Friday, September 24, 2010

Before & After Faces of Crystal Meth

I used to love an old classic song  Crystal Blue Persuasion (1969) only years later to learn many had believed the song was meant to promote the use of crystal meth.  Turns out, the content of the song was actually written based on parts of the Bible.

According to Wikipedia:

The title of the song came to James while he was reading The Bible's Book of Revelation, according to James in a 1985 interview in Hitch magazine:
"I took the title from the Book of Revelations[sic] in the Bible, reading about the New Jerusalem. The words jumped out at me, and they're not together; they're spread out over three or four verses. But it seemed to go together, it's my favorite of all my songs and one of our most requested."
"However, according to James's manager, James was actually inspired by his reading of the Book of Ezekiel where it speaks of the Blue Shekinah Light which represented the presence of the Almighty God and the Books of Isaiah and Revelation where it speaks of a bright future of a brotherhood of mankind living in peace and harmony."
"Many listeners thought Crystal Blue Persuasion was a drug song advocating the use of "crystal meth" (Methamphetamine). In 1979, noted music writer Dave Marsh described it as "a transparent allegory about James' involvement with amphetamines." Source: Wikipedia

So sad the intent of the song in this video was reinterpreted by those during the drug era as a promotion of crystal meth.  How sad.

 From a genuine classic beauty face, to . . . .
Has anyone noted a pattern in their faces of lifelessness and lack of emotion in most cases - that would be from the beginning to the last photos all the way through?  The lady's eyes in this photo series always look the same as if she's helpless.

Horrifying, isn't it?  All these people had to do was have a glass of wine or cold beer once in a while and chill.  In spite of the association of a good song with crystal meth, I still like it.  Songwriters can't help it if a culture adopts their song as a banner child for drug use.

It makes no sense to me why people would risk their lives over doing a drug when there are so many alternative ways to enjoy relaxing and trip on life.  Have a beer or whatever. Anything but those hard core drugs!