through on-line harassment and defamation to file lawsuits.  Judges like Longstreth work to destroy such pro per cases, and then the woman is stuck with the other party's attorney bill!  It's a money making operation for male attorneys to put it simply.

It is obvious to me these men believe they are superior to women that they are above the law free to harass at will, while I have no rights whatsoever. I'm don't have any rights in these men's eyes whatsoever.  When I went with tons of evidence against cyber #1, a restraining order was denied as they claimed I couldn't prove it was the person, yet the judge in Walnut Creek had issued a RO against me based on someone else's mailing from Vancouver Washington.  It's clear to me many men think they're above the law an are using the judicial system to control and dominate women whenever they can.

What's even sadder is when women come to the rescue of the bruised egos of weak, cowardly men to lie with them.  Men in general want control over the female species. Many men simply use women as vehicles and objects and then seek to destroy them when they're done with them.  We see examples of this all the time in the news of soulless men who kill off their family for whatever reason.  Kind good men are far and few these days.

Though I won my lawsuit against cyber #2, it was nonetheless based on a default judgment.  The judge in San Francisco had no choice but to award damages though I had to provide proof of such damages and support it all with a lengthy declaration to be awarded $25,136.  Had the case been contested, I would have lost because I am a woman pro per who brutal judges like Judge Longstreth and Judge Joel H. Golub just love to slaughter like a little lamb.  It took two male witnesses who testified in support of my restraining order against cyber #2, otherwise I would have lost that case too!

As a single woman, I've come to the conclusion many men are severely misguided to believe they're on the same level as God and will seek to oppress, dominate and punish especially any single, childless women who comes to their attention. Smart women learn how to play the ego game with men, but I refuse to participate.  I've since learned these guys will do whatever it takes to make sure their over bloated male egos become replenished as the self proclaimed rulers of the world and conquerors of everything in it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What Would You Do If American Dollar Became Worthless?

According to the latest Gerald Celente video, and the United Nations report, the U.S. dollar is on its way to being worthless.  I was thinking what I would do in that situation.  I think the only thing people will be able to do is barter.

If this following video of gay workers in San Francisco is any indicator, people are going to be doing a lot of protesting over worker wages, health care and other issues a bad economy raises:

I seriously doubt any of the people in this viral Westin St. Francis hotel video will ever be able to find jobs in the hotel industry ever again!  They've also most likely have been reported to the local Littler Mendelson pro employer law firm, and all of them await restraining orders if any pattern of such visits continues.  The hotel may have already changed its policy disallowing future disruptive protests on its property.  They may call the police next time and have them all arrested for trespassing on a business property.  That's just my guess.

They all may think they're protest is creative and positive, but I'm sure the hotel and local legal professionals have strategies in place on how to deal with creative protesters in the future.