Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Do People Color Their Dogs?

I guess I should be happy a few Chinese people living in China prefer to color, rather than eat, their dogs but this is ridiculous!  Perhaps it's a sign of our indulgent cultures, or people who don't accept their pets unconditionally?  All I know is I would never color my dog and that I associate the practice with a form of mild abuse. Especially these poor pink dogs. This poor, poor dog!  Too bad it can't file a restraining order against its owner.

I feel equally bad for a few of these other unfortunate pooches.  Whenever they go for a walk they most likely get laughed at.   Think of how a normal dog would view its unfortunate colleague?  At first glimpse the dog would do a second take and possibly freak out.  I wonder if the dog wouldn't even run away in horror with "What have they done to my species?" 

I miss my puli dog so much.  Every now and then I see a puli in my neighborhood and every single time the puli sees me from afar and starts struggling with it's leash to get at me to smooch. I couldn't imagine what kind of person you'd have to be to so disrespect a pet to turn it into a freak show like these dogs are.   Poor poor things!

From my perspective perhaps people should accept their pets unconditionally and not try to change them into what they want them to be rather than how they really are.  This includes not turning them into dinner such as they do in Korea and China.  Poor things!

Here's a few more examples:

Maybe I could tolerate color highlights on dogs like this one but anything more is where I just have to say it's all to strange.

Perhaps improving upon the dog's natural appearance is the way to go.
This is cute but the poor thing still looks bewildered over it all. It has a
"What are you going to do to me next?" kind of look

Most all of us love color in everything, but this is just ridiculous.  Dogs are work of art by nature already.