Friday, August 6, 2010

Judge Richard B. Ulmer Whitewashed My Evidence! Didn't Care!

I hope I don't get an ulcer from a Judge Ulmer's ruling today.  I wanted to report how corrupt our judicial system is that judges do whatever they please regardless of evidence and facts.  Today I attended yet another restraining order hearing against Cyber #1 in San Francisco Superior Court.  A judge had even previously looked over the case prior to granting the hearing.  When I had filed it back in July, the judge's clerk had come down to ask me questions  and ultimately decided to give it to a judge prior to granting a new hearing.

The thing with restraining orders is they shouldn't be too difficult to get if you provide a lot of credible evidence.  I had court hearing transcripts, former subpoena results and a deposition not to mention on-line third party supporting documentation.  My latest evidence proved only a person with an IP address from near El Cajon, CA could have been the one to send me a harassing obscene email two hours after he read and responded to my blog article. Only 5 others could have possibly read the article that morning.  Thus my evidence was 5 people who read my blog article, one of whom harassed me.  The person who had harassed me had a long pattern of daily visits from El Cajon, CA.  This person who harassed me was also linked to previous pattern of emails he sent under that email address.

The judge chose to "whitewash" my evidence with a final statement "millions of people could have sent you the email."  Judge Ulmer ultimately demanded I provide the identity of the IP address owner to prove my case. This is totally inappropriate because a judge isn't supposed to require that level of discovery for a non-trial.  I could only acquire the identity of such a person with a subpoena. You can't obtain subpoena discovery over RO cases.  Such is why there is a lower threshold of evidence required for granting Restraining Orders.

Criminal sympathizers are helping criminals get away with their crimes!  Jacob Harker, a criminal attorney, and judges have aided and abetted a Satanist who I have submitted evidence repeatedly lies.  They have bent over backwards to help a criminal convicted of public nuisance and trespassing while completely disregarding my case evidence.  Why?  Because they don't care!   That is the bottom line, these judges have no interest in helping me with the problem.

Cyber #1 sent a harassing email 30 minutes after he was served with RO papers on 
July 22, 2010.  The judge ignored this evidence too and 
barely allowed me to submit it.

Part of my August 6 letter to a sleazy criminal attorney who got his client off the 
hook for the second time in San Francisco even when a judge looked over the case and approved a new hearing!

These men are looking to take out their problems on women in any way they are able.  This is one example of how they gang up on a woman and operate through networks.

Tired of Endless Male Domination - I Will Fight Until I'm Free

Most all of my life I've been brutally dominated by spoiled and selfish men including those at corporations and law firms.  They've denied me a personal life by placing exorbitant demands on my time in the workplace.   These men believe they're a privileged class and above the law.  They operate at law firms and in the judicial realm.  Attorneys in general are responsible for continually twisting facts and the truth, while omitting relevant facts to create a false reality to win their case.  They care little if anything for the truth, but to win at all costs.  This has created a society of corruption and one where evil people thrive and support one another.

George Washington lost most all of his battles up to the one that counted the most.  I will never give up fighting these men who want to dominate my life at all costs, and without regard for the truth.