Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scary Monsters - Signs of Attorney Corruption and Burn Out

I got another sign of the corruption of high level people in law the other day when I performed a loan signing for an attorney at her home in Pacific Heights.  I did a Google search to learn who she was prior to the signing because this lady sounded really needy in a routine call I made to confirm the appointment.

When we first spoke, this single attorney, in her mid-50's, was all out of breath sounding overwhelmed so I knew I was going to have a hard time with her from the get go. The next day I got a call from her that she had rescheduled the appointment for the next day having requested the bank change some figures, which has never happened to me before.  The bank confirmed such a request was unusual.

So here's how the signing began. I  arrived at 2:00 p.m. on my cute little folding electric bicycle that has advertising for Nob Hill Notary plastered all over it along with a little flag banner on the back.  As I went to the door of the Pacific Heights home, which was fairly nice but nothing that impressive, I stood on the steps a few moments to make sure my hair and clothing was in place after the ride.  The attorney was apparently aware of me the entire time in how she opened the door and asked what was taking so long, questioning if I couldn't figure out how to work her door knocker hanging on the door.  The attorney then promptly pointed me to her dining room table and she proceeded as one of the very few who didn't offer me any refreshments.

As we proceeded with the signing, the attorney immediately began complaining about the bank and process for her refinance.  This complaining isn't all to uncommon so I lent a sympathetic ear and proceeded.  Okay, here goes with what followed.

Signs of Corruption - Many Attorneys Believe They're Above the Law

A Partner Attorney from a Top Law Firm Expected Me To Provide Legal Advice to Her During Loan Signing (Unauthorized Practice of Law)

Next the attorney immediately began to complain I wasn't explaining the loan documents to her  which would have been a violation of the law.  As a notary public, there are strict laws in which I cannot provide legal advice in explaining loan documents, only directing the borrower to where things are, such as where she can find interest rates and her monthly mortgage payments, or where she is to sign.

After I explained to the attorney my providing such legal guidance for her loan documents would constitute the unauthorized practice of law, she insisted a previous loan signing agent had done it for her.  Clearly she was hoping to manipulate any insecurity I might have in order to try and influence me to violate the law to assist her. I was appalled to say the least.  Most people have their act together and know what they're doing.  You'd think an attorney with a nice home in Pacific Heights would know what she was doing with her refinance loan documents.

A Partner Attorney Claimed She Had Never Been Required to Take an Oath for a Notarization Before and Believed It was Unnecessary Mocking My Suggestion I Could Go to Prison For Not Administering It

A few documents in refinance loan packages, such as signature affidavits, require an oath to be taken of the borrower by a notary public. In an emerging pattern of protests over my following the law, this attorney immediately complained upon my requesting an oath from her claiming "no one has ever asked me to take an oath for a notarization before!"  After her vehement protest, I explained I could go to prison for not taking an oath. The attorney responded "I don't think so."   The attorney continued to reason she had no idea if the bank's statements in the document were true, so why should she have to take an oath?  While that reasoning seemed quite legitimate, I nonetheless began to consider stopping the loan signing which I am required to do when a borrower is having such problems.

After I told the attorney I was considering stopping the loan signing since she was obviously uncomfortable, she immediately behaved herself claiming she didn't want to have to go through it again.  As we finally got through all the papers the time came for the attorney to sign my notarial journal for the notarizations of four documents.

A Partner Attorney at a Major Law Firm Claimed My Requesting Her to Sign My Notarial Journal Multiple Times was Completely Unnecessary Claiming One Signature was Sufficient

I thought after I threatened to stop the signing the attorney wouldn't complain anymore but I was wrong.  At the end of the signing process, as is procedure, I requested she sign my journal four times. All she had to do was sign under her printed name for the four documents I notarized for her and give her thumb print.  It was apparently too much to ask! The attorney immediately protested signing multiple times for each document type alleging she had never signed more than once in a notarial journal before.  I had to blink twice since I could hardly believe this was happening.

In response to her allegations I was requesting something unnecessary of her highness, I explained I had checked a while back with the National Notary Association that confirmed that California Secretary of State Debra Bowen was enforcing notaries to have people sign in the journal for each document notarized.  Still the attorney wanted to argue, so much so that she had the audacity to leave a voice mail for her secretary in front of me about it.  The attorney kept me waiting with her phone call asking "are people required to sign more than once in a notary's journal?"

Sensing I wouldn't be processing her notarized documents without her cooperation, the attorney signed the journal as if it was a huge ordeal and effort to make.  Four whole signatures!  No one had ever complained about signing my journal before, ever!  Many people at these signings are required to sign 10 times.  These other borrowers understand I am a public servant who is trained and responsible for knowing the law,  but not this attorney who obviously thinks she's above it.

A Partner Attorney at a Major Law Firm Stated Her Legal Secretary Disagreed With My Claim it was a Legal Requirement to Sign My Notarial Journal For Each Notarization

The next day I was required to obtain another notarization from the attorney for a second Deed of Trust. This time I met with at her law firm offices.  At the meeting, the attorney immediately confirmed without my inquiry what her legal secretary had originally claimed saying that a notary public can provide "dittos" of the signatures after the first one is completed. I said, "oh, really?"  The attorney added with great confidence "it is recommended by not legally required" for me to obtain a signature in my notarial journal for each notarization.  I confirmed the notary's name with the attorney for future reference, "So your secretary's name is such and such?" I asked,  blood beginning to boil. 

One might imagine that by this time I had quite enough of this attorney's protests over my following the law doing my job as a notary public.  The attorney attempted to rewrite the laws for me to follow in proclaiming with great confidence  "There's no legal requirement  for you to obtain a signature in your journal for each notarized document."  In retrospect, I wonder what happens to people who rely on attorney's advice such as these? I'm referring to these kind of attorneys who just kind of make up the law as they go based on what their legal secretary tells them, or what one wishes to hear to make their life easier?

