Friday, July 23, 2010

Secret's of Oz Not Recommended for ADD Sufferers

I've been trying to watch a documentary about the alleged intent of the author, L. Frank Baum of The Wonderful Land of Oz having conveyed a series of metaphors about the future demise of America to forewarn future generations.  The presentation in the new dvd The Secret of OZ by former Money Master's documentary author, Bill Still, suggests a connection between the story relating to the 1913 private bankers' take over of the U.S. Treasury by the  Federal Reserve and removal of the gold/silver backing of money.

I'd really like to explore the topic more, but find the award winning DVD extremely laborious in its presentation to the extent of hating the sight of Bill Still and his monotonous 1950's style presentation of the material.  I don't understand why this man thinks he should be presenting this material instead of just writing it.  He is not only boring and dry to listen to, but he is displeasing to the eye like a stick figure with a bitter old man's head on it.  I really don't think I can develop the discipline to watch this long laborious piece of work to get to the meat of what the hell he's trying to say.

I'll keep updated on if I ever develop the patience to watch Bill Still's laborious, boring, difficult, mechanical presentation of historical facts.   I'd rather read a book about it at this point.