Friday, December 10, 2010

Royal Bubble World of Prince Charles Popped By UK Student Furor

Living in a royal bubble world, the royal couple is shocked after they had the audacity to drive their Rolls Royce through a major UK student uprising over inflated college expenses.

 Video of the royal attack

Imagine how out of touch with your people you'd have to be to have your Rolls Royce driven through a major student riot on the way to some snobby royal performance event?  These students in this video are shouting "tory scum" and "off with their heads!".  According to reports and photos, their royal highness scum were shocked and drop jawed over the incident.  Imagine the nerve these royal people have to do such a thing.  What did they expect, to be applauded and bowed to?
Camilla was prodded in the ribs with a stick through the open window of their Rolls Royce as she and Charles were driven to the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium.

One of the vintage car's windows was left open by mistake before the vehicle was surrounded by a snarling mob of rioting students and activists.

The car was kicked, rocked and hit with paint bombs as up to 20 demonstrators attacked it and chanted 'Off with their heads!' and 'Tory scum', leaving the couple visibly shaken.

One thug managed to lean into the car through the window nearest to Camilla, who was left terrified by the biggest Royal security lapse in a generation.  - Source -

That was a dumb thing for the royals to do.  One could even say they clearly lack common sense.