I imagined if I had an attorney I worked for like this lady who paid me a good salary I might be greatly intimidated from following the law as such and make things as convenient as possible for her.  Regardless, when another notary public such as myself is treated as if I don't know what I'm doing though I have clearly stated the law, and the attorney chooses to disregard and still believe whatever she wants to believe, I take issue.

The attorney's legal secretary has since been reported to the California Secretary of State for not following Section 8206 insisting it is not a legal requirement to obtain signatures for each notarization.  I made it clear in my complaint I gave all the information on the law that the attorney refused to accept in her insisting I wasn't following proper procedure to require proper signatures in my journal.  Nothing will come of the complaint I'm sure, but it needed to be done nonetheless.  An attorney gave me a very hard time in my following the law and I take issue with her trying to lure me into her type of corruption in being above the law.

A Brilliant David Bowie's Scary Monsters = Scary Burn Out Attorneys

Basically, we all know this attorney should know better.  This scary monster attorney may be one of those typical overworked burned out women at law firms, but she chose to override my notifying her of the law.  This attorney treated me with contempt and didn't believe a word I told her.  Off to the complaint box she goes.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Breaking News: Press Conference Discloses UFO's Disarming U.S. Nuke Missles

My have times changed! Today the main media's been giving live press coverage to U.S. air force military men disclosing UFO's mysterious disarmament of U.S. missile nukes among other things.

This all seems to be well timed with the New York Times best-seller UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record  I posted about earlier.  Kean's book is currently 30 and rising on the New York Times best-seller list. Leslie Kean's book is largely credited with having shifted perceptions contributing to continued UFO Extraterrestrial Disclosure by highly credentialed level people.

Here's visual evidence and testimony of a government air force official:

I Endorse Michael Nava for San Francisco Superior Court Judge

My blog officially endorses Michael Nava for San Francisco Superior Court Judge who is challenging sexist asshole 30 year Republican partner attorney Judge Richard Ulmer's seat.  Judge Ulmer (aka Judge Ulcer) was a creep who overlooked tons of evidence I had in his having whitewashed my latest conclusive evidence obtained from IP address recorders on this blog.  In fact, I recently filed a complaint against Judge Ulmer with the California Commission on Judicial Performance last month.

The Bay Area Reporter writes:
"It is unusual for incumbent judges to be challenged at the ballot box. But Judge Richard Ulmer, whom the governor appointed last summer, has not been on the bench for long. A former Republican, Ulmer, who is now registered as decline-to-state, had previously worked as an attorney at several Bay Area law firms. Ulmer is affable and knows the law, however, that is not reason enough to elect him to a full six-year term."

Since 2007, I've had problems with an intrusive hostile person whose had a long history of problematic behavior on the Internet.  I filed mountains of evidence including subpoenas, court transcripts and a deposition supporting a well deserved case for a restraining order.  The latest evidence I had was IP address logs and ultimate proof of one of five visitors who had read and acknowledged a Saturday morning article on this blog.  Such person had sent a typical disturbing email traced to his blog visit that morning.

At a hearing in July, 2010, Judge Ulmer whitewashed my evidence making a blanket statement that demonstrated he gave preference to a young attorney who he clearly favored regardless of the facts.  In fact, I was disallowed from any oral testimony as a Plaintiff and the defendant wasn't even required to appear in court.  Judge Ulmer required upfront for me to provide evidence only a subpoena could obtain that was completely ludicrous in view of cumulative and strong supporting evidence.  A judge had previously reviewed the evidence granting the hearing prior to my appearing to testify, yet I was ultimately cut off by politics.

Ultimately Judge Ulmer overlooked so many disturbing aspects of the case, it was clear he was playing gender politics in preference for the ego gratification of a young two year attorney.  This is why our court system is corrupt because judges are playing politics overlooking facts and evidence. Such is why I'm supporting Michael Nava, the people's judge who is far better qualified to be Judge then some asshole partner attorney from Latham & Watkins LLP.

Monday, September 27, 2010

UN Welcome Wagon for Extraterrestrials is Astrophysicist Mazlan Othman?

According to Internet buzz that began with an article from the London Telegraph, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) is about to acknowledge the large amounts of credible evidence of extraterrestrials visiting our planet.  Astrophysist Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, is allegedly preparing to accept an appointment as the UN's coordinator for human response to extraterrestrials in anticipation of aliens making contact with earthlings.  Professor Richard Crowther, an expert in space law and governance at the UK Space Agency and who leads British delegations to the UN on such matters, said “Othman is absolutely the nearest thing we have to a ‘take me to your leader’ person.”

World government is way behind the times since someone long ago already made contact and channeled the extraterrestrials through a song.  The late singer Karen Carpenter made the official connection with the Carpenters' 1977 hit Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft that Wikipedia describes as the recognized anthem of World Contact Day.  The song wasn't a Carpenter original however, having been formerly released by Klaatu (sorry, never heard of the guy).  The Carpenters thought so highly of the composition they turned the song into a 160 musician orchestrated event.

The Carpenters version of Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft charted worldwide as a hit and appeared on several of their (mostly hits collections) albums. The success of the Carpenter's version led to the duo receiving many letters from people asking when World Contact Day would be held

The idea for the song is explained on Wikipedia:
John Woloschuk, a member of Klaatu and one of the song's composers, has said:
The idea for this track was suggested by an actual event that is described in The Flying Saucer Reader, a book by Jay David published in 1967. In March 1953 an organization known as the "International Flying Saucer Bureau" sent a bulletin to all its members urging them to participate in an experiment termed "World Contact Day" whereby, at a predetermined date and time, they would attempt to collectively send out a telepathic message to visitors from outer space. The message began with the words..."Calling occupants of interplanetary craft!"

Keep in mind there's a recent article released 3 minutes ago from the time this was written  as stated on a Washington Post  blog that claims Mazlan Othman denied the London Telegraph story in an email. In spite of what may just be a rumor, Karen Carpenter will always reign as the very first ambassador welcoming the extraterrestrials with a sweet song.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Building Bridges as a Loan Signing Agent in San Francisco

On Friday I had my biggest day ever as a loan signing agent with a total of four refinance signings all during the afternoon and evening.  I thus got a little taste of what it must have felt like back in the golden age of real estate when loan signing agents could perform as many signings as they pleased each day. My how times have changed!  I figure I must have gotten lucky to have had a slew of calls on Friday, a few of which I even had to turn down for lack of time.  Some days I get no calls at all so it tends to all even out. 

The reason I chose to be a loan signing agent during the worst time in real estate history is because it's a great way of networking with people in the business community.  People who refinance their homes in San Francisco tend to be successful people.  My strategy has proven correct as I've been asked for my business card a lot.  I also get to visit people at their homes or offices, something I prefer rather then in my own typical office setting. 

For instance, Friday I performed signings for an executive at the Department of Education who lives in Maryland but was visiting the San Francisco office. I also did a signing for an intellectual property attorney at her home in Pacific Heights. I did another signing for a woman at and another for a couple, one with his own advertising business and the other an employee at UC Berkeley.

These folks tend to share a lot during the signing so it helps me form a better sense of my local community. I learned that UC Berkeley has been laying off employees and is about to do another round as things become more dire.  Pensions are being threatened as well.  I learned from another borrower that employees who work for the Department of Education get a $71 meal allowance each day.  (Whew! What's up with that?)  From the lady who worked at, I learned she's about to go to Japan for a week.  From the attorney in Pacific Heights, I learned she doesn't purchase her antique collection but gets them at auctions.

I tend to get a lot of other types of interesting information from people I perform loan signings for.  I learn about their home remodeling projects that run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, their travels to far lands and their pets.  Last night one of three large cats plopped himself on the loan signing papers and we all laughed.

People are generally very nice at the signings, especially because they're getting a lower interest rate on their mortgage.  A while back an attorney and his wife who live in a home from 1890 in San Francisco gave me a slew of peaches insisting they had too many from a tree.  I gratefully accepted and made peach crisp out of them.  They were the couple who I had posted about earlier who wanted to frame the bank's description as "padding" of its undisclosed fee.

The best part of being a loan signing agent is being exposed to so many people in the close knit community of San Francisco. When I had an office job at law firms, it got boring seeing the same people each day and it often felt like such a dead end.  Today each day when I wake up I never know who I'm going to meet. San Francisco's swarming with talented highly educated business people and most everyone I meet is a pleasant surprise.

The other great thing about what I do is that I rarely have to go very far and have restricted my signings to certain zip codes.  The other day someone called saying "it's only two miles away."  They responded with laughter when I explained that's far for a San Franciscan to travel.  I wasn't kidding. 

Here's a good Peach Crisp Recipe

Friday, September 24, 2010

Before & After Faces of Crystal Meth

I used to love an old classic song  Crystal Blue Persuasion (1969) only years later to learn many had believed the song was meant to promote the use of crystal meth.  Turns out, the content of the song was actually written based on parts of the Bible.

According to Wikipedia:

The title of the song came to James while he was reading The Bible's Book of Revelation, according to James in a 1985 interview in Hitch magazine:
"I took the title from the Book of Revelations[sic] in the Bible, reading about the New Jerusalem. The words jumped out at me, and they're not together; they're spread out over three or four verses. But it seemed to go together, it's my favorite of all my songs and one of our most requested."
"However, according to James's manager, James was actually inspired by his reading of the Book of Ezekiel where it speaks of the Blue Shekinah Light which represented the presence of the Almighty God and the Books of Isaiah and Revelation where it speaks of a bright future of a brotherhood of mankind living in peace and harmony."
"Many listeners thought Crystal Blue Persuasion was a drug song advocating the use of "crystal meth" (Methamphetamine). In 1979, noted music writer Dave Marsh described it as "a transparent allegory about James' involvement with amphetamines." Source: Wikipedia

So sad the intent of the song in this video was reinterpreted by those during the drug era as a promotion of crystal meth.  How sad.

 From a genuine classic beauty face, to . . . .
Has anyone noted a pattern in their faces of lifelessness and lack of emotion in most cases - that would be from the beginning to the last photos all the way through?  The lady's eyes in this photo series always look the same as if she's helpless.

Horrifying, isn't it?  All these people had to do was have a glass of wine or cold beer once in a while and chill.  In spite of the association of a good song with crystal meth, I still like it.  Songwriters can't help it if a culture adopts their song as a banner child for drug use.

It makes no sense to me why people would risk their lives over doing a drug when there are so many alternative ways to enjoy relaxing and trip on life.  Have a beer or whatever. Anything but those hard core drugs!  

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Hereby Uphold Singer George Michael as Forever Hot from the 80's!

After much thought I've come to the conclusion everyone should be remembered at the peak of their lives at their very best and the rest forgotten!  I mean it!  Therefore, in view of recent unfortunate events, I'd like to uphold singer George Michael as forever hot with Wham! in the 1980's. What a voice! What a talent!

Yeah, so what, I liked gay men and hung out at nude beaches in So. Cal in the early 80's with them.  I hung out at the Coffee Bean in Marina Del Rey with a gay guy every Saturday drinking frothy ice cappuccinos.  Big deal!

George Michael was an explosive male vocal talent that Michael Jackson probably envied at one time.  One thing for sure this video also proves is men who can't really dance often spin around in circles like tops or stand motionless alone in spotlights! This was during the Michael Jackson Thriller era mind you.  If George Michael had only been a great dancer he might have been near the level of MJ too.

