Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why A City of Dreams Has No Cemetaries

I did a loan signing for someone from Rainbow City Alabama at the San Francisco Hyatt a few days ago. He told me his city got its name from a plentiful array of gorgeous rainbows.  This got me to thinking about where I've been living the past 16 years.  San Francisco has it's own kind of rainbows, that's for sure. The rainbow flags of the gay Castro district!

I further pondered how strange it is in how San Francisco seems to gloss over its city's murders and death in many ways.  Here's a good example of what I'm referring to; you can check out for yourself all the murdered folks on San Diego County Crime Stoppers site's open cases versus the San Francisco Bay Area's Crime Stoppers anonymous tips page.  The difference is shocking.  According to the bay area site, no one got murdered in San Francisco since the site fails to list any open cases to solve.   

Is it Really a Matter of Limited Land Availability for San Francisco?
Then there's the other issue that San Francisco has no cemeteries. It's quite an eye opener to someone like myself who rarely leaves the city to take a little trip now and then.  I'm always amazed at all the burial grounds other cities have.  Following the 1906 earthquake and fire, many San Franciscans simply disappeared into the ether.

Everyone I've spoken with in San Francisco has always claimed there's no land available for cemeteries but I disagree.  Angel Island could certainly accommodate cemeteries for the residents of San Francisco. There's a huge amount of undeveloped squandered land on Angel Island.  Aside from the fact it's a State park, the state could sell part of Angel Island due to its budget crisis.  Angel Island would make the perfect site for cemeteries, churches and community gathering for San Francisco. 

I've since come to the realization that the reason San Francisco has no acknowledged murders as stated on its crime stopper site or cemeteries as such, is possibly because it has coined itself the City of Dreams.  This is a city where if you can dream it with all your heart, it becomes reality.  Such the popularized phrase from the Tony Bennett song, I Left My Heart in San Francisco will never die.

Therefore, San Francisco's not a city of destruction or death as past history has always demonstrated, but rather has overcome all odds by being a city of dreamers.  Such is why San Francisco is so unique.  So many have suffered and died in this city from various disasters yet it has built itself time and time again on people's hard work based on their dreams. 

In San Francisco, many dream away death, it just doesn't happen.