Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Scary Video on CNN of UFO Firing At U.S. Missile Head

This interesting bit of UFO footage shot at Vanderberg Airforce Base was confiscated by none other than the CIA prior to its later release under the Freedom of Information Act (I'm only guessing on the later since the fact was the CIA did confiscate this footage and must have been forced to release it by law).  The footage was released on YouTube in July of 2008.

Bob Jacobs, Ph.D., former USAF Officer, filmed the missile launch and was later interviewed by Larry King over the incident.  Jacobs said he hadn't see anything unusual while shooting the footage.  Later, a superior sat Jacobs down to view the strange activities and was asked if he was "screwing around up there".  As one might guess, Jacobs was told not to tell a soul of what he saw in the footage.  Years later, the truth came out that some UFO did something to the missile head that caused the missile to fail.  If that's not scary I don't know what is!  

Is this not a form of communication of some degree, and a hostile one at that?