I haven't heard these Wham! songs in years until only recently. After my post on George Michael I did some YouTubing on his Wham! stuff.    When these songs came out I was 24 years old and driving my ocean blue RX-7 sports car. Funny how poor I was back then regardless of driving that car. I saw an 1982 RX-7 car the other day on California Street in San Francisco felt all excited. I felt like jumping up and down and waving down the driver but it was too late. OMG you've got a 1981 RX7 in 2010? That car was amazing!  Mine was an 1980 model which was a slightly different design far ahead of its time.  I loved that car and even dream about it once in a while. I can't believe I had an emotional attachment to a fricken car!  So yeah, I like to remember myself from my 20's and 30's so what?  I had a wart removed the other day along with UFO like cyst polyps on my neck. Age happens and there's no stopping it unless you're a millionaire or perhaps athlete.

So those were the good old days.  No wrinkles!   In 1982 I once saw actor Henry Winkler of Happy Days at the  Hard Rock Cafe in West Hollywood. My friend back from high school, Janine Ritcher, whose father was once the city mayor of Palos Verdes Estates, CA, told me he was checking me out.  I couldn't believe it, the Fonz from Happy Days? No way! 

Many of us are all fading fast, including those of us who were born in the 1960's.  One thing for sure was that the world was different back then and a special time in history. The Beatles, JFK, etc.  It's all fading fast along with George Michael.  As a former narcissist, I'll always remember myself at my peak too, which was around 35 years old way back in 1995.  I was supposed to have been a singer back then except I wasn't singing because I was too filled with rage.  Regardless, back then I had a bachelorette pad in Manhattan Beach, California  with a water bed , a fun Honda scooter and plenty of beach time,  a cool astro cat and telescope time. Back then I wore a size 6 pant size and the choice of clothing styles was great with all the colorful silk shirts they had back then.
In sum, time is the death of us all along with these creepy crawling vampire attorneys.  Damn it! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

U.S. Congress Hands Over Oceans and Coasts to UN in CLEAR Act

In case anyone hasn't noticed, the U.S. Congress is full of a large band of traitors who are deliberately selling out the United States and its oceans to International based interests.  While many Americans watch their cable tv sports programs and play their video entertainment games, their country's literally being dismantled economically and geographically stolen from them.

For instance, on July 30, 2010, the House of Representatives passed the CLEAR Act.  Do you know what this really means?

The Consolidated Land, Energy, Aquatic Restoration Act of 2009 (aka:  CLEAR Act, HR 3534) gives away ownership of America’s oceans to the United Nations, and sectors America into nine geographic areas.  This bill possesses a cap and trade/climate change component as well.

“It’s too late; it’ll just have to be stopped in the Senate,” Tom, the young male answering the phone in U.S. Rep. John Boehner’s  (R-Ohio) Washington D.C. office, said about HR 3534 (CLEAR Act). This is the globalist bill designed to give away our land, oceans, adjacent land masses and Great Lakes to an international body, and makes us pay $900 million per year until 2040. Source
This means America will be forced to become a member of the UN Law of the Sea Treaty, circumventing the normal two-thirds U.S. Senate vote necessary for ratification of any treaty.  This was accomplished surreptitiously via Section 106 of the bill, which specifies that Executive Orders, rules, regulations, directives or delegations of authority that precede the effective date of this act are applicable to the CLEAR Act.

The American male being completely asleep at the wheel is too busy entrapping single women through big brother operatives for financial gain to care anything about our country being sold out to International interests.  Priorities are clearly out of whack.

A Call to Withhold Love & Sex Until American Men Get Their Priorities in Order! 

This disaster unfolding is why I think American women could take the bull by the horns by denying American men love and sex until they get their priorities in order. These men support one another's networks often through political pressure. The only way they can be infiltrated is to deny them love and sex from a personal level through their wives and girlfriends leaving them with gay men to choose from.  When women begin saying "no" to the kind of world American men are creating, by denying them love and sex, things would begin changing real fast!

Furthermore, these corrupt men often hide behind women in politics operating behind the scenes.  Men still run everything, let there be no doubt!  Nancy Pelosi is just doing what her masters tell her to do and nothing more.  They're making Pelosi into the fall person for their corruption but she's an active participant in being their pawn. 

Final passage of the CLEAR act's in the Senate's hands now. Call or email your Senator and tell him or her to vote against the CLEAR Act. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Always Document Judicial and Attorney Misconduct

Obviously, judge and attorney misconduct is running rampant in our system as many are abandoning the U.S. Constitution while selectively enforcing laws based on politics. Even if you're a self represented person acting in pro per, it's important to document misconduct as the only real means to stand up to violations of law and procedure. (Judges depiction pictured at left)

Last month, I witnessed a judge who was a former partner of a law firm for 30 years who didn't care about facts or evidence, allowing an attorney, Jacob N. Harker, to lie on behalf of his client. The defendant wasn't even required to appear at a restraining order hearing.  All I wanted was a restrainnig order against someone who had harassed me for three years, something that should have been granted with the mountains of evidence I provided from court transcripts, subpoenas, my declarations and other evidence.

At the hearing I not only wasn't allowed to present my case, but was told to obtain evidence of the identity behind an IP address only a subpoena could produce.  I had witnessed the judge whitewash my evidence in preference for a lying attorney who had an obvious desire to humiliate me in front of a large body of people at the hearing.

In another example, I once witnessed a Commissioner of the San Francisco Small Claims Court division attempt to sabotage my collecting a judgment threatening my case dismissal that I wasn't allowed to write or put up photos about the case on my blog. These judges have no regard for people's First Amendment Rights anymore.  They want too much power and need to be outed as such.

The lower U.S. court system is highly political and not functioning for anything other than those who run it.  People must protest when there's clear evidence judges violate law and procedure.

