Friday, October 8, 2010

Tom Cruise Middle Age Blues Spreading

You can tell actor Tom Cruise has done his share of work outs at the gym, but it's clear his days of glory are over.  The problem for Cruise in this photo clearly shows it's his mid section that needs thinning out.  It's clear from the photo Cruise once had killer abs with definition.

Like I've said many times throughout this blog, no one escapes the doom of middle age; not singer Barry Gibb, not Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, (the horror before and after at right) not even the former Greek god musician performer Yanni.  No one!  The most good looking people eventually fall victim to age. The most beautiful, the most spectacular of people all begin changing around 40+.

So if you're young enjoy it while you can because, like the rest of us, you're headed for a butt ugly middle age life.  One where you'll be forced to remove facial hair yearly, have sun spots removed, have painful IPL skin treatments, pluck gray from your eyebrows and have polyps and various warts removed.

Why did Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb do this to us?  This was cruel!

Why did Babs and Barry find it necessary to come back 30 years later to torment us?

So when you realize looks are fading, life changes and you begin to rely less on your appearance to open social doors and more on your intellect and great personality.

Still not a bad looking guy, Yanni's transformation into mid age is tragic for many of his 90's fans. It wasn't just all about his music, it was his mane of gorgeous hair!   We weep at the loss of his youth.  We weep for ourselves. We weep for humanity at large.

Yanni in the early 1990's *sigh*

I don't think I'll quite get over Yanni's transformation.  God's so cruel to make us all age.  Why must this happen?  Why???? Very few get better with age.  

Singer Julio Iglesias - Triple chin, what?

Julio Iglesias in early 1980's - Hypnotic

The most tragic is probably the loss of George Michael.   Age is much like earthquake or natural disaster changing things forever. No one escapes the ravages of time. No one!

George Michael in 2010 - We're all doomed.

What this all means is that the most attractive people of yesterday can turn into prunes in a matter of a couple decades.  I don't understand why any of these guys seek the limelight today being mere shells of their former lives.  They made it with their good looks and talent. I may speak for myself, but I don't think the public really needs these guys parading around and performing any more.  There's always fresh new faces and talent waiting to be discovered and it's their turn to shine now.  

I beg these old timer guys to leave us with our fond memories of them and to stay out of the public spotlight as much as possible. Otherwise, they should be aware how shocking and horrifying it is to so many of us who witnessed their hey day.  We be shocked!