Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Endorse Michael Nava for San Francisco Superior Court Judge

My blog officially endorses Michael Nava for San Francisco Superior Court Judge who is challenging sexist asshole 30 year Republican partner attorney Judge Richard Ulmer's seat.  Judge Ulmer (aka Judge Ulcer) was a creep who overlooked tons of evidence I had in his having whitewashed my latest conclusive evidence obtained from IP address recorders on this blog.  In fact, I recently filed a complaint against Judge Ulmer with the California Commission on Judicial Performance last month.

The Bay Area Reporter writes:
"It is unusual for incumbent judges to be challenged at the ballot box. But Judge Richard Ulmer, whom the governor appointed last summer, has not been on the bench for long. A former Republican, Ulmer, who is now registered as decline-to-state, had previously worked as an attorney at several Bay Area law firms. Ulmer is affable and knows the law, however, that is not reason enough to elect him to a full six-year term."

Since 2007, I've had problems with an intrusive hostile person whose had a long history of problematic behavior on the Internet.  I filed mountains of evidence including subpoenas, court transcripts and a deposition supporting a well deserved case for a restraining order.  The latest evidence I had was IP address logs and ultimate proof of one of five visitors who had read and acknowledged a Saturday morning article on this blog.  Such person had sent a typical disturbing email traced to his blog visit that morning.

At a hearing in July, 2010, Judge Ulmer whitewashed my evidence making a blanket statement that demonstrated he gave preference to a young attorney who he clearly favored regardless of the facts.  In fact, I was disallowed from any oral testimony as a Plaintiff and the defendant wasn't even required to appear in court.  Judge Ulmer required upfront for me to provide evidence only a subpoena could obtain that was completely ludicrous in view of cumulative and strong supporting evidence.  A judge had previously reviewed the evidence granting the hearing prior to my appearing to testify, yet I was ultimately cut off by politics.

Ultimately Judge Ulmer overlooked so many disturbing aspects of the case, it was clear he was playing gender politics in preference for the ego gratification of a young two year attorney.  This is why our court system is corrupt because judges are playing politics overlooking facts and evidence. Such is why I'm supporting Michael Nava, the people's judge who is far better qualified to be Judge then some asshole partner attorney from Latham & Watkins LLP.