I've well documented judicial misconduct in my cases as follows:

Judicial Complaint - Judge Robert C. Longstreth, San Diego Superior Court (East County Division)
Judicial Complaint - Judge Charles R. Hayes, San Diego Superior Court (Central Division)
Judicial Complaint - Judge Richard B. Ulmer, San Francisco Superior Court

I've documented attorney unethical conduct in my cases as follows:

California State Bar Complaint - Jacob N. Harker, Law Office of Jacob Harker
Small Claims Court Declaration - M. Pamela Lauser, Lauser Law

Samples of My Motion vs. Edmond Wollmann's (Both in Pro Per)

Here's an example of my motion battle in the case such as this Opposition to Edmond Wollmann's Motion to Strike My Entire Lawsuit that clearly should have provided me with a Default Judgment to end the dispute.  Instead Judge Charles Hayes ignored the statutory law within the motion by allowing the defendant to file a cross-complaint 1.5 months prior to the trial date.  What followed was my answer to a cross-complaint.  The defendant's cross-complaint was never properly filed but I thought it was since got served with it by mail.

Later at a secret off calendar hearing a month after the case was dismissed, Judge Charles R. Hayes awarded big brother operative Edmond Wollmann attorneys fees and court costs though he had acted largely in pro per. (Here's an example of Wollmann's pro per filing).  This is a complete violation of law and procedure especially since a request for attorney fees had already been denied thanks to my opposition motion. 

This is all a good example of how the legal system is deliberately entrapping people into silly long overblown disputes in order to promote cash flow for the local legal community.  First you use a well documented provocateur to lure a woman into filing a lawsuit then you sabotage her and award attorney fees because she's in pro per.  It's a money making operation.

From my experience and perspective this was all a big brother provocateur operation  the government condoned.  They deliberately omitted evidence and facts in preference for male control and domination of a woman who dared stand up to them as described herein.

Where to file complaints in California:

Monday, September 20, 2010

One Day Poof! I Be Gone!®

There's a cyber stalker who lied to the court, to several judges and to his attorney. I know he lied because I'm a witness he's guilty of harassing and defaming me in the extreme.  It all started back in 2007 and up until just a matter of a few weeks ago.  The lawsuit I filed didn't go to trial and I requested a dismissal simply because there was an additional person involved I didn't have a DOES placeholder for.

A small group of men recently worked together to whitewash my evidence to obtain a restraining order and shut me up as if nothing happened and it was all in my imagination. I  witnessed some very ugly, nasty men who could have cared less, while enjoying tormenting and dominating me all the more.  They now expect me to pay legal fees as a result of a clear set-up. I've been dealing with manipulative criminal minds and the court system could have cared less, largely aiding and abetting the outcome.

This is my final notice to these crooks that no one will be getting any money from me. I'm not going to pay for your legal fees for lying to the judges and your attorney.  You're guilty as hell and I'm the witness and judge of you in this matter.

Happy My Life Evolved This Way - I Will Be Totally Free From These Bastards Soon

I enjoyed having my own businesses and meeting new people.  It's been a great experience.  I'm happy I could experience freedom at some point after decades of slaving for other people and their businesses.  I learned what it's like to have real freedom and am grateful I reached a point I could have my own life.

I anticipate various forces will likely overcome my businesses but don't know when that will be.  I will do my best, but believe the economy is going to get worse.  Notarization work is heavily tied to the banking and real estate market that ebbs and flows.  Legal document preparation work is something that takes a long time to develop as a business.  I don't know if I have enough time prior to the economy getting worse.

Crazy Men Suck!

I've witnessed the dark side of certain men and it's not pretty. They're truly ugly hideous demon possessed animals.  I was totally set-up and they clearly wanted to get to my money.  Many attorneys are nothing more than thieves. They're highly manipulative and diabolical.
The price of total personalization is total transparency. Transparency suggests a more active role, rather than an imposed view. You have to BE transparent.  And of course, it is impossible to have total personalization with perfect knowledge. - Source
There's no turning back.  I'm refusing to ever slave as an employee ever again.  It's over.  When we make decisions new doors eventually begin to open up. For instance, as I type this I'm noticing my hands are becoming slightly transparent.  The thought of never being a slave working for some other person's benefit is the likely cause.

I know that I'm gradually fading into a higher dimension of existence and one day Poof! I Be Gone!®

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anti Spam Attorney Daniel Balsam Follows the Money®

Imagine a world where attorneys represent one another because no one can afford their services?   Who then, in turn, seek media publicity for winning their own case for a whopping $7,000?  You've just imagined attorney Daniel Balsam, anti spam attorney extraordinaire. Whoo-hoo! 

Daniel Balsam's anti spam site DAN HATES SPAM® (Subtitled "Dedicated to Cleaning Up the Internet") is full of all kinds of interesting information about his 2009 case.  His site's name is even registered to prevent another Dan from unlawfully using the term he's coined.

I'm not sure how a psychologist would categorize an attorney who goes so far as to make a huge deal out of winning his own case for $7,000 having teamed up with another attorney, but I think "ultra large ego" might be a good place to begin analysis.  The psychologist might come up with something as follows:
"Dan thinks he's special that though the entire world of Internet users hate and commonly receive spam emails, he somehow deserves money for such seven (7) solicitations @ $1,000 per offense totaling $7,000.  Normal people simply apply their spam filters while Dan saw an opportunity to exploit for his own publicity and profit to make a name for himself.  Consequently, people who need the services of attorney can't find one because attorneys like Dan are all too busy filing their own lawsuits on behalf of one another and seeking publicity for it. In sum, DAN LOVES MONEY®"
I'm using Dan Balsam as an example of a problem in our legal system of greedy self-seeking attorneys who are largely unaffordable to the general public for good legal advice.  For much of the public, either Mr. Balsam's hourly rates are too high, or he doesn't have the time to be dealing with many people's cases because he's too busy filing his own and registering his web name with the big ®.  Such is why when I received a letter from Mr. Balsam back in March 2010 explaining the Anti-SLAPP statute for a lawsuit I filed against Jacob Harker, Esq. and his client earlier this year, a pattern began emerging to me of attorneys representing one another and their own interests.  In other words, the good ole boys club was beginning to rear its ugly head.

