Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wealthy Heiress Huguette Clark Has No Living Trust

One of the strangest stories I've heard in a while is that of the wealthiest woman in the United States, Huguette Clark.  The 104 year old lady is reported to have a half a billion dollars, several huge empty estates worth millions, yet hasn't really been outside a drab hospital she checked herself into 20 years ago. (See Huguette Clark's Alone Now)  Clark has no heirs.  It's clear that Clark has a mental condition which has disabled her from enjoying her fortune she's reported to view as a nuisance.  Clark's attorney, Wallace Bock, is being investigated for possibly taking advantage of Clark's condition.

The first clue here is Clark only has a will, not a trust.  It's a clue the attorney Bock was most likely influencing Clark to limit details a trust would have provided. Wills aren't used for estates of any real capacity and obviously the attorney would want to make sure no succession trustees were named to cloud the succession.

If this next video's any indication, it appears the attorney was making checks out to himself for millions of dollars. A nurse is also reported to have received four homes as gifts.  If this is true about Bock, and the DA finds evidence of his writing checks for millions to himself, this fellow's going to prison. 

A paralegal for attorney Wallace Bock discusses what she witnessed in the video: