Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cyber Bully Nuisance and Mentally Ill Man EHW

As stated in my last article, a cyber bully visits this blog every day and his IP is recorded under  Santee, CA, El Cajon and sometimes San Diego (see sidebar for IP widgets)  He has achieved having the most single visits other than myself and he is described on this blog as being "EHW" or Cyber Stalker #1.  He has sent me distressing, obscene and perverted emails since I requested the dismissal of my lawsuit a couple of months ago.

I have confirmed the emails are from EHW as well as his former email contacts, based on his contact shortly after reading a blog article only 4 others had read one morning.  Only he could have sent the email. I then linked his email address to previous emails he sent to show a pattern of harassment.

EHW is the only person who visits this blog each day.  Whomever has a blog up about me and writes about me on it frequently regarding this blog contents therefore is a confirmation it can only be the work of EHW.

EHW lied to three judges thus far in San Diego Superior Court East and Central Counties.  The Court believed him and one judge, Judge Robert Longstreth,  really bent over backwards to aid and abet his activities.  Someone wrote me this judge's seat is being challenged due to complaints and he is back on the campaign trail.  The San Diego Superior Court aided this ill man's criminal activities against me and my business as if I "deserved it" somehow.

The previous Cyber Stalker #2 I won a lawsuit against in May, 2010, hasn't been harassing me. He has a restraining order and has only been recorded a small number of visits the past few months. That particular man is scared of being arrested so he has ceased his activities. His girlfriend is also most likely making sure he doesn't abuse her AT&T DSL account since she was sued as well. Two witnesses testified in a court of law against him. The cat's out of the bag.

I had to give up my dream of being a singer because mentally ill cyber stalkers made a mockery of me on the Internet on a continual basis.  I began feeling so self-conscious I just couldn't be a singer anymore.

The reason I came to the attention of these men was when I began posting my music videos on the Internet. One of them was my singing in my studio with my back to the camera they mocked and began replacing the sound to Nancy Wilson's song "The Nearness of You" with cookoo sounds.

For anyone who cares, EHW continues to sabotage my name on the Internet as if he can get away with it.  He is a very ill man in need of medication and psychiatric help.  The person writing about me continually on the Internet is EWH and I just wanted to confirm it as such here.