Tuesday, October 5, 2010

U.S. Navy Tries To Sneak In Plans for Destructive Ocean Coastal War Games

Like a criminal camouflages himself onto someone's property in the middle of the night to rob the sleeping occupant, the U.S. Navy's been disguising itself  with absurd environmental studies prior to genocidal war games against U.S. mammal life involving destructive acts against coastal natural resources.

Back in September I received an email from Activist Rosalind Peterson of the Agriculture Defense Coalition.  Peterson was sounding the threat alarm after having read the Navy's thousand-page environmental impact statement on its plans to conduct war games in U.S. Coastal waters for five years.

"I think that everyone along the way kept quiet about this; hoping it would go through without us really knowing and having a voice in the process," said Peterson.  KTVU.com 
The Navy acknowledges more than a half million marine mammals -- mostly whales and dolphins -- could be harmed by explosions and especially by sonar. But environmentalists say the true numbers could be as high as 11 million, even when warships are miles away.  All  this death and mayhem for military rehearsals for war games!

Pure Madness - Boys in the U.S. Navy Plan Their Pathetic War Games 
of Mammal Mass Genocide At the Expense of America's Coastal Communities

Boys will be boys with their war game toys!  They apparently think they'll have a lot of fun out on the ocean blowing things up and killing ocean life to make them feel like powerful men. The reality is they're nothing but pathetic cowards.  When Americans catch a whiff of what these military assholes have carelessly done to destroy our ocean coast, including protected ocean reserves, they will turn against their own military and government in the droves!

Listen to a spokesperson lie in describing this horrific fish kill:

Americans will draw the line when their government begins destroying, not protecting, natural resources like our coastal oceans.  Every normal person loves nature and the beauty of the ocean.  This kind of military behavior is unjustified and should be criminalized.  These military men should not be given free reign to do whatever they want in this country.  They work for us, and most all Americans would be opposed to this if the major media ever picked up this story to expose it.  These U.S. military men pose far more of a threat to America then alleged terrorists do because they obey the orders of criminals high up.  

In California the U.S. Navy 5-Year Warfare Training Expansion is planned for Northern
California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The Final U.S. Navy Environmental Impact
Statement the EIS/OEIS was released on September 10, 2010. Current and Final  EIS/OEIS documents are available for public review on the Navy website (9): There will be a thirty day public comment period which will end on October 11, 2010. Also note that the NOAA permit for the Navy to begin their warfare testing program will be out in several weeks and we will have another thirty days for public comment. It is time petition our elected officials for U.S. Congressional hearings to protect our marine mammals.

Note the number of toxic chemicals to be used and the redundant radar, missile, and
bomb testing that are planned for these area over land and in the Pacific Ocean. (The
Southern California 5-Year Warfare Testing is currently underway.)  Source PDF

For those who seek protest from this insanity, write Senator Barbara Boxer and submit a comment with the Navy site by October 11, 2010.