Monday, September 27, 2010

UN Welcome Wagon for Extraterrestrials is Astrophysicist Mazlan Othman?

According to Internet buzz that began with an article from the London Telegraph, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) is about to acknowledge the large amounts of credible evidence of extraterrestrials visiting our planet.  Astrophysist Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, is allegedly preparing to accept an appointment as the UN's coordinator for human response to extraterrestrials in anticipation of aliens making contact with earthlings.  Professor Richard Crowther, an expert in space law and governance at the UK Space Agency and who leads British delegations to the UN on such matters, said “Othman is absolutely the nearest thing we have to a ‘take me to your leader’ person.”

World government is way behind the times since someone long ago already made contact and channeled the extraterrestrials through a song.  The late singer Karen Carpenter made the official connection with the Carpenters' 1977 hit Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft that Wikipedia describes as the recognized anthem of World Contact Day.  The song wasn't a Carpenter original however, having been formerly released by Klaatu (sorry, never heard of the guy).  The Carpenters thought so highly of the composition they turned the song into a 160 musician orchestrated event.

The Carpenters version of Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft charted worldwide as a hit and appeared on several of their (mostly hits collections) albums. The success of the Carpenter's version led to the duo receiving many letters from people asking when World Contact Day would be held

The idea for the song is explained on Wikipedia:
John Woloschuk, a member of Klaatu and one of the song's composers, has said:
The idea for this track was suggested by an actual event that is described in The Flying Saucer Reader, a book by Jay David published in 1967. In March 1953 an organization known as the "International Flying Saucer Bureau" sent a bulletin to all its members urging them to participate in an experiment termed "World Contact Day" whereby, at a predetermined date and time, they would attempt to collectively send out a telepathic message to visitors from outer space. The message began with the words..."Calling occupants of interplanetary craft!"

Keep in mind there's a recent article released 3 minutes ago from the time this was written  as stated on a Washington Post  blog that claims Mazlan Othman denied the London Telegraph story in an email. In spite of what may just be a rumor, Karen Carpenter will always reign as the very first ambassador welcoming the extraterrestrials with a sweet song.