Monday, January 24, 2011

Flex Your Rights Against Police Color of Law Entrapment

**WARNING*** This article contains unpleasant points of view of police officers and foul language that can potentially offend readers.  Parts of the article are intended to educate about the tactics used by police under the color of law. 

It's no secret I hate police officers, not because I don't respect the law, but because these bullies lost my respect long ago for their abuse of it.  It is my opinion that these pathetic bozos are part of an illegitimate highly political and corrupt state government who often use the color of law to intimidate and trick people into giving up their Constitutional rights.

Color of law definition:

"Fa├žade of legality or legitimacy given to an illegal or illegitimate act (such as misuse of power by an officeholder) through plausible but deceptive evidence or reasoning." - Business Dictionary

Police officers should be avoided at all costs and not socialized with. Should you have the misfortune of becoming personally involved with one of these cock sucked nasty assholes, they'll tag you forever and make sure you're silenced if you try and expose how sick their sadistic torture establishment is.

Feel free to  quote me:
These men of authority (i.e., police officers) are nothing but horrendous piles of stinking shit.  Should humans ever become extinct, the good news is that police officers will be forever gone with it.  In my opinion, police officers are a despicable pile of human garbage serving no one but themselves and egos.  My experience has continually demonstrated them to be serving a dark, evil entity of greed, corruption, lust and power.  No one in their right mind would ever become involved personally with a fucked up cock sucked police officer. Getting involved with a cop is asking for big trouble in life because they're a secret society full of lying despicable assholes on the level of the mafia.  - Cheryl Meril, blogger
There's a great site I highly recommend, Flex Your Rights, that explains how it's often the case people are tricked into giving up their Constitutional rights during an encounter with the police:
"The founder, Steven Silverman, was previously a campus organizer for the campaign to repeal the Higher Education Act’s aid-elimination penalty. As part of his work, Silverman prompted students to describe the details of the police stops and searches leading to their minor drug arrests.
A disturbing pattern emerged, and various legal and law enforcement experts confirmed his conclusion: The vast majority of people are mystified by the basic rules of search and seizure and due process of law. Consequentially, they're likely to be tricked or intimidated by police into waiving their constitutional rights, resulting in a greater likelihood of regrettable outcomes."
Many people are under the false belief police officers are there to protect them when nothing could be further from the truth.  Police officers are meant for after the crime takes place, so their jobs rely on crime, not the prevention of it.  Over the years I've witnessed how these police officers have behaved like predators demonstrating they're more of an insidious criminal element that can't be trusted.  They're more parasitic than anything else there to oppress rather than assist. They often use color of law to obtain their objectives and would like to nail anyone for non-crimes who comes within their radar.

Man wins against color of law case brought by the TSA and Police 

We don't need police officers for our survival as they want us to believe, they're largely a burden to common man out to collect enormous fees and drain tax payer's money. They thrive and exist primarily to fortify one another and their delusions in their own secret society of brotherhood.  They therefore often manipulate reality and lie in their police reports to suit their political objectives.

Police officers are not your friend.  I highly recommend people watch educational videos at Flex Your Rights  demonstrating how to protect your rights from these insidious power crazed bastards.  The women who ultimately marry these vile men have serious problems only divorce could cure.

It's so sad a great band from the 1980's named themselves The Police. (Stink & The Police photo right).