#3's definition of a prostitute applies to attorneys such as Daniel Balsam who advertise one thing about themselves while selling out to the very people they publicly claim to despise.

The fact of the matter is Mr. Balsam was well aware when he sent me his letter on behalf of Jacob Harker that he was also indirectly representing Harker's client who I had filed a lawsuit against in 2009 as a well documented spammer.  Harker had clearly chosen Mr. Balsam as a form of psychological warfare to distract from his client's long standing reputation.

Ironically, the attorney who partnered with Mr. Balsam in the spamming case against Trancos Inc.  was none other than Timothy Walton, Esq..  Mr. Walton was the attorney I spoke with earlier this year in my subpoena deposition served on his client Steve Burnett.  Mr. Burnett has had an entire web site on the Internet for many years having documented Jacob Harker's client's on-line spamming and other activities.   Essentially, when Mr. Balsam accepted representing Jacob Harker in his letter to me about the Anti-SLAPP statute, he knowingly was indirectly representing Harker's client, a well documented spammer and problematic person on the Internet.

Balsam partner Timothy Walton Esq.'s returned mail
from Harker's problematic spamming client

Not only did I inform Mr. Balsam of the fact of who Mr. Harker's client was, but Mr. Balsam had also been tightly partnered with attorney Timothy Walton who repeatedly had to deal with Harker's client's issues in a frivolous lawsuit years ago.  It was only last year that Mr. Walton had to also respond to a letter Harker's client sent alleging copyright infringement of another and later to my own subpoena deposition request of website owner Steve Burnett.

No Backbone - Just Lying Slithering Snakes!

One would  think these attorneys would have some kind of back bone and moral character after years of hard work at their law schools.  Surprise!  Many attorneys merely follow where the money leads. Many times the cases they choose are not about the law, principles or morals at all but following the all mighty dollar.  If following the money means publicizing oneself as an anti-spam attorney and then accepting a case on behalf of a well documented spammer in preventing a woman from defending herself from such activities, so be it.

Meanwhile, these very same type of attorneys are busy trying to prevent self represented people i.e., pro pers, from even presenting their own restraining order cases because they view it as their territory of law. I wasn't allowed to as much as testify as a Plaintiff in two hearings against Harker's defendant, having been blocked by political maneuvers the judge (a former partner attorney of 30 years from Latham & Watkins LLP) obliged to.

Harker also had the audacity to file a motion alleging I'm a vexatious litigant in spite of the fact I had already won a lawsuit judgment.  A San Francisco superior court judge had also reviewed evidence I provided in its granting my last RO hearing against Harker's client.  The lawsuit I filed against Harker's client in 2009 was never considered "frivolous" in a court of law.  I had even filed an opposition motion supporting valid causes of action  with which my case had survived a legal challenge to throw it out.  A mere oversite error of not including a "DOES" for an additional party doesn't qualify one's case as entirely frivolous.  In spite of these facts, Mr. Harker continued to lie on behalf of his client in his motion and to the court suggesting the 2009 case was frivolous.

In May, 2010 I had won a judgment  for $25,000 without an attorney's assistance.  I didn't  show up for Harker's vexatious litigant motion hearing because I never open any of his mail.  Harker's motion was way out of line because I haven't filed that many lawsuits.  Restraining order applications with declarations don't really count as "lawsuits" per se. They're merely applications for hearings to present a case.  The same goes for small claims cases, not really considered lawsuits per se.

People are generally allowed to make mistakes in good faith in the court system, but apparently Harker and his egocentric client don't think I should have any rights. I once spoke with a guy standing in line at the San Francisco civil courthouse who stated he had filed lawsuits in pro per as much as ten that  year to intimidate companies into settling out of court for $10,000.  At the law firms where I've formerly worked we've had a good laugh over crazy litigants  who have filed many lawsuits no one does anything about.  I'm not the kind of litigant Harker has alleged me to be.  Harker's motion was more the work of a bully who was well aware of his problematic client's history and my rationale for simply wanting to address the matter civilly in a court of law.

Attorney Jacob Harker's Latest Unopened  Mail Sent on September 15, 2010 Once Again
Has Triggered Another Article Referencing his Unethical Conduct

Harker's latest mail continues to arrive to my residence in spite of there being no active cases. Attorney Jacob Harker, who I've since politely nicknamed "cock snake" for his slithering reptilian lying behavior in a court room, refuses to leave me alone!  (See my former posts Symptoms of the Reptilian Brain in Human Evolution and Plugged Into the Matrix of False Reality)

Apparently all this standing up to slithering lying snakes scares the hell out of attorneys because their game's been rigged against the average American for a long time.  They know it's all about who has the most money and resources who usually wins.  Attorneys play the game accordingly by sniffing out where the money is. Judges often side with attorneys in pro per cases by ignoring facts and evidence in preference for politics. The U.S. lower court system thereby is largely rigged and can't be trusted to produce results based on justice or what's right.

So if you think for one minute attorneys like Mr. Balsam would turn down a large amount money in this economy because a client is a well documented spammer, convicted public nuisance and trespasser, don't bet your life on it.  Most attorneys Follow The Money® wherever it leads.  What this all means is that when the money supply eventually dries up, so will the attorneys.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Political Prisoner Richard Fine Free At Last!

I'm really stunned since it was just yesterday I was thinking about the ongoing seemingly hopeless saga of political prisoner Richard Fine. Then last night I was pondering over the Full Disclosure Network and how seemingly ineffective it had been in spite of its longstanding tremendous efforts. It seemed Richard Fine, 71, was destined to die in jail.

What's even more interesting is that after I thought about these seemingly hopeless things, earlier in the day I was sent a video link by the David Icke web site of both he and Jordan Maxwell discussing how humans have the key to free themselves from the various evil entity forces on our planet that wish to control, manipulate and imprison us.  It was truly an amazing video.  Then when I woke up I learned Fine was freed!

