Friday, December 10, 2010

Singers Be Afraid, Very Afraid of Holographic Vocaloids!

Just when you thought outsourcing might have reached its peak, here comes a new wave of technology to take more jobs.  After the successful introduction in Japan of holographic vocaloid performers, aspiring future singer and dance performers should be freaking out everywhere.

Just as many pianists who played gigs in hotel bar lounges lost their jobs to technology with self-playing pianos, who needs singers when people will pay real money to go to concerts and be entertained by holographic 3D performers?  Japan is going wild for its vocaloid performers and many countries want a worldwide tour.

Japan has successfully launched the first vocaloid concerts.

I must be honest, I never thought something so ridiculous as this soulless, spiritless machine projection performance would cause such excitement and enjoyment as it apparently does.  The concerts in Japan have been sold out!  Who needs real singers when people are willing to pay hard cash for a 3D cartoon performance?  There would be limited overhead of replacing the performer's million dollar contract with low cost computer programming.  

I hate to break it to the audience but in reality what they're really watching is math formulas playing out from a computer. It's all pure math.  As people become more open to androids, robots and artificial intelligence I sense there's a certain danger up ahead.  Human beings may become disposable, replaceable as machines take our jobs in all aspects of life.  I recall the Wired Magazine article in 1999, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us. (PDF download)  Well, here's hard evidence humans are gradually being phased out of everything.