Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time to Fez Up That Evil, Wicked, Sick People Rule Our World

I don't know about anyone else, but the Queen of England scares me.  It's sad so many give the Queen of England so much power over their lives.  The Queen's not just a figurehead as many claim, she has enormous power over many countries. Her majesty purportedly comes from a family line of Illuminati blood thirsty inhumane monsters!  Neither the Beatles, Elton John nor Bee Gees worked to change reality whatsoever for the Brit Royalty.  

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair looks really creepy in this 1986 photo. 

Undoubtedly, Tony Blair has a wicked look. Just add fangs and you've got instant vampire.

Really scary, inhuman looking Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napalitano looks as if she's in a Twilight Zone episode in this photo.  AKA "Big Sis", making her debut at Wal Mart Stores, urges shoppers to spy on one another in the aisles.  Be afraid, very afraid!

By now any sane American knows this demented bastard former Vice President Dick Cheney is evil on steroids.  Last I checked his approval rating prior to leaving office was a whopping 19%.  Many innocents have lost their lives over this insane man's working behind the scenes.  It's so sad the insane rose in American politics and have roosted for so long.

A slimy Larry Silverstein, a disgraceful business man, admitted on television that Building 7 of 9/11 was demolished.  He later obtained millions of dollars in the buildings' insurance policy he took out only a few weeks prior.

Billionaire businessman George Soros, the  living zombie corpse of an insidious man hiding behind an image. His eyes look like they've been replaced by two black coals. Just look at that mouth!

This is the same pope that has been recently reported to have impeded investigations of child molestation. This photo says it all really.  "Come to me my children, let me lay my grubby paws on you."

This David Rockefeller guy has been behind a lot of the big brother, new world order infrastructure forming.  According to an Aaron Russo, Freedom To Fascism, documentary, Rockefeller wants everyone chipped so they can be controlled by the new world government.

Living corpses and nearing their graves, hoping sooner than later, the evil Bush crime family can rot in hell.

A pathetic George W. Bush doesn't regret torturing innocent Iraqi's

Evil in her own spineless clown kinda way, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's a vehicle for evil people's plans doing whatever they tell her to do.  Clinton's working hard to erase the borders between Canada and the United States. Hillary Clinton is a traitor and a Council of Foreign Relations member.

Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak. Evil's all over his face, he looks Mafia. 

German Chancellor Merkel's face says it all having sold out to the Illuminati plan to as one article put it, "shove the EU down Europe's throat".  I guess I have no plans to vacation in Europe now.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is much like a whore who does whatever evil men tell her to do.

I'll end this world family photo album with one of the weirdest of them all:

This guy Bzezinski, the "damned one" looks like a lizard.

Some believe that reptilians are influencing us. An evil spirit behind 5 US Presidents, Bzezinski sure gives credence to the idea. Visionary David Icke just may be right. Something drives these people.