I went to bed at 1:00 am after having watched this David Icke/Jordan Maxwell Video about Consciousness and the evil forces on earth that wish to imprison, manipulate and control humanity.  When I woke up the next morning, Richard Fine had been freed!

The former tragic story was about judge corruption in the false imprisonment of Richard Fine set free last night from the Men's Central Jail after serving over a year in brutal solitary confinement.  The corrupt Judge Yaffee had formerly admitted to accepting bribes from the County of Los Angeles  along with the other hundreds of Los Angeles judges since the early 1990's.  Judge Yafee has subsequently announced his retirement set for November 1, 2010.

Richard Fine was confined without due process of jury trial and without any charges which sent a shiver through many an American's spine.  Judge Yaffee essentially acted as a dictator and above the law in refusing to recuse himself from Fine's dilemma. All Americans should be concerned when judges act above the law.  This story is both a tragedy and triumph because it took far too long for Fine to be freed.  Fine, a 70 year old, could have died behind bars due to his health condition and the various stress associated with solitary confinement.

Congratulations* to award winning journalist Leslie Dutton and her Full Disclosure Network and Richard Fine for exposing the corruption of the Los Angeles Superior Judge Yafee not to mention hundreds of judges who accepted kick back bribes by the city for not ruling against it in any lawsuits.

* In spite of ineffective zero Google rated blogs run by hypocrites at Right Trumps Might who don't practice what they preach.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Singer George Michael's in Prison!!? What?

I don't tend to follow the tabloids or stories of celebrities but did stumble upon some shocking news today.  I was shocked to discover George Michael, the heartthrob pop singer of Wham! in the mid-1980's went to prison on September 14th to complete a two month sentence.  I'm so stunned!  What is the world coming to?

Way back in my early 20's I liked Wham! and George Michael was a huge sensation back in the mid-1980s.  It's difficult to comprehend that as I type these words in 2010 that George Michael's in a cell surrounded by hard core rapists and pedophiles.  The reason Michael's in the slammer is he was smoking weed and driving again but this time he hit a building and could have killed someone.

I knew something was up with Michael since his days of gay sex in public toilets at the Will Rogers State Park.  I never dreamed it would get to this point though.  I admit today the guy's barely recognizable from his days of Wham!  Back in the 80's I kind of sensed George Michael was gay.  In fact he even looked a lot like one of female writers for Rolling Stone Magazine, Sheila Rogers.  (Photo at right). The name Georgia Michael seemed a better fit for the guy.

It's  therefore not too surprising after Michael's female like days with Wham! he'd start to work towards a more manly look much like Donny Osmond was trying to do. One can see in the photo at left these Wham! guys were both groomed by the music industry to appear feminine.  Later, I had no interest in the manly version of a solo George Michael because I knew it was all just an act.  In fact, I hated every single one of George Michael's hits after Wham! and thought he was way over hyped.  I much preferred Gino Vanelli who was nowhere near as popular.  Regardless of my not being much of a fan of Michael's I feel bad he so deteriorated and lost his sense of youth.  

2008 Interview 

Sources inside the prison where Michael's being held say the prisoners are giving him a hard time. There are reports the singer sobbed in his cell shortly after his arrival.

The singer was reportedly in tears when he was first locked inside his cell. And he really packed a sad when inmates started serenading him with twisted versions of his own hits when he arrived at the facility.
An inmate tells the Mirror: "As soon as he arrived some of the prisoners burst into a rendition of Freedom.
"And when he was taken to shower they sang 'Guilty George has got no freedom' to the tune of Careless Whisper. He is sulking. He's wearing prison-issue tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt but doesn't have any shoes on. - Sobbing on G-Wing
Here are a couple of "signs" of George Michael's impending fall:

Author's comments in article (4/2010):  Oh look, it’s Wham! legend George Michael (Or should we say “Back for Wood?”) and his iPhone cruising for strapping Aussies on the gay dating site Way to be incognito, George!

It was only a little while back George Michael was filmed at a David Bowie Annie Lennox rehearsal for the rock classic "Under Pressure"  If you watch this video, Michael is zoomed in on many times and is seen singing with the song.  He understands pressure today all right:
George Michael's filmed in several frames singing behind stage along with Bowie/Lennox at the 
rehearsal for "Under Pressure"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Strange UFO Objects Headed Our Way As Seen on

**Update - a few stories have since disclosed the objects in the Sky-Map site are defects from the photo plating process.  The original article revealing this information created some fictional scientist as well.  My apologies for posting this, but I thought it was interesting.  see Discover News Article Alien Invasion - Um No

I've been interested in astronomy since my early 30's.  Ever since I moved to San Francisco I haven't looked much at the sky since the city lights make it difficult.  I've wanted to go on star parties like the one I went to at Mt. Tam in Los Angeles but never got around to it.  Now I use my computer for sky watching thanks to the high resolution images available on such sites on   It's not quite the same as observing the real sky, but it will do for now.

There's a story circulating about how the government's trying to hide the discovery of several very large UFO objects headed our way that are currently just beyond Pluto.  The objects are reported to be as large as 150 miles long and 50 miles wide that are hurling towards the earth at great speeds. I know it sounds a little corny, but it's alleged they will arrive by the year 2012. The source of this information came from someone at SETI who claims the military took one of their high powered antennas.
"Recent light has been shed on the reason that the SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project has been canceled by the government. It seems that something was starting to happen. According to my sources the government black project boys have taken over some of the antennas and are now processing signals for the exclusive use of the United States Navy. The government seems to be highly upset that more than one very large object is fast approaching Earth."
Technology now makes it possible to use the great site to zoom in on the coordinates of the UFO secret the government doesn't want us to know about.  You can see the objects for yourself by simply copying and pasting the coordinates into the sky map viewer and zooming in on them.  I'm providing the close view of the UFO's below.  These objects weren't planted as hoaxes, rest assured.  The people at Sky-Map are serious astronomers and tampering with their photos would render their site unreliable. For this reason the people at Sky Map would never let their photos become tainted as such.

