Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alex Jones Latest Message Goes Viral

This video was put up July 8th and two days later it has 218,000 views!  It's going to be one of Alex Jones' big classics one day.  Particularly, this video covers many topics from LeBron James worship to what television has done to American's that's personally relevant for me. I've wasted much of my early life in front of the tube being brainwashed wasting away my potential and mind.

Listening to Alex Jones and watching many of his superb documentaries like End Game, Obama Deception and 9/11 Truth Rising has helped me convert over from being an ignorant liberal into a free thinking American.  I stopped watching television in 2007 and have saved $80/month on Comcast fees.  I now invest that fee into a local gym for $68/mo.  This doesn't mean I worship Alex Jones or have any crush on him however.  It's not about the man, it's about the message.

I have a real core to myself I never had prior that no one can take away from me. Because inherent rights granted to the individual by the U.S. Constitution are adverse to today's government goals, I know when judges are out-of-whack violating people's Constitutional rights.  I know when law enforcement is out-of-line.  I have a growing sense of myself, spirit and individuality.  When you know people are trying to take your God given rights from you and they're in the wrong, it empowers you tremendously.  I am also no longer an atheist, but an agnostic.

I'm grateful for Alex Jones' talents and hard work.  He always makes me feel I need to be doing more to spread the word of what's happening.  I copied his classic End Game DVD a while back and distributed them around my local community.  I was really getting into promoting his message until he tore into a dead Michael Jackson before his burial.  I don't care who it is, if you're going to say something bad about someone other than a real criminal, you don't go about ripping apart a man whose body isn't even cold yet.  That goes for Senator Byrd's passing too.  Alex knew what he did was wrong. Sometimes he can't control himself and he admits it to his listening audience that he's not perfect and has problems like the rest of us.

Yesterday I was amazed when I listened to Ted Nugent's interview on the Alex Jones radio program. I had no idea how smart this former 70's rocker is and that he's still around today. I didn't like his music or act way back when, but he's a pretty interesting person to listen to.
The Fourth of July turned out to be an explosive weekend all around for entertainer Ted Nugent. Released Friday, July 2, his Happy Defiance Day Everyday song bundle went to #1 on Amazon’s MP3 store on Saturday, July 3, and has remained there ever since. Due to the buzz on Yahoo! as a #1 trending topic on Friday, this was released two days earlier than its intended July 4 release date.
This 30-track collection is available for 76 cents, in honor of 1776. Nugent’s dynamic version of the "Star Spangled Banner" also topped downloads over the holiday.
Rocking his fellow Americans, Ted spent the holiday weekend on his live Trample The Weak Hurdle The Deadtour, as it continues to roll across the USA. "This is, without question, the best tour of my 60-plus years on the planet!" enthused the irrepressible guitarist just before taking the stage in San Antonio on Sunday, July 4. "Remember the Alamo!"

I guess what all this means is I'm no longer a liberal or democrat. In fact, I'm with Jesse Ventura being against political parties of any kind.  This doesn't mean I'm against gay rights by the way, I just think it's a little out of hand in San Francisco.

Okay, so  that's enough about Alex Jones for now.  I listen to his radio program every day. Sometimes he's brilliant and has great people to interview. I love most all of Jones' guests with a few exceptions.   Sometimes Jones is horrendous to listen to.  Like all of us he has his good and bad days.