Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gov't Wants To Stop Cell Phone Driving with Disabler Technology

I wish the U.S. government would get its nose out of everybody's life.  What a nuisance!  We the taxpayers elect them to represent us in our best interests and all they think of are crazy ways to control and herd us all like cattle.

When I learned from Discovery News yesterday the U.S. Department of Transportation is looking into technology to disable cell phones in vehicles, I thought first about the benefits of having access to mobile emergency communication devices.  Why is the government thinking of only the negative and not the positive things cell phones do for people in their vehicles?  For instance, what if a crazy man's following you one night, wouldn't it be nice to call for help? Or what if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere? 
In addition to its efforts to educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving, the U.S. Department of Transportation is evaluating technology that would disable cell phones in automobiles. The move is a response to the growing number of deaths and injuries related to distracted driving.  Government Evaluating Cell Phone Disablers in Cars - Discovery News
So where's the govt's sound reasoning?  If people use hands free cell phone technology and are simply talking as if someone were in their vehicle, that's the same as conversing with another passenger.  I don't see the gov't logic, especially when the benefits of cell phone technology aren't apparently being considered.  It seems the gov't is looking for any way it can to get itself into our daily personal lives to control us. 

Cell Phone Technology Can Save & Protect Lives!

I remember way back in 1979 driving home from working late at the Marriott at LAX (Los Angeles Airport) and some strange old man in his car was trying to wave me down and pick up on me.  He began following and I managed to run inside a locked gate before he pulled into my driveway.  Had I not been so lucky, a cell phone would have come in handy.  Why isn't the gov't considering the good things cell phones can do as well?

Back in 1985 I was on the cutting edge of technology selling cell phones in Redondo Beach, California.  Back then, they were pretty cumbersome and often came with briefcases for vehicles.  I remember driving around thinking how cool having a portable phone was like I was in some James Bond spy movie.  I only sold the phones a few months but the owner of the cell phone store went on to become a millionaire.

Thirteen years later in 1997 I was still on the cutting edge with a far less cumbersome cell phone but I remember very few people had caught onto the cell phone craze yet.  In fact, it seemed just when people began to catch on in 2001, I became burnt out on carrying around a cell phone so I gave it up a few years. Today I find cell phone technology indespensible now that most everyone uses it.

It seems to me if the gov't really cared about people's safety and welfare, they'd make sure the electro mangetic energy from the cell phones isn't dangerous to our brains.  Seriously, it's possible cellphones are altering the neuro infrastructure of the human brain.  Frequent cell phone use over long periods of times could have dire consequences for us all.