Saturday, November 27, 2010

Are Chemtrails Worldwide Biowarfare Against Humanity?

I've been doing some research lately about the chemtrail aerial spraying that's been done worldwide for several years now.  The health effects of the spraying are real.  Even my former boyfriend from 1982, now Harvard graduate book author, was asked to present his research findings in a video (below) about how chemtrail spraying affected people in the Pacific Grove area in California.

My former boyfriend from 1982 talks about how chemtrails made many people sick in Pacific Grove, CA and how the government turned a blind eye to complaints.

I've since come to the determination that this chemtrail stuff is both chemical and biological warfare on humanity using various replicating advanced nanotechnologies to alter our bodies for diabolical purposes.  I've been reading over the research of those suffering from Morgellon's disease especially, who have pulled out various nanotube substances from their bodies and documented them.  The cover-up by the medical community of Morgellon's disease in claiming the disease is imaginary and based in patient delusion is even more of a red flag.  Perhaps the medical community is afraid the government will come after them for exposing what's been going on.

This man, described as "Blue" on the site began his discovery by duly noting people's symptoms in his community and workplace
"I've observed in recent years that co-workers, those I've attempted to train especially, all seem to be losing their short term memory. They'll set a coffee cup down and forget its whereabouts 10 sec later, they'll work on stuff for the field and leave the office without it. 10 years ago trainees could be given three or four tasks at one time and remember them all, now they can only handle one at a time at best, very spooky.  Children in particular, those who should have a strong memory, seem affected also. Store clerks and others seem to suffer from these same neurological symptoms as well." - Chemtrails and Moregellons - It's Worse Than You Thought!
In his article, Blue went on to share his observations and experiments in what he claims links chemtrail aerial spraying with Morgellons disease.  For the past few years, those with symptoms of Morgellon's disease have been trying to get the word out that there's something very wrong happening to their bodies, and it's not their imaginations. Unfortunately not many have been willing to listen or research the issue because it's a little too scary to deal with.

I thought I'd present some of Blue's findings here as well as samples and links to photos documented the past 13 years by a Morgellon's sufferer Jan Smith who has painstakingly pulled foreign objects out of her body and put them under a microscope.  Months ago I wrote about Morgellons disease using it metaphorically to best describe parasitic attorneys. 

"I started looking at the collected water with an old microscope in early April by drying about 30 drops on a microscope slide and saw immediately what appeared to be what I'd seen coming from Morgellons patients on the web. I really had thought the story was a hoax quite frankly, but know now otherwise. I started to look at all my samples and found dozens of these fibers. Confirmation of what these fibers were came on April 18 2007, when a "Goldenhead" nano sensor was isolated.  This confirmation was quite the shock cause I knew then all of us in the White Mountains at least were all being infected with this bizarre nano affliction, infestation, infection."  - Chemtrails and Morgollen's - It's Worse Then You Thought

 Spectrum of fluorescent pigmented colors used by the nanotechnology industry

See examples of the colorful fibers pulled from Morgellons patients here under Jane Smith's Great Balls of Fiber section of the site.  There are all kinds of different materials that come from Morgellon disease including glass like materials and various worm tube like creatures that have things inside that replicate themselves.  The colored fibers are mild compared to some of the nanotechnology insectoids that have been discovered by patients in their bodies.  The octogon (below right) is a nano based glass object pulled from a Morgellons patient.

The primary reason for the biological warfare against humans is speculated to be based in transhumanism:
Transhumanism is an international intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics and capacities. The movement regards aspects of the human condition, such as disability, suffering, disease, aging, and involuntary death as unnecessary and undesirable. Transhumanists look to biotechnologies and other emerging technologies for these purposes. Dangers, as well as benefits, are also of concern to the transhumanist movement. - Wikipedia
In a recent article Five Dark Scenarios of Transhumanity published in the transhumanism magazine, one of the dark 5 is:

4.  Co-option of transhumanity by fascists, oligarchs, and super-empowered individuals

The slippery slope of this scenario posits the rise of a transhuman ruling class who, when challenged by the underclass, recede into their own sense of authority & enhanced intelligence to determine that the only appropriate course of action is to subjugate the masses and shepherd the rise of transhuman governance. If transhuman enhancement is truly advantageous, yet remains available only to an elite class, then in all likelihood those elites will embrace the technology to their competitive advantage. Since it would be folly to assume that human technological enhancement will remediate our most basest evolutionary program of survival of the fittest, the likelihood of enhanced predatory elites seizing global power is not so small. The darkest scenario might see transhuman governance requiring control & tracking implants in all newborns - perhaps a bit hyperbolic but not inconceivable if the type of global predators that currently traverse societies gained access to advanced transhuman technologies.