Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday's Living Dead Zombie Americans

On Black Friday Americans were willing to trample one another like living dead zombies to get the best deals on cheap foreign made plastic crap at Walmart or Target.  

So is this what America's come to? Thousands of Americans waiting out in the cold for long hours to get into one's local junk mart for a few sales?  Then, beating down the doors and running down the isle not caring what little old lady was pushed aside to get to the made in China salt shakers?

This outstanding video shows clips of Americans acting crazy over cheap foreign made plastic goods on sale at Walmart!

Very few of the Americans in the video posted above probably even realize how their behavior is really destroying the U.S. economy.  Proponents of outsourcing point to all the cheap goods filling U.S. stores as a good thing, but they never tell about all the good paying American jobs that have been lost.

Sacrificing the U.S. industrial base for cheap foreign-made plastic crap is kind of like throwing one's furniture into the fire to keep your house warm.  Americans are literally participating in their own economic destruction. Time is running out to solve the problem! The United States has been running trade deficits for over three decades.  Big corporations like Ford Motor Company are making record profits by shipping our jobs out of the country.
-The American Dream Blog

As the video summarizes, imagine how these people will behave when there's no food or needed items on the shelves!  The entire infrastructure of the U.S. economy is being hollowed out and many Americans just go on acting like it's business as usual.