Instructions for Viewing UFO Coordinates on Sky-Map

The picture of the universe map provided above shows the menu bar at the top left. In order to get to the correct universe configuration to search for the object coordinates listed below, click on the DSS button and choose the first selection, which is the "DSS All Sky Selection".  Then, simply copy and paste in the coordinates I've listed below to view these unusual objects. You can also use the long bar at the left to zoom in on the objects.

These are UFO's that are headed toward earth and currently right outside Pluto.

Coordinates on Sky-Map are: 16 19 35, -88 43 10

Coordinates on Sky-Map are: 19 26 51, -88 42 38

Coordinates on Sky-Map are: 19 25 12, -89 46 03

There are other less  interesting objects. For anyone who wants to view them:

08 50 47, -89 38 09 - curved

14 38 50, -88 40 42 - curved

14 59 06, -88 21 24 - curved

23 13 00, -88 53 11 - curved

02 26 39, -89 43 13 - circular

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Scary Video on CNN of UFO Firing At U.S. Missile Head

This interesting bit of UFO footage shot at Vanderberg Airforce Base was confiscated by none other than the CIA prior to its later release under the Freedom of Information Act (I'm only guessing on the later since the fact was the CIA did confiscate this footage and must have been forced to release it by law).  The footage was released on YouTube in July of 2008.

Bob Jacobs, Ph.D., former USAF Officer, filmed the missile launch and was later interviewed by Larry King over the incident.  Jacobs said he hadn't see anything unusual while shooting the footage.  Later, a superior sat Jacobs down to view the strange activities and was asked if he was "screwing around up there".  As one might guess, Jacobs was told not to tell a soul of what he saw in the footage.  Years later, the truth came out that some UFO did something to the missile head that caused the missile to fail.  If that's not scary I don't know what is!  

Is this not a form of communication of some degree, and a hostile one at that?     

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Quantum 'Power of Now' Trumps Need For Time Travel Machine

One of the subcategories of my former site was that of time travel, not with external machines, but that of utilizing our minds.  If you really think about it, we're already time and space travelers considering our planet travels through space and is entering a phase in 2012 of doing so at 250,000 mph.  That makes every human being on earth an astronaut with the earth acting as our spaceship.

Ever since I read books by Eckhart Tolle about how the present moment is all we have and our being trapped in a continual time loop of past and future is the real problem, I've since changed my perspective of the need for time travel.  In retrospect, people who want to build time machines are simply reflecting the dilemma of being caught in a time loop seeking to expand to that of multiple time loops.

Back in May, 2009, an inventor by the name of Mitchell Kwok of Honolulu, Hawaii applied for a time machine patent under U.S. Patent Application 20090234788.  The man obviously has a lot of "time" on his hands he knows not what to do with. 

Practical Time Machine Using Dynamic Efficient Virtual And Real Robots


A method for time travel, which allows an object or a group of objects to travel into the past or the future, as well as a method to cut objects from the past or future and paste them to the current environment. The present invention, called the practical time machine, requires teams of super intelligent robots that work together in the virtual world and the real world to generate a perfect timeline of planet Earth. The timeline of Earth records all objects, events and actions every fraction of a nanosecond for the past or the future. A time traveler will set a time travel date; the time traveler can be one object or a group of objects. Next, atom manipulators are scattered throughout the Earth to change objects in our current environment based on the timeline; and incrementally, change the current environment until the time travel date. Each atom manipulator is intelligent and manipulates the current environment as well as generating ghost machines to manipulate the current environment. Also, components of the practical time machine can be used to create technology for the purpose of: building cars, planes and rockets that travel at the speed of light, building intelligent weapons, creating physical objects from thin air, using a chamber to manipulate objects, building force fields, making objects invisible, building super powerful lasers, building anti-gravity machines, creating strong metals and alloys, creating the smallest computer chips, collecting energy without any solar panels or wind turbines, making physical DNA, manipulating existing DNA, making single cell organisms, controlling the software and hardware of computers and servers without an Internet connection, and manipulating any object in the world.

According to many string theory physicists, there are parallel universes where multiple versions of reality exist.  As scientists gradually mastered various natural forces on earth, many are looking into how to harness this new knowledge of multi-universes.  For instance, there's a reality where JFK did not get assassinated and a much different world emerged since he was allowed to accomplish his goals of ridding the U.S. of the private Federal Reserve banking system and CIA shadow government that is the cause of many problems.  A time traveler armed with string theory might want to know how to enter that much different world to explore its unique history.

The Power of Now Better Than Time Machine?

Another practical application for a time machine is how virtually everyone has some mistake they've made in the past they'd like to reverse, or want to know how to prevent something terrible from happening.  The only problem with all of this is the powers at be who seek to control all aspects of humanity wouldn't want the average person to possess these powers of time travel.  From a fresh new perspective, the power of now, according to Eckhart Tolle, seems a much more potent a tool.

For instance, the past, present and future are all combined in the now eternal moment.  How perfect is that?  It's very quantum in all respects.  It also cancels out time itself so the very time consuming task of building a time machine is unnecessary.  One therefore has easy access to the entire shebang in every moment encountered.  The key to accessing the moment is one's conscious awareness of it.

One can think of the now moment as a point from where you begin to blow up a balloon.  The air into the balloon can be viewed metaphorically as one's growing awareness and the expansion of it as such.  The delicate surrounding membrane of the balloon eventually pops when the threshold is met in crossing over to a much larger awareness then oneself.

When one thinks how simple the concept of becoming increasingly aware of the now moment is a means to access past, present and future, the concept of a time travel machine seems  counterproductive and even self defeating.  In fact, maybe the "evil ones" can somehow be lured into being trapped in new time lines with such a precarious time machine as a means to get rid of them.