Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Try Not Watching Television To See If A Parallel Universe Opens Up

I guess it's time to let visitors know the truth about me as an author of this blog. Back in 2007 I stopped watching television after I got rid of Comcast.  I got rid of television because I realized it was nothing but repeats and commercials and was driving me nuts. I began to realize how insane it was to watch Will & Grace reruns as much as five times and that there were actually two channels that played W&G at the same time.

Since that time a few years ago of realizing television was wasting my life away, I've noted something very strange happening. I really feel as though I'm fading from this world fast though I'm healthy and haven't been diagnosed with any disease.  It's my opinion that this time period we're living in is going to get really bad and that my consciousness is leading me out of the horrific future time line in history.

In an excellent commentary on television's impact on our culture Marilyn Alexander's 2009 article Is Television Destroying Our Lives?" one of the best I've come upon:
My husband is a good example of what TV can do to the mind, when he watches TV he is completely transported into a different dimension in his mind. I say this because he becomes oblivious to the world around him, I could be choking and he would never know, I would have to fight for my life until the add break and hope he notices then. I have tried hard to distract him from TV but to no avail, once that box has got a hold on him its tickets, I just wave goodbye and hope that the box will mercifully and gently ease him out of his television induced coma. - Is Television Destroying Our Lives?

I've noted my mind is no longer focused on things the current culture produces as it used to be.  I don't go to movies either. I'm the kind of person who used to watch movies over and over again at the theater.I haven't even seen Avatar and my last theater visit was probably Gladiator and I'm serious! I also don't listen to today's recording artists at all.

After being hammered by the Alex Jones radio program the past two years as a dose of hard core reality, it's gotten to the point where my only hope for survival and many of you as well in my opinion, is to find a parallel universe to slip into. The world as we've known it is clearly expiring!  It's going to be hell and in flames soon!  We can't continue here much longer as we have. Evil psychopaths are at the helm of world governments.

I've come to the conclusion television has wasted away much of my life having for years turned me into a mindless emotionally detached zombie.  

Symptoms of television mind damage can have on one's life are:

1. You're completely disconnected from people's emotions and lives because you have to see your next television program at 8:00 pm.

2.  You let life happen to you through the television set as if it's real.

3.  The television turns you into a spectator, not a participant in life.  You allow others to program your mind that steals your imagination and creativity.  You become a zombie if you allow others to program your mind with their secret agendas through television programming.

4.  You actually fear what life would be like without television!

OMG I realize now I really was a TV addict!  I'm so glad to be free of the empty box now.  I'm convinced many Alzheimer's patients develop their symptoms from watching too much television.
If you watch TV and just take note of what you are actually exposing your mind to, you may feel the intense urge to run as far away from your TV set as possible.

I grew up on TV, I don't remember ever not having a TV, the very first electronic appliance I bought for my future house was a TV and a video machine and a Hi-Fi set. What does that tell you, it tells you that I was well and truly addicted and well and truly hypnotized into believing my life had to start with a television set. I was unconscious but I was also young

Unfortunately I am an addict and want to commit to an anti -TV program, I want to find my authentic self, the self without the bombardment of every other Tom, Dick and Harry's opinion that I swallow as truth and reality just because I see and hear it on TV. Is Television Destroying Our Lives?
I'm hoping the more time that elapses from the television time mind continuum, the chances are a new dimension will open up for a parallel universe to slip into.