Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Awe, Beekind Honey!

Imagine what a wonderful job it would be to hand out free samples of honey all day.  That's what the gals do at the San Francisco Ferry Building's Beekind Honey stand. I tried a a few samples and was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the honeys.  I learned something new too, that honey bees can change the flavor of their honey based on which flowers they pollinate.  I didn't know that! 

I've been looking for a better energy source and am hoping honey will help.  I started using honey to replace sugar in my baked goods a while back.  I was a little hesitant because of the caloric content, but according to Beekind, it is all healthy calories! 

Most of the honey Beekind offers are natural flavors but there are a couple infused honey flavors like Lavender honey as well.  Though they do tend to be on the expensive side they have small sampler jars for $3.50 on their site.  I ended up getting four honey sticks for $1.00 just to try out new flavors.

They also have a section on the Beekind website on how to raise bees.  Bees are amazing insects and there's a fascinating story about how the worker bees care for their queen bees as well as how she slaughters her mate. 

Today there still are couples who refer to one another as "honey" which was largely a term from the 1950's generation.  I don't really hear that anymore.  I think people eventually realized it was overused and cliche.