Sunday, October 24, 2010

San Francisco Giants Fans Hilarious Reaction to World Series Clincher

First, I'd like to start off by showing what the opposing fans go through when their team loses.  Listening to the audio of this video from an earlier game against the Dodgers, one would have thought something truly horrible happened. I thought it would go rather well with my earlier Marilyn Manson Halloween video.

San Franciscan's reaction to the Giant's Pennant Win

How New Yorker's reacted to Giants Win. These people went absolutely bezerk!

Unlike a few of the LA Dodger fans, SF Giants fans celebrate peacefully on the streets of San Francisco and at the local bars

Here's a SF Giants win reaction at a home party

Another SF fans crowd goes nuts at Pedros.

These Giants fans are at a baseball history McCovey's restaurant and pub
in Walnut Creek, CA

These folks were celebrating their 50th anniversary when. . . .

This Giants fan college dorm resident has me analyzing his reaction as being "deeply primal" for pounding his chest and running around his dorm like a monkey.

Finally, you have to feel bad for this SF Giants fan since no one in the room understands him.