Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Good Example of the Pathetic Existence Some Attorneys Lead

So a client comes to an attorney for his help who has a background of a public nuisance conviction and for trespassing.  I'm not saying just a little problematic, but major psycho material.  A woman (myself) in the legal profession has been trying to stop the man's intense and well documented pattern of sadistic psychological torture against her the past 3 years by filing a lawsuit and request for a restraining order. The stranger ignored her cease and desist letters and hid behind a PO Box.

In view of these facts, as an attorney, what do you do to uphold your profession when such a problematic person comes to you for help?  Do you try to slaughter the opposing woman with lies in court and deny her rights in trying to prevent her from future litigation in the matter?  Do you believe every word your client tells you?  The sad fact is the attorney chose to side with his problematic well documented client to cover up for his activities and accept his lies while trying to get money out of the woman for his legal fees.

I have a good example and commentary on this shallow male based conquest that follows:

Back in August, 2010, I let go of a restraining order case against the attorney's client I was told was denied being granted a hearing.  The court clerk initially handed me back the RO with a "denied" stamp on it.  Upon my inquiry and offer of clarification of new evidence I had obtained, the clerk told me a judge would review it.  I never heard back so I believed it was denied.  As far as I was concerned, that was my final attempt to obtain a well deserved restraining order against a very crazy man who refused to stop his activities.   

Such a person admitted under oath he once contacted the FBI when his website no longer appeared at the top of Google.  From such admitted facts, one can deduce such an individual likely views himself as extremely important perhaps on the level of Bill Gates or the King of England. In other words, such an individual seems to have a paranoid schizophrenic profile lacking self awareness and the ability to discern right from wrong. 

One day I received an email from the attorney representing his problematic client.  He made me aware that the restraining order hearing was granted.  I thought the attorney's communication was quite odd since the RO had never been served on his client.  Apparently the attorney was monitoring the court calendar and noted a RO had been successfully filed.  As a result of learning the RO was valid, I had it served on the attorney's client.  Essentially, the attorney made the RO case happen after I had let it go.

The reason the attorney made the RO case happen was he wanted to set me up in court with the judge with a motion.  The motion made it appear another person and not the attorney's client was harassing me. My new evidence with IP addresses showed otherwise.  When I went to the hearing, the judge would not allow me to testify and whitewashed my evidence.  The whole purpose of the hearing was really a set up in order for the attorney to make money from the case and then ask the court for me to pay his legal fees. Judge Richard B. Ulmer granted the attorney's request for his fees. (See New Evidence of San Francisco Superior Court Corruption)

The attorney essentially wasn't looking to prevent the RO case I had let go of, but to make it happen so he could make money and collect from me.  Another underhanded thing this attorney did was not properly serve me with other important documents by a process server or other qualified professional. Instead, the attorney served his own papers on me at the hearing that I did not open believing they were related to the hearing that day.

The attorney essentially did something underhanded having served me himself with his case involving collecting his legal fees.  I didn't even open it because I was feeling overwhelmed with his materials.  I knew a valid serve of any new case from the attorney or client would only be from a process server or sheriff, not from the attorney himself. The envelope contained important documents that were improperly served and calculated to lead to a serious matter of missing a hearing. I had previously informed the attorney I wasn't opening any of his numerous harassing materials.

Insidious Evil Lawyers 

So these are the insidious games male attorneys, likely frustrated by the surge of women attorneys and Supreme Court justices, are playing out there.  It's quite sad the level this attorney sank under the belief I have money and assets. My vehicle is an electric bicycle and I've never owned real property in my life. I haven't owned a car since 1986.  I've lived a very conservative life with the basics and have rarely taken vacations anywhere in my life.  I haven't been to Europe, on any cruise ever, not anything more than a couple days here and there of Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Portland OR, Los Angeles and Monterey, CA.

So try to wrap your mind around that one a few minutes and just take in how manipulative and diabolical it is.  This is what attorneys have reduced themselves to, working on criminals behalves to cover up for them while going after people's money for legal fees.  The court is supporting the activities of criminals and allowing them unquestioned credibility while going like bloodhounds after anyone  who they believe has money.

Last month this same attorney lost his bid for his own restraining order against me that was entirely frivolous. I filed an answer with the court but didn't attend the hearing or have any representation. The court denied the attorney's RO request.  The attorney went into court and had the audacity to think he had grounds for a RO!  He's as nuts as his client in my opinion.  Manipulative, diabolic, unreasonable and just plain evil.  Just another class warfare idiot.