Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DNA Genetic Lab Results for $99!

Ever wanted to know the truth about your distant ancestry roots and thousands of years of migration, or the potential health weaknesses  you face due to your particular genetics?  Now you can! A company called is offering an introductory $99 spit kit to genotype your DNA along with a one year web account $5/mo special.  The $99 special lasts through December 25, 2010 at which time it will go back to $499.

The website offers valuable information regarding the results of your DNA test and will be updated on-line with new test information each month.  Results include filling in the missing gaps of your ancestral tree to discover its global origins and even tracking ancestral migration while providing your genetic health risks.  Did you know your disease risk is impacted by genetics?  Now you can step up check-ups in coordination with any factors provided in the DNA test results.  This could potentially be a life saving intervention.
Some inherited mutations greatly increase your likelihood of developing certain diseases later in life. For example, one rare mutation tested by 23andMe is associated with a nearly 60% lifetime risk of Parkinson's disease.
This is cutting edge DNA technology everyone should take advantage of as a golden opportunity to learn about themselves and genetic heritage. Think about it, we're the first humans able to access this information ever in the history of mankind!  Of course, there are more in-depth expensive tests but this one still provides plenty of information your average doctor doesn't provide.  Tests results take 6-8 weeks on average.

If you really think about it, this DNA spit kit makes a wonderful Christmas gift for someone too.