Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leaving a Bankrupt California Is On The Table

Wow, I had a nightmare as I dozed off last night that some man was suffocating me to death. He initially walked into the room masquerading as a speaker at a conference and I complimented him on his tie.  He acted like some angry Mafia hit man and began to molest and then suffocate me from behind.  I was trying to scream for help and was nearly relieved a woman entered the room, but to my utter horror she was "in on it".  As I was dying and drooling from suffocation, the both of them were waiting for the big gun hit man to enter the room and were staring at the door. I believed they were going to kill me. I woke up feeling shortness of breath. I felt a lot of fear. WTF?

What could such a nightmare possibly mean except as a metaphor.  As a native Californian of 50 years, it doesn't come without great thought that I find myself pondering leaving my home state that will one day be suffocating to live in.  Others have also been sharing with me why they decided to leave. The state isn't what it used to be and is quickly becoming a mere shadow of its former glory.  It's going to get really bad here.
Is the state of California bankrupt?  Well, an increasing number of politicians and economic analysts are answering that question in the affirmative.  The truth is that California is a complete and total economic disaster area. End of the American Dream
California was formerly one of the best states to live in the entire country but now it's nearly bankrupt.  My internal radar is telling me chaos is imminent.  California is a strong police state with the largest prison population in the nation.  The state's court system has become a fine tuned mindless machine due to the large population and a dangerous one at that.  People fall through the cracks in this state like pancakes.  The court system likes to keep attorneys busy and causes much unnecessary problems in order to keep its local legal community economically strong.  In other words, the court system in California is corrupt beyond measure.  I've posted about how corrupt and overly political San Francisco's courts are that is truly mind boggling.  (see New Evidence of San Francisco Superior Court Judge Corruption)

In considering where I might be moving to, I've got to take into consideration I have a condition known as Raynaud's phenomenon.  In the slightest cold weather the blood appears to leave my hands and feet and they turn absolute white and numb.   At times I still haven't adjusted to the degree of cold strong winds in San Francisco that rip through at 60 mph at a wind pocket where I live.

There are few states I know of that have the same weather conditions of California so I'm using my network to try and find a state I can tolerate.  In this age of the Internet it's easy to find housing and local conditions and chat with the locals on-line.  My guard will be up for problems, I'm not as naive as I used to be.

In any event, I'm tired of dealing with cyber stalkers who send stuff in the mail and a local corrupt government that is overly political and socialistic. The judges in San Francisco are over the top and it's scary the degree of delusion they have about the extent of their power and importance.

The other issue is I would miss the huge earthquake scheduled for the San Francisco Bay area at any time.  People here are living on a ticking time bomb. 
Here are states on the table I'm looking into:

Nevada (no taxes!)