Saturday, December 11, 2010

Law Student Writes Death Threat Note to Imaginary Lunch Bag Thief

I just couldn't resist posting this hilarious story about a Boston University Law School student who became enraged when he believed someone was stealing his lunch out of the campus refrigerator.  His note was posted on the Above The Law blog a few days ago.  What a way to begin one's career!

The mark of a future litigation attorney who feels victimized imagining a guilty party while litigating based on delusions.  (Click to enlarge)

After litigating his intentions in a note to the thief, Frank asked to check the video records of the campus refrigerator area.  What he discovered were the janitors were removing his old moldy lunches he left too long in the refrigerator.  The law school posted on the refrigerators they'd be cleaned out every Friday.  As Above the Law blog stated:
Dude, you’re not being victimized by some asshole who steals lunches. You’re the a**hole who is leaving your lunch around too long and fouling up the community refrigerator.
I will now wait patiently until Frank sends me pictures of himself kicking his own ass. - Source

This is a good example of the delusional nature of a law student and how lawyers, who often live inside their heads, take out their personal frustrations on victims in their briefs with baseless imaginary and/or fabricated and/or exaggerated accusations.

I thought I'd add a few more similar related notes of others - Here's one from a lady who believes she has a peeping Tom neighbor: