Thursday, November 4, 2010

The REAL Reason Why NASA's Banned Moonwalking

If you really think about it, it's kind of strange NASA's never been back to the moon with a manned mission since the late 1960's. By now many thought with all of our great new technologies we would have had tourist flights to the moon and back. Clearly there was an industry for people who wanted to visit the moon, if not just a flyby trip. Better yet, why not build something on the moon as a stepping stone to other planets? According to a few former NASA employees, there's a good reason why we've never been back to the moon.

According to these excellent videos, the reason why we haven't gone back is because the moon's swarming with scary and aggressive extraterrestrial life forms!  It's even alleged in NASA photographs that massive alien bases and structures exist on the moon.

This is eyewitness testify of a former NASA employee being shown top secret photographs.

This video goes through history of strange objects and phenomenon on the moon up to NASA landing.  It shows NASA footage an purported evidence of massive extraterrestrial structures.

Then there's this recent article on AOL News, Some Say Moon Photos Show Signs of Alien Life:
"What NASA did not tell the American people is that it discovered the remains of an ancient lunar civilization, and to this day, that data and those artifacts have been withheld from the American people," claims Richard C. Hoagland, founder of The Enterprise Mission, an extensive private space research analysis website.
One interesting theory I've read about the moon is that it's allegedly hallow.  What's that all about?  A few scientists have been perplexed  to the extent they've even suggested that the moon's an artificial object:
Astronomy data indicates that the internal regions of the Moon are less dense than the outer, giving rise to the inevitable but outrageous speculation that it could be hollow. The eminent and late scientist Carl Sagan, a typical sceptic, had made the statement, "A natural satellite cannot be a hollow object." But meaning here that if it is hollow, it is not a natural satellite -- and therefore artificial.

Possibly the strongest evidence for it to be a 'hollow object' comes from the fact that when meteors strike the Moon, the latter rings like a bell. More specifically when the Apollo crew in November 20, 1969 released the lunar module, after returning to the orbiter, the module impact with the Moon caused their seismic equipment to register a continuous reverberation like a bell for more than an hour. The same effect occurred with Apollo 13's third stage which caused the Moon to ring for over three hours. So what's going on with the Moon?

Two Soviet scientists, Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, have spent much of their careers examining the facts compiled on lunar phenomena. Their conclusion is that the Moon is artificial, possibly a hollowed-out planet, and that it was steered from some distant region of the galaxy into a circular orbit around our planet (hence the extraordinary mystery of rock and Moon-dust age variations). They claim that intellectual life has existed in the Moon for eons. - Earth's Moon and Human Evolution - The Canadian National Newspaper

UFOs imprints on moon from long ago?

Sometimes one can deduce facts from the illogical absence of something, such as why the astronauts haven't gone back to the moon. Everyone knows the moon could have been a lucrative venture for the United States to use for its various experiments and operations.  Considering NASA recently announced Mars is the next destination for human travel (See Journeying to Mars on a One-Way Ticket - Discovery News), you've just got to wonder why the moon's out of the picture.

If one really thinks hard about it, there's just got to be a serious reason why NASA hasn't sent another manned mission to the moon.  It's not for lack of technology, practicality or for a lack of anything that could be gained from it.  Obviously something very serious has prevented human beings landing on the moon, especially since doing so had great commercial and economical value on earth.  All the other countries have also withheld visiting.  Some thing's really out there and it doesn't appear they have any sense of humor or we would have been back by now.