Friday, September 17, 2010

Singer George Michael's in Prison!!? What?

I don't tend to follow the tabloids or stories of celebrities but did stumble upon some shocking news today.  I was shocked to discover George Michael, the heartthrob pop singer of Wham! in the mid-1980's went to prison on September 14th to complete a two month sentence.  I'm so stunned!  What is the world coming to?

Way back in my early 20's I liked Wham! and George Michael was a huge sensation back in the mid-1980s.  It's difficult to comprehend that as I type these words in 2010 that George Michael's in a cell surrounded by hard core rapists and pedophiles.  The reason Michael's in the slammer is he was smoking weed and driving again but this time he hit a building and could have killed someone.

I knew something was up with Michael since his days of gay sex in public toilets at the Will Rogers State Park.  I never dreamed it would get to this point though.  I admit today the guy's barely recognizable from his days of Wham!  Back in the 80's I kind of sensed George Michael was gay.  In fact he even looked a lot like one of female writers for Rolling Stone Magazine, Sheila Rogers.  (Photo at right). The name Georgia Michael seemed a better fit for the guy.

It's  therefore not too surprising after Michael's female like days with Wham! he'd start to work towards a more manly look much like Donny Osmond was trying to do. One can see in the photo at left these Wham! guys were both groomed by the music industry to appear feminine.  Later, I had no interest in the manly version of a solo George Michael because I knew it was all just an act.  In fact, I hated every single one of George Michael's hits after Wham! and thought he was way over hyped.  I much preferred Gino Vanelli who was nowhere near as popular.  Regardless of my not being much of a fan of Michael's I feel bad he so deteriorated and lost his sense of youth.  

2008 Interview 

Sources inside the prison where Michael's being held say the prisoners are giving him a hard time. There are reports the singer sobbed in his cell shortly after his arrival.

The singer was reportedly in tears when he was first locked inside his cell. And he really packed a sad when inmates started serenading him with twisted versions of his own hits when he arrived at the facility.
An inmate tells the Mirror: "As soon as he arrived some of the prisoners burst into a rendition of Freedom.
"And when he was taken to shower they sang 'Guilty George has got no freedom' to the tune of Careless Whisper. He is sulking. He's wearing prison-issue tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt but doesn't have any shoes on. - Sobbing on G-Wing
Here are a couple of "signs" of George Michael's impending fall:

Author's comments in article (4/2010):  Oh look, it’s Wham! legend George Michael (Or should we say “Back for Wood?”) and his iPhone cruising for strapping Aussies on the gay dating site Way to be incognito, George!

It was only a little while back George Michael was filmed at a David Bowie Annie Lennox rehearsal for the rock classic "Under Pressure"  If you watch this video, Michael is zoomed in on many times and is seen singing with the song.  He understands pressure today all right:
George Michael's filmed in several frames singing behind stage along with Bowie/Lennox at the 
rehearsal for "Under Pressure"