Friday, December 17, 2010

RED ALERT: Trader Joe's Prices Rising - Sure Sign of Coming Food Inflation

I've been a loyal shopper of Trader Joes since the 1990's because of their reasonable prices and uniquely creative food selections.  For the first time ever, I've noticed a huge jump in TJ's food prices.  Take for instance like my favorite cereal being discontinued and new choices being in the $3.50 to $3.99 category.  The servings seem meager too, as I now only got 5 bowls of cereal per box.  As many familiar shoppers are well aware,  TJ's is known for its reasonable prices so the 30-40% hike really caught my attention.

I was a bit premature in food storage preparation back in early 2009. Back then I vacuum packaged dozens of chicken breasts, vegetables, ground coffee, homemade granola and beef jerky, and yes, even Trader Joes cereal.  The only problem is I've since devoured it all fearing after a year or more the food would go bad.

As part of my food storage strategy, I also got a food dehydrator I recently sold.  I could hardly believe all the people who answered  my Craigslist ad.   Two women were actually fighting over the dehydrator they wanted it so badly. The buyer later drove out from Napa to pick it up.  What the lady probably didn't realize was the amount of electricity it takes to dry fruits and wet foods is ridiculous that it's probably cheaper to buy it in the store. 

After seeing this Glen Beck video (below) about inflation I've decided to start all over again to vacuum package food right before the prices really skyrocket.  According to Glenn Beck, the inflation could be staggeringly high where a Hershey chocolate bar could cost $15.00.  Beck cited the National Inflation Association as a credible source for potential prices.  Let's hope they're wrong.

One thing I know for sure is Americans won't tolerate their comfort foods being taken from them. There will be crazy riots and heads will definitely roll when food becomes scarce and expensive.  Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute thinks a good future investment might be guillotines. 

Gerald Celente on the Alex Jones Show Talks about "Off With Their Heads" Trends

In San Francisco they're closing major supermarket chains owned by Kroger Foods (e.g. Ralphs and Cala Foods).  Many wonder what's going on, where will they get food in San Francisco if this continues.  It's smart to store food prior to people going insane and all the hoarding that will be going on.