Monday, June 18, 2012

Worse then Dr. Frankenstein, Mad Scientists Rise Playing God

As stated in a previous post Are Body Scanners First Step Towards Beam Me Up Technology?, nearly everything introduced in many of the early Star Trek and Star Trek Next Generation episodes have come to fruition today or are in the early stages of development.  The closest thing to Beam Me Up Scotty technology I've found is in the proposed technology recently posted about The Digital Immortality Institute (DII) in How to Become Immortal: Upload Your Mind.

The concept is based on uploading the contents of a person's brain and then downloading it again into a new body. This is the kind of thing science fiction movies are made of but DII says it's possible.

DII has determined the three things necessary to achieve digital immortality are:
  1. Guaranteed Internet access;
  2. Ensure the identity integrity of the avatars for each individual user;
  3. Make sure the personality, memory, everything that makes up the person as a unique individual, has been uploaded into the digital facsimile before the actual person dies.
Transhumanists Play God

Not surprisingly, the concept of digital immortality comes from transhumanists.  (See Are Chemtrails Worldwide Biowarfare Against Humanity?) Anders Sandberg, a DII scientists and member of the new transhumanist movement, believes uploading minds and downloading them into new bodies is a technology that is imminent. Why?  Sandberg says the technology will emerge because of people's desire to overcome aging and death as well as solving problems of overpopulation.

As with all new technologies in development there's always a concern of misuse by those with evil intentions.  Playing God as these scientists have and do can have serious consequences for us all.  For instances, Marvin Minsky, known as the father of artificial intelligence and creator of artificial neural networks, as well as the co-founder of the AI lab at MIT sets all ethics aside in stating:
"Scientists shouldn't have ethical responsibility for their inventions, they should be able to do what they want. You shouldn't ask them to have the same values as other people," Minsky adamantly declares. Source
Minsky's quote was related to questions posed about who will have access to the immortality technology.  Minksy clearly responded like a child throwing a tantrum over a toy being removed. 

I get the strong feeling that scientists like Minsky are beginning to really reach for a God like status in so many areas of our culture.  These scientists are perhaps even psychopaths who have no conscience believing the sky's the limit and they can do whatever they please. Anyone who thinks it possible to upload a person's mind and personality through the Internet and down back into another body fails to recognize human consciousness and soul.  To these kind of scientists, human beings become nothing more then little things floating around in their petri dish to manipulate.

In another example of scientists run amok with their petri dishes in the lab, in an article Playing God - Scientists in Final Stage of Creating Man-made life, Back in 2007 it was reported Dr. Craig Ventor from Syntehetic Genomics, Inc. was nearing completion of the world's first free living artificial organism.  Ventor stated:
“It will be one of the bright milestones in human history, changing our conceptual view of life.” Said Venter.

Others have a less “bright” view of Venter’s work—they say it could be potentially dangerous. It has been suggested that this type of technology could turn out to be the scary side of “playing God”, since it invariably suggests the chance that dangerous organisms could be inadvertently (or purposefully) unleashed on a world unprepared to deal with the consequences. Because there is no precedence, scientists don’t know for sure what kind of negative impact is possible. Source
Human beings aren't computers with hard drives to salvage and exploit! These transhumanists and artificial intelligent scientists who believe we are nothing more than machines that record data in our hard drive brains, need to be exposed